Skin Care



Doctor Henry Bieler, MD, could not have made skin care simpler when he said:  “If it’s not good enough to put in your mouth, it’s not good enough to put on your skin”.

Stop thinking of your skin as separate to the rest of your body, it is not.  All parts of your body are intimately connected electrically and chemically – think of your body as a tub or a large glass container (so you can see) of still water into which you pour something toxic (e.g. a cup of dye).   To see what part of that tub or container is affected watch what the dye does over time – speed of toxic chemicals poisoning of your body is obviously quicker than the dye example because of our highly efficient blood delivery system to every part of it including every one of its organs.

Skin can be damaged by quite a large number of things:
·        Liver damage caused by highly toxic bathroom, beauty and laundry   products.  toxic products
·        Catastrophic event such as chemotherapy
·        Toxic ‘over the counter’ creams and lotions
·        Medical products with toxic chemicals in them
·        UV (part of the EMR spectrum) radiation damage from the sun
·        Wireless device radiation or EMR (see Clarins ‘ep3’)
Unhealthy diet, etc.

Skin care is Your responsibility; it is Not someone else’s:
People frequently leave their skin care to other persons and (diplomas & certificates regardless) they may not be terribly competent or even interested in dispensing ‘healthy’ products to you.  Many qualified dermatologists wouldn’t even know or admit to what’s in the lotions and creams they prescribe, you see they are paid only to prescribe the pharmaceutical industry’s toxic products.  You should test all this out by asking your dermatologist for a full list of any toxic ingredients in his or her prescribed product and counter check by asking your chemist/pharmacist for a full list of everything in that product.  Then you should check all ingredients against poisons literature to see just what is being done to you.  Over the counter products can also be toxic.

Knowledge is power.  We Strongly Recommend you obtain two excellent books and use them together as your daily health ‘bible’.  Together they can give you the power to take control of all aspects of your health and thus save you a great deal of unnecessary suffering and sure to be expensive, medical madness.  As at Dec-2017 the books are $A31 each plus postage, a very small price compared to the potential help they can give to your health and well-being.

ISBN:  978-06450762-0     (
The very easy to understand 12th Edition ‘Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Injury’ book by Elaine Hollingsworth, CEO of the Hippocrates Health Centre, is the most helpful, best-researched ‘shoot from the shoulder’ health book ever read at <aimtolive>.  The following dedication says it all:
Elaine teaches self-responsibility the greatest weapon in improving your health.  If everyone followed her advice, the country’s medical waiting rooms and hospitals would soon be very empty (Dr Karen Coates, MBBS Dip.Obs, RACOG, MACNEM). 

ISBN: 978-0-95785-358-4:  (
The Chemical Maze by Bill Statham.  This second ‘must-have’ book lists dangerous chemicals added to tens of thousands of products that poison you and your health.  Use it when you shop for food, cosmetics and household products and you will know exactly what to avoid.  If everyone were to use the book as a matter of course it would soon force manufacturers to use healthier ingredients.  The book can best be described by the following quote:
So much great information here to help people understand how to reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals that surround us every moment”. Dr Peter Bingle BEd, BSc, PhD. Environmental Toxicologist, author of ‘Dangerous Beauty’ and ‘Is Your Home Making You Sick?’

When researching for <aimtolive> we found a large percentage of cosmetic goods and sunscreen vendors would quite happily “lie through their teeth” about the safety of ingredients in their products.  When taken to task over it most readily admitted their dishonesty, it was almost like they didn’t really care about your life or your health, only how many sales they made.  The Statham book allowed us to filter out the ‘crooks’ so we could give you quality information.  Along with research and testing by us, the Hollingsworth and Statham books were used to help compile some aspects of the following information.


There is no organisation, doctor, dermatologist or website that can be trusted to always “get it right” as to what skin creams and lotions are safe, not even <aimtolive> can guarantee it.  It is your responsibility and yours alone to properly research what is in every product you propose to use whether it be prescription, over the counter or something you devise yourself.  In this regard the Statham book ‘The Chemical Maze’ is invaluable.  Many creams and lotions can cause urticaria (hives, an increasingly painful skin rash).   

