Some Very Worrying Facts about Australian Establishment Medicine

cancer & medicine

In TWO of Australia’s Major Hospitals, not one of about 20 doctors in either the Oncology or Haematology cancer areas knew of Dr Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize for Medicine winner) who discovered the prime cause of cancer. Worse, the doctors in those specialist areas did not even know WHAT the prime cause of cancer was as it is apparently not even mentioned at University – sad, isn’t it?

Doctors are brainwashed to primarily dispense dangerous and very expensive pharmaceutical drugs. So-called “curing” of cancer by cytotoxic (poisonous to human cells) chemotherapy does not enjoy a high success rate, believed to be 2% or less. Figures are questionable as persons are classified “cured” if they survive for a limited period, believed to be as low as 3 years. In comparison to a 2% “cure” rate, the conscientious following of sound dietary and lifestyle principles – always providing the ongoing cause of the cancer is eliminated – enjoys a much higher survival rate, usually quoted at about 30+%. Which of the two would you prefer?

Almost all doctors ignore good nutrition as being vital in the fight against disease and by opting only to dispense toxic pharmaceutical drugs are badly failing their patients. Healthy eating in disease control is usually limited to 3~5 hours (if lucky) in the entire six or more years of their medical training.

The doctor who advises you about the importance of well-researched dietary principles as a significant weapon in the fight against cancer would be so rare as to be on “The Endangered Species List”.

It’s sad that medical profession arrogance sees many doctors simply dispense toxic drugs with their poor chance of success rather than also passing on quality prevention advice to their patients which would see many more lives saved or extended. See BHealthy Principles and health info spreadsheets.

Very Important Consideration

You can’t beat cancer by diet and damage prevention if you die before it has been given a chance.

To buy time to give diet & preventative measures their chance may mean accepting cytotoxic damage of chemotherapy, at least initially. Damage is not limited to only cancer cells and to survive its toxic effect generally means YOU taking control of the re-building of your drug-ravaged body.

Information on this website is meant to work in with immediately necessary medical treatment but always with the aim of reducing and finally eliminating pharmaceuticals toxic to your body.

Notwithstanding the Narrow-Mindedness of Cancer Doctors using only cytotoxic treatment and the Bigotry of Disinterest in the work of persons awarded even Nobel Prizes for Medicine in Cancer Research:

Information in “BHealthy” suggests many major illnesses, cancer and pain severity are all very much inter-related with insufficient oxygen at cellular level and a human body that is unhealthily acidic.