Rough costings (in Australia) for EMR transformers, where to buy and costs for some of the recommended daily superfoods.
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List of alternative products – food, drink, cleaner, cosmetic – where manufacturers leave out toxic chemicals or risky food additives regularly found in major brands. Included are contact addresses for companies. We recommend you compile a similar list of products to use for your country or location.
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If your treating oncologist and/or haematologist can’t answer these basic questions applicable to cancer, you should ask ‘why’ as it is your life they are putting on the line. Depending on doctor’s knowledge, you may find you need a better specialist.
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Brief guide of common abbreviations (eg BP, TSH, etc) for blood tests. Figures shown are for a normal, healthy Australian – please check for your own country as protocol units may vary. Any out of normal range figure should be discussed with your doctor as only he or she knows your circumstances.
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Some common toxins found in Australian products. If you care about your family’s health, we recommend you obtain healthier products by progressively filtering poisoned products out of your family shopping. Useful aids include a quality booklet such as Bill Statham’s “The Chemical Maze” a slide out LED lit magnifier such as the Wedo.
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Body acidity kills and injures. It also causes pain possibly by eroding nerve sheaths. This list shows what effect various foods have on your body’s pH (potential hydrogen) balance and consequently health.
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Could also be called Radiation Death or Wireless Death. List of reference sites to show what to avoid for potentially fatal medical conditions and other general information that had been carefully not published by dishonest companies and Governments unless forced into it.
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Sources of information for health issues. Suppliers of quality products.
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Risk Assessment form designed by “aimtolive”, in the absence of qualified testing, to permit persons to calculate a rough likelihood of contracting serious injury, including cancer, based on their circumstances. This form is a guide only and we strongly recommend you use a gaussmeter and GS microsurge meter to check your environment if you do not wish to risk your life.
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Foods of high potency showing factors (eg vitamin C) compared to your more usual food products. Descriptions of some the benefits of superfoods are included.
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For spreading the word on Aim To Live website. Download and print out business-sized cards for distribution.
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