WARNING: “Doctors Bury Their Mistakes”

Aspergillus (lung fungus)

Doctors at two major Australian Hospitals regularly failed to diagnose lung fungus even with all their blood tests and equipment whereas a Belgian Naturopath identified it easily over the Internet from the carer’s symptom description – and it no doubt delayed the victim’s Death by Medicine for over a year.

medical error

After the failure of two major Australian hospitals this is what doctors should learn to look out for:

1. Respiratory infection symptoms that do not clear up even with strong anti-biotics – and/or
2. Prednisone usage – and/or – Chemotherapy – and/or
3. Stem cell transplant – and/or
4. Exposure to wireless radiation that damages immune systems – and/or
5. Exposure to Immunotoxins – see any good Food Additives and Chemicals book.

Aspergillus is in the air we breathe but is normally harmless until our immune system becomes compromised. Horrendously increasing cancer and immune system disorders associated with ever increasing wireless device radiation poisoning means aspergillus must inevitably become a “hot” topic so try to keep up to date through any current good Aspergillus Internet site. Aspergillus should be considered and proven not present by doctors first rather than a carer having to force them to finally confront the possibility based on the, as it turned out, dead accurate diagnosis of a Naturopath half a world away. Voriconazole (oral) or AmphoterecinB {liposomal or fat encased form to limit risk of kidney damage} is the normal treatment for aspergillus. Treating of aspergillus or lung fungus by AmphoterecinB is about $3,000 per dose, as advised by specialist administering it BD (twice a day), meaning about$126,000 for a 3 weeks course of treatment.

Fluconazole (Diflucan) may work against thrush but it is useless against aspergillus. The stupidity of the specialist prepared to risk his patient’s life by prescribing the non-effective Diflucan/Fluconazole because as he says: “Fluconazole costs $10 per tablet compared to $30 for Voriconazole” was so criminal that research was urgently undertaken to find an alternative, preferably non-pharmaceutical. Native Australians have known for centuries that eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia) both attack fungus. We worked out to empty original perfume from a Glade scented plug in oil dispenser, 60/40 fill it with Bosisto’s pure eucalyptus oil/Thursday Plantation tea tree oil and then plug it into the power point of the room most used by the patient. The dispenser’s adjustment initially had to be set low due to the oils’ irritation for a desperately ill person, however as the patient improved the rate was increased. In little more than a fortnight the aspergillus symptoms of breathing difficulties and excessive phlegm had all but disappeared. Depending on setting, the reservoir would last 2~4 weeks.

If your specialist isn’t penny pinching or incompetent and does prescribe Voriconazole then we would recommend you try that first in preference to the oils regime.

Change of Dangerous Drugs