Skin Cream sales involving dermatologists and/or well-known TV identities:
Take very great care
when a dermatologist and/or TV identity recommends or tries to sell any brand of skin cream as one person is amoral or incompetent (wouldn’t even know what its ingredient list is, let alone its toxins) and TV identities are morally bankrupt as they don’t care what’s in the product (all they want is your money).  One example here in Australia where incompetence meets moral bankruptcy is Ms Jo Silvagni for ‘Cetaphil gentle skin cream’ where the box says: “recommended by dermatologists”.  Both classes of people are a disgrace as the product contains toxins. Listed below are three skin creams, two recommended by dermatologists with one involving Ms Silvagni’s cultivated for TV ‘expert’ persona and a third for a bit of balance.  We invite you to be the ‘Validity Judge’ for our above comments:

Egyptian Magic, USA:
Washington State, USA, 20008,
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis
Contains no chemicals, artificial preservatives or fragrances.
(Price is more expensive but what is your skin and your life worth)?

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cream, Canada:
Some adverse effects of its Benzyl alcohol ingredient include
Immuno, Liver and Neuro toxicity.

Some adverse effects of its Phenoxyethanol ingredient include
Absorbed by the skin and toxic to kidneys, liver (skin organ) and nervous system. Suspected reproductive & developmental toxicity plus others such as tremors, depression, etc.

Some adverse effects of its Propylene Glycol include
Suspected respiratory, immuno and neuro toxicity, etc.
QV Skin Cream, UK:
Some Australian dermatologists recommend QV to persons (even one associated with this website) as the best ‘over the counter’ skin cream but the truth is that by any healthy criteria it is nothing of the sort.  Some of its ingredients include: Methyl Paraben, Petrolatum, Ceteareth 20, Laureth-3 and between them they can damage skin (and health) even seriously.  Some damaging effects include: Contact *dermatitis, *skin irritation,  *skin discolouration, sensitisation, interference with gene expression, suspected endocrine disruptions, and one, Laureth-3 is listed as a probable human carcinogen (EU).

Ceteareth 20 and Laureth-3 may also be contaminated with dioxane and/or ethylene oxide, both of which have very similar toxic effects, including Ceteareth 20 with suspected respiratory, liver, kidney and neuro toxicity; recognised carcinogen, mutagen and teratogen (birth defects).  Ethylene oxide’s damages are closely similar to dioxane.

So much for dermatologists!

Safer Skin Products:
Unless you can absolutely guarantee that any skin product you propose to use is non-toxic to all parts of your body you may be better advised to find something natural that you can use singly or mixed together.  Some non-toxic alternatives you might like to consider include:
*Aloe Vera long recognised as soothing, e.g. sunburn, rashes, etc.
*Apricot Kernel Oil – warming and soothing though rashes usually like cooling.
*Coconut Oil – not yet tested by <aimtolive> as no *skin victims available.
*Hemp Oil one we have used successfully, see separate section at end.
*Jojoba Oil long recognised as cooling and soothing for many skin issues.
*Olive Oil soothing, often a base for quality skin creams (see Egyptian Magic above).

Please note that the small sample above are 100% natural and therefore should have no toxic effects. A little bit of experimentation may find a combination that suits your complaint better, e.g. Jojoba and Olive oils.  At all times make sure what you are being sold is without additives and this can normally be done by seeking out ‘organic’ or quality product suppliers.

Hair Shampoo, Cosmetic, Bathroom and Laundry Products: 
Many of these products contain one and mostly multiple toxins that cause skin damage either directly or indirectly by damaging your liver, an organ much involved in *skin condition.  Examine your current hair shampoo and see if it looks like a chemistry lesson, then check its often petrol based ingredients against poisons literature are these toxic chemicals really what you want sitting right next to your brain?

