Acne & Skin

Many reasons are put forward why persons suffer acne ranging from poor hygiene to poor diet, use of toxic bathroom products, hormonal change, hereditary and just plain “badness coming out”. We suggest that it could also involve your liver not functioning optimally and it is probably something caused by your own actions. Too many manufacturers now use liver toxic chemicals in food, drink, kitchen, bathroom and laundry products for <aimtolive> to address them all. Doctors, if consulted, usually don’t identify cause of many skin conditions. Victims will often use treatment products that probably don’t have the healthiest of chemicals in them.

Acne, zits and skin disorders are one of the first indicators that you may be doing something to your body that is not healthy, with a significant possibility of it involving your liver. You may develop serious health issues if you allow that to continue for any length of time. We suggest you:

  1. Check your foods, drinks, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, etc, for liver and skin toxic chemicals as these may contribute to skin problems. Products may even have neurotoxins in them and that is even less healthy. If you are poisoning your system with them please try to obtain healthier alternatives. See Healthier Info Sheet.
  2. Don’t use drinks or foods that contain the widely used liver toxic, DNA damaging sodium benzoate 211 poison. For further information about some of its risks including blood disorders please see food poison in References Info Sheet.
  3. Dietary principles shown in “BHealthy” are designed for good health including that of skin. Drinking high quality water instead of drinks laced with liver toxic additives will encourage your liver to flush out poisons. If you want to check the alkaline health of your body to reduce risk of disease and death, use litmus paper strips from EasyPH.

    Skin Damage

sun damaged skinSunburn damage of skin is alleged to come from the ultra violet radiation (UV) part of the EMR spectrum. Wireless device radiation breaches both the blood brain barrier and your baby’s placental membrane in minutes – Professor Leif-Salford, Lund University, Sweden and Dr George Carlo on behalf of telecommunications companies who vilified their own expert because his team’s findings were not what they wanted to hear. If that breaching is logically translated across to the membrane or “brain” of skin cells it would most likely disrupt their defence mechanism against solar caused skin damage.

UV does seem to have a significant role in skin damage but we don’t believe it is the sole cause of the escalating severity of destruction and skin cancer. We suspect skin damage is increased by other frequencies of the EMR spectrum apart from just UV and that as wireless device radiation increases in peoples’ lives, skin problems will become much more prevalent.

The world famous Clarins of Paris cosmetics company apparently agrees with our opinion on EMR causing skin damage because we are told that some years ago they released a skin protection/repair product called “e3p” with its primary ingredient being “Magnetic Defence Complex”. This was to help protect skin against harmful and ageing effects of man-made “Artificial Electro Magnetic Waves”.

Question: Do you know if your sunscreen is safe?
The answer is probably “no”.

Many use chemicals well known to be toxic or carcinogenic and when we tied local ‘Cancer Council’ outlet staff to a “yes” or “no” answer they agreed that even their products fall into the category. Many of today’s offerings have toxins which penetrate skin cells (nano technology) rather than forming a surface barrier and virtually all block absorption of the vital sun vitamin (vitamin D3) that is a key ingredient of good health and the fight against cancer.