Cell Repair

Natural Replacement of Human Body Cells to Repair Damage

body cells
Healthy human body cells

Every 2 years (give or take 6 months) our bodies have to replace virtually every cell we own due to wear and tear, failure to nourish them properly and the damage we do to them. Logically this means a lot of injuries can be recovered as the damaged cells are replaced – but ONLY if we look after the new cells properly at ALL times, rather like a newborn baby.

  • You would not leave your baby near a radiation-emitting device and risk giving him or her cancer, so why do you do it to yourself? See Risk Assess and Cost Info sheets.
  • You would not give your baby damaged, poisoned or otherwise tampered with water so why do it to yourself? Chlorine is a well-known carcinogen. With Memon transforming of damaged water you should not need a water filter other than to remove sediment or chlorine taste. See Cost Info sheet for Memon water transformer.
  • You would feed your baby with healthy food and ensure that he or she has got everything needed so why not do the same for yourself? See information throughout this website.
  • If an “expert” told you something that didn’t immediately make sense you would check it out properly before putting your baby at risk – so why do you do it to yourself and treat so-called experts as God?

    Doctors today take the easy way out of treating symptoms rather than finding and eliminating the reason for the condition and this causes premature death for far too many people.