Here in Australia we have “Sukin”, a company that advertises on the label of their shampoos and conditioners as having NO:
EDTA, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Triethanolamine, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Fragrance, Animal Derivatives, Harsh Detergents, Artificial Colours compare it with the shampoo and conditioner you are using now.  While “Sukin’s” list does not include all toxins used by other manufacturers it certainly gives you a good start of what to avoid.

Hollingsworth suggests people should use something safer and non-toxic such as carb soda (sodium bicarbonate) and water.  Carb soda is used in cooking and baking of cakes, etc., and you can’t get much safer than that or less expensive either.  Logically, you would only have to wash with no need to condition.  If you want your hair to ‘smell nice’ and providing it has no toxic effect you could try a drop of a natural essential oil in the carb soda and water mix or a small splash of something like the non-toxic ‘Chef’s Choice Rose Water’.

  • Toothpaste:  Carb soda with a small amount of water to form a paste makes a safe toothpaste compare all the ingredients in your current toothpaste against poisons literature and you are likely to be horrified.  Then remember that mouth tissues are a very efficient distributor of drugs around your entire body and it is no difficulty to see how quickly and effectively you can poison yourself.  One of many toxic ingredients used in body wash, facial cleansers, foundation, shampoo, toothpaste and tooth whitener is the skin penetrating sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). We have also seen Sodium Laurel Sulphate listed as SLS.  Neither would be the least bit healthy for anyone let alone those who have been through chemotherapy or who have compromised skin.  Toxic effects include:
  • Suspected liver toxicity
  • Can penetrate *skin and accumulate in vital organs
  • May cause or aggravate acne *skin damage
  • Irritant contact dermatitis *skin damage
  • May cause skin dryness *skin damage
  • Skin and eye irritations *skin damage

Instead of cancer causing alcohol-based mouth rinses, try half a small capful (4mm or about one teaspoon) of non-toxic to humans 50ppm colloidal silver that will kill bugs responsible for plaque. After mouth rinsing it may even be swallowed to provide all over body protection – for more info, see colloidal silver section below.

Surface Sprays:
Spray cleaners for kitchen bench tops, *yes those things you prepare your food on, are full of poisonous chemicals that damage your skin and your health.  This would not be helpful to anyone, whether with skin issues caused by chemotherapy or any other factor.  Some time ago we asked the Ajax people what they put in their Spray ‘n Wipe bench cleaner due to a person coming down with a *skin rash after using it and some ingredients included:
Cocamidoproply Betaine allergic reactions & sensitisation, suspected immuno-toxin,
Dipropylene Glycol mild *skin and eye irritation
Triethanolamine – contact *dermatitis, sensitisation, asthma, suspected immuno & respiratory toxicity.
Salicylic Acid persistent bio-accumulative in wildlife, *rash & skin irritation, suspected sense organ, *skin and cardiovascular toxic, restricted in Japan & Canada.

We suggest you try a much safer 500ml (half pint) spray:
Carb soda and vinegar:  general cleaner
Carb soda, vinegar, 3~4 drops peppermint oil:  ant discouraging cleaner.

See Healthier Info Sheet.

  1. Don’t use drinks or foods that contain the widely used liver toxic, DNA damaging sodium benzoate 211 poison. For further information about some of its risks including blood disorders please see food poison in References Info Sheet.
  2. Dietary principles shown in “BHealthy” are designed for good health including that of skin. Drinking high quality water instead of drinks laced with liver toxic additives will encourage your liver to flush out poisons. If you want to check the alkaline health of your body to reduce risk of disease and death, use litmus paper strips from EasyPH.

    Skin Damage

sun damaged skinSunburn damage of skin is alleged to come from the ultra violet radiation (UV) part of the EMR spectrum. Wireless device radiation breaches both the blood brain barrier and your baby’s placental membrane in minutes – Professor Leif-Salford, Lund University, Sweden and Dr George Carlo on behalf of telecommunications companies who vilified their own expert because his team’s findings were not what they wanted to hear. If that breaching is logically translated across to the membrane or “brain” of skin cells it would most likely disrupt their defence mechanism against solar caused skin damage.

UV does seem to have a significant role in skin damage but we don’t believe it is the sole cause of the escalating severity of destruction and skin cancer. We suspect skin damage is increased by other frequencies of the EMR spectrum apart from just UV and that as wireless device radiation increases in peoples’ lives, skin problems will become much more prevalent.

The world famous Clarins of Paris cosmetics company apparently agrees with our opinion on EMR causing skin damage because we are told that some years ago they released a skin protection/repair product called “e3p” with its primary ingredient being “Magnetic Defence Complex”. This was to help protect skin against harmful and ageing effects of man-made “Artificial Electro Magnetic Waves”.

Question: Do you know if your sunscreen is safe?
The answer is probably “no”.

When doing our research for <aimtolive> we quickly learned sunscreens had toxic chemicals and, even worse, known to be cancer-causing ones.  We asked staff at the NSW Cancer Council shop at Chatswood, Sydney, for a non-cancerous sunscreen that was highly protective and the female staff member said buy ours. When asked forcefully, she admitted their proprietary 30+ sunscreen contained carcinogens and yet quite publicly the Cancer Council touted on electronic media about avoiding skin cancer.  It was the worst two-facedness seen from a supposedly ethical, government backed organisation and as a result we won’t recommend any manufacturer’s sunscreen.

Be warned, even in 2018 they are still putting toxic ingredients such as phenoxyethanol in their 30+ sunscreen. Apart from being a mild *skin irritant it is “toxic to the kidneys, nervous system and liver“. It is used in paint strippers so imagine just exactly what is it doing to your body.

In general terms, pure zinc oxide sunscreen seems the least likely to harm you but as we always say: “the buck stops with you”, check every thing for chemical poisons and carcinogens before you buy.  Modern sunscreens tend to use nanotechnology allowing chemicals to be super small effectively making your skin ‘porous’, meaning toxic chemicals have very easy access to your entire body so take great care in examining all ingredient lists of today’s sunscreens.

Remember: Sunscreen prevents absorption of the sunlight vitamin (D), particularly the D3 so important to skin health and fighting cancer so you will need supplements (preferably as healthy as you can get them).  Generally speaking, healthy persons who spend a fair bit of time outdoors living between 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south latitudes do not require supplements.  Need for supplements will increase the further you live from the equator and you may need extra for things such as illness or seasonal change where you need to cover up and stay indoors due to the cold, etcetera.  A simple medical test can find out how short you may be in vitamin D/D3.

Natural vitamin D is mostly obtained from sheep wool grease and you should look at its source location and whether any toxic aerial crop dusting has been carried out in the area.

While on the subject of supplements for a body deficiency: Be warned, many health supplements, for cheapness or whatever dishonourable reason, will often contain toxic substances.  Recently a health aware, super fit 52 year-old who plays a couple of two-hour sessions of competition squash a week came and told your writer to take magnesium supplement powder as it was ‘good’ and gives him a major boost in energy.  The powder he used comes from Caruso’s, a well-respected 30+ years vitamin company.  On inspection we showed him one ingredient was magnesium aspartate, a marginally less toxic derivative of aspartame.

We looked up poisons literature and found aspartame has listed against it over 90 adverse effects including MS, weight gain (rather ironic for a sugar substitute), seizures, etc.  It is made from aspartic acid, phenalalanine and methanol (basically a wood alcohol) and people voluntarily put this poison in their mouths thereby leaving themselves open to all 90 toxic effects.  Aspartame breaks down to the cancer and many other toxic effects formaldehyde which among its charming uses are nail polish, floor wax and embalming fluid.  Btw: the squash player demonstrated much greater intelligence than most people because when he learned and read up the toxic aspartate ingredient he immediately threw away the powder and obtained one that had no toxic ingredient.

Skin Health ‘HAS’ to include what you eat and drink:
Your skin is your largest organ and it is chemically and electrically connected to all the others.  Except for surface conditions caused by medical or other traumatic incident, skin health is largely dictated by what you eat and drink.  The health of your liver will often determine the health of your skin as it has a significant involvement.  Eating or drinking liver toxic chemicals is not going to help, and there are any number of them in use today.  Another damaging agent is, of course, what you put on your skin and how it affects skin either directly or through damaging the liver (e.g. see Hair…. and SLS above).  To defeat the natural protective safety barrier of the outer skin,  creams and lotions generally use some penetrating agent, usually toxic.  Whatever you do to your body, there is inevitably ‘Bad’ flow on effect elsewhere that may not immediately show.  Quite often your first knowledge that you personally have poisoned your liver shows up as some form of skin abnormality or other symptom that is not put down to the correct cause.

Example of the flow-on effect :
Using the Hollingsworth and Statham books together gives you enormous ability to identify what a problem really is and apply the right treatment.   A male with what feels like a gastric system partial blockage mid chest, decades of frequent bad burning sensation (heartburn) from base of throat to top of stomach needing 10~20 chewable antacid lozenges per week and a niggling small cough for many years seeks advice.  Medical response: (1) radioactive barium meal examination, (2) prescribe antacids, announced carcinogenic in Nov-2017, (3) endoscopy to see what’s causing the blockage and (4) no idea as to the persistent small cough. What would You say is really wrong and what would you advise?

Hollingsworth suggests the person may not have enough acid in his stomach and should consider acid supplements.  “Preposterous” you say?  Taking extra acid to cure medically diagnosed excess acid does sound a bit bizarre, rather like throwing gasoline on a fire to put it out.  Insane you say?  Well maybe not, so our above ‘volunteer’ trialled Hollingsworth’s HCL acid supplements and he has vastly improved over the first month.  Sorry Elaine we should have known better than to doubt.  Results including beneficial flow-on effects are:

  • Immediate stopping of decades of heartburn except occasional small residual amount 4~5 times a week in upper throat (cough causing). Slowly dribbling 30ml or about an ounce of standard canned evaporated milk down his throat turned out on most occasions to actually be more effective than a QuickEze antacid lozenge.

Unexpected beneficial flow-on results final assessment:

  • The mid chest sensation of being partially blocked just disappeared.
  • Years of niggling small cough has mostly gone and only shows up when the throat irritation part of the heartburn is present obviously the throat component of heartburn irritation caused the years of cough.
  • Moderate improvement in dandruff like shedding of upper body *skin (see NBN “What EMR can do a 30,000 person city” for cause) and some slight improvement on lower body (legs).
  • Our health-aware and healthy eating of small portions ‘volunteer’ had a hard to shift weight average of 93.7~93.5 kg for the 6 months prior to HCL supplementation. He has noted a reduced desire for food since HCL (possibly due to better food processing) and a steady weight loss to 90.6 kg, though the reduction rate seems to have slowed a bit in the last month.
  • All-of-life dry hair became normal (hairdresser comment) and remains so at March 2018.

“All the medicine’s drugs and all the medicine’s men didn’t get it right again”.

  • ents or it could be EMR from the sun or a combination of them. Many times we have seen that EMR destroys healthy pH when people go into town where it is radiation riddled. And currently that most powerful source of EMR, the sun, is at its closest point to Earth, a factor that required supergreens supplements a year ago for the above person.

It is clear HCL supplements gave the expected results but as for the unexpected ones we decline definitive comment until 6 months have elapsed (May-2018) because we can’t be sure yet if the HCL is the reason for improvement or if it involves a seasonal reason.

“All the medicine’s drugs and all the medicine’s men didn’t get it right again”.

Sports Drinks:
The final dishonour for ‘skin damage’ goes to sports drinks Gatorade with toxin 110, Powerade with toxin 133 and Staminade with toxin 123.   Use of these chemicals in the EU must all “carry a health warning” and in Australia all three are “prohibited in infants’ foods”.  This greed-based (sales numbers driven) lack of ethics shown for human health by CocaCola/Amatil (Powerade), Steric Trading (Staminade) and Stokely van Camp/Schweppes (Gatorade) is disgraceful because none of the three toxins appear to have any therapeutic value to the drinks’ role of re-hydration.  Evidently, the toxic chemicals have been added to give the drinks their pretty colours to encourage more and more silly people to buy them and thus potentially shorten their life span, injure their health and possibly even give birth defects to their unborn child.

Poisons literature for all the above toxic chemicals lists some form or forms of adverse skin effect, urticaria (hives) upwards, and those are the least serious of the potential adverse serious side effects:
110 (Gatorade) 10 adverse effects from urticaria to liver toxicity
123 (Staminade) 10 adverse effects from rhinitis to suspected teratogen (birth defects)
133 (Powerade) 9 adverse effects from asthma to suspected carcinogen and mutagen.

We suggest a more effective, safer alternative would be:
The liquid from a fresh drinking coconut makes an excellent electrolyte as its balance is almost identical to human blood and because of that it will usually do a better and faster re-hydration job than any of the toxic “ades” above.  You may not know it but coconut water’s compatibility with human blood was used a great deal during the Pacific war to save lives.  When human blood was not available, the reasonably plentiful around the Pacific islands coconut liquid was often used to give casualties life-saving ‘blood’ transfusions.


Carb Soda and Water:
Hair, teeth and bench cleaning see ‘Beauty and Health’ and ‘Surface Sprays’ above.

Colloidal Silver (50~100ppm):
Is the World’s most potent natural non-stinging, no side effects anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic solution making it excellent for wound treatment, something doctors pooh-pooh even though proof of its value is readily available from their own field.  This incredible ‘bigotry’ by doctors is hard to support when you look up USA’s first female “Surgeon” General and see she stopped new-born babies of herpes infected mothers going blind by using colloidal silver in their eyes and of course those “surgeons” who, before antibiotics were even known, used to sew a small coil of pure silver wire into the stump of amputations to stop infection and thus death.

As more ‘bugs’ mutate in to ‘super bugs’ antibiotics will become progressively useless in controlling them and the death they bring.  When that time comes there will be little else to call upon.  Colloidal silver can be safely used anywhere in or on the body for infections including ear, eye, skin and internal.

At <aimtolive> we currently have the practitioner strength of 100ppm (parts per million) requiring us to halve the dosages compared to 50ppm.  Using it as a mouth rinse as described at ‘Toothpaste’ above sees the plaque component of tooth hygiene decrease which in turn has seen the hygiene treatment interval double between visits.

We didn’t really want to deal with anything controversial but:
It’s now right in our faces with public figures (e.g. Bill Gates and C Arntzen, ebola vaccine developer) suggesting 15~25% (up to 2 billion) of the world’s excess people could be culled by virus.  Clive Cussler’s 2008 novel ‘Plague Ship’ about culling half the world’s people mentions ebola and Sierra Leone and six years later in 2014 we saw the horror of Sierra Leone.  And the 2014 expose “US Department of Defence (USAM-RIID) and Tulane University released this bio-engineered airborne ebola lassa hybrid in Sierra Leone”.  Studies we’ve heard about say Earth’s maximum sustainable population is 1.5~2 billion and we have many times that, so you may well see many more Sierra Leones in the future.

Ebola is a cruel & painful way to cull look up *hemorrhagic fever.  Remember what’s done in one country can also be done in ours.  We are not going to test it for you but we have been told strong (50+ ppm) colloidal silver will defeat the ebola virus and above paragraph described medical use of silver along with our own observations seems to support that advice.  We suggest you routinely keep on hand 500ml (1 pint) of 50~100ppm colloidal silver for use against any infection or ‘unusual’ virus that comes your way.  Apart from what we know about Colloidal Silver at <aimtolive> you could also perhaps look up other uses on Google.  High dose vitamin C is also a great virus and cancer fighter – 2 x Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling used it to cure his own cancer and live to 91 years.

It is hard to praise colloidal silver too highly – apart from what we know at <aimtolive> you could also perhaps look it up on Google.

Hemp Oil:
Food-grade hemp oil is not recognised by dermatologists as a valid treatment for skin problems probably because it doesn’t make their pharmaceutical masters any money.  Hemp oil soothes when applied to rashes with hot and/or itchy components.  Where we suggested this reasonably inexpensive oil on skin rashes persons usually experienced significant reduction in discomfort within about 30 minutes and for eczema big improvements within a week.  If you choose to try its non-toxic, beneficial effects we impose the proviso that the eczema has been correctly diagnosed.  We haven’t yet had anyone try it out for us but psoriasis is a close cousin of eczema.

Organic food-grade hemp oil is the World’s best plant-based single oil (see world authority Udo Erasmus, author of “Fats that Heal and Fats that Kill”) and is the richest for Omega 3 and 6.  It can be taken at up to a dessertspoon per day.  Another non-toxic oil, not tortured and poisoned by manufacture is coconut oil.  This is the only oil we know of that doesn’t start going rancid as soon as it is opened and it stays healthy for at least one year after opening.  We haven’t had much opportunity to test it for itchy skin problems but being a perfectly natural oil it wouldn’t surprise us if it helped.  Being a natural oil from nature it too can be taken at up to a dessertspoon per day.

Skin Care for Itching Scabs and Insect Bites:
Too many people rush off to a chemist for something toxic to the skin when right in their own home is a safe answer (or should be). Take a cotton ball or similar and soak it with vinegar, preferably apple cider vinegar with ‘the mother’ included (this is one to drink a teaspoon of twice a day before meals). Swab the bites generously and allow a minute to dry. Soak the cotton ball with hemp oil and apply to the bite/s. This is not toxic like chemical toxins of aluminium hydroxide, e.g. Stingose, and generally its effect will last longer. If the itch should come back at any time simply reapply. In case the insect that has bitten you has some unpleasant bug that might make you ill it is recommended you take a small capful (5ml) of 50ppm colloidal silver 3 times a day until the bite marks disappear.

Iodine is one of the most deficient elements in the World’s population.
It is stated by pre-eminent surgeons that it is the best antiseptic in the World, crucial for thyroid health and fending off cancer see Dr Donald W Miller (Jr) Professor of Cardiac Surgery, University of Washington, USA and Dr David M Derry, MD, PhD, author of ‘Breast Cancer and Iodine’.  To ensure your body has enough of this crucial element important to all aspects of human life and health (including *skin), take 2~3 drops of Lugol’s Solution per day.  Lugol’s contains 10% potassium iodide and 5% iodine and is generally dark in colour.

For persons with heart issues we suggest you consult your doctor before using it.  A possibly safer option for these persons is (usually clear in colour) straight iodine.  Any good chemist or pharmacist should either stock these products or be able to readily obtain them.  As at <aimtolive> first published date of Jan-2012 we suggested iodine could help reduce human body damage from radiation by turning it to salts which could then be eliminated by human waste systems.  About  6~7 months later (Aug-2012) the Japanese Government finally got around to issuing iodine tablets to their people to deal with effects from the nuclear reactor meltdown.

Manuka honey:
We found this an excellent infection fighter and *skin repair when we used it on a person who had hematology specialist diagnosed edema from stem cell transplant therapy where the effect was huge blisters up to 30cm (one foot) long in the thigh to ankle region.  >>Please note that it MUST be UMF 20+ (MGO 400+) for the infection killing effect>>.  At this potency, or strength, (cost goes up with unique manuka factor number increase) it can kill even topical multi-resistant staph aureus or MRSA, a notoriously difficult to deal with infection.  If honey on a protective lint free pad is soothing and restorative to the very tender condition of foot-long (30cm) blisters then it is likely to act similarly on other skin conditions.  Honey melts in water not much above human body temperature making it reasonably easy to change dressings without pulling the surface away from very easily damaged granulation tissue (basically the newly forming surface flesh and blood vessels).

Pure (uncontaminated by toxin) Water:
There is nothing better to reduce medically prescribed and other toxins out of your system than by drinking plenty of fresh uncontaminated water and letting your body’s natural functions flush them away.  People say the same blanket thing so much it’s almost folklore: “Drink 8 glasses of water a day”.  We may be just a bit wiser than them because we know seasons, location and individual body characteristics will dictate what a person can or cannot do, e.g. a 45kg (99 pound) woman in winter wouldn’t drink that much as her teeth would float away and equally we know it could easily be inadequate for a 110kg (243 pound) man in arid location, mid-summer heat as it would barely raise a good sweat.  Instead, we suggest you aim for as much pure toxin-free fresh water as you can comfortably handle.  And herbal teas for a change of taste are generally good.  Take care of your kidneys and they will take care of you.

This section has been specifically added to our website after seeing the late 2017 current affairs show of the young woman who died so unnecessarily just three weeks after being married due to diagnostic incompetence for a malignant melanoma by not one but at least two ‘doctors’.  To have even sought a second opinion means the woman herself thought it might be cancer and that shows she was much wiser than any of the doctors who killed her by dismissing the malignant melanoma as nothing to worry about.

If you would like to see actual footage and first person testimony of how “black salve” saved people from cancer death including Ewing’s Sarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer with no known survival rate prior to being ‘black salved’ you may be interested to obtain a graphic and very informative DVD of how the salve was used for the purpose at:

Some time ago we were given a sample of the “black salve” cancer product but after trialling it we found it damaged (almost like dissolving or necrosis) some sensitive skins so badly it could not be reapplied until more than a month later, which greatly exceeds the 10 days reapplication requirement.  Not being able to carry this out meant not all cancer was removed on the first go and it re-established itself.  While we can’t recommend “Black Salve” due to its toxic skin destroying character we do acknowledge it is way better than dying from cancer.  Multiple medical opinion to the contrary, it almost certainly would have shown cancer was present for the young woman above.  We do warn any person thinking of buying “Black Salve” that you only go to someone competent in preparing it correctly.

“If it’s not good enough to put in your mouth, it’s not good enough to put on your skin”.   With the input of a Wise Old Master Pharmacologist (WOMP) we have formulated a “Cancer Indicator” ointment that fits with Dr Bieler’s principles.  The formula consists of only items that are eaten or used in mouth products (e.g. toothpaste).  Importantly our preparation does not damage the sensitive skins involved in past testing which means it can be reapplied at the 10 day stipulated time frame.  With luck and some helpful volunteers to test it we hope to have some definitive results by about Aug-2018.  It is the WOMP’s professional opinion that our formula would indicate and draw out cancers as well as, if not better than, “black salve”.

General Comment:
We at <aimtolive> cannot endorse the website of any other group as we have no control over its content but we certainly do acknowledge the sterling work done by those that help and support victims badly hurt by industry & government corruption over such things as asbestos poisoning, electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), cancer, etc, especially when those cowardly bodies ignore their responsibilities to victims.  We suggest you research for any groups dedicated to helping you and your condition because there are so many out there doing their very best to help, e.g. for those who contract mesothelioma (asbestos cancer) with its attendant chemotherapy

It might sound silly at first but as a general practice when doing Internet research on anything we suggest you always try www.     .com with the centre section being what ails you, e.g. for urticaria the enquiry address would be  Believe it or not, the website actually does exist.
We have noted that damaged skin seldom comes alone:
It is usually accompanied by something nasty such as a damaged liver (organ that largely determines skin health), chemotherapy, etc, and <aimtolive> being a general health site may just have something in it, however small, that could help.  Rather than outlaying a lot of time and resources to repeat our skin care research & enquiries (7 years of it before we published in Jan-2012 and ongoing), we offer the suggestion that you after carefully assessing our work for suitability and accuracy consider placing on your website a link to ours, perhaps even with a specific reference to our ‘skin care’ tab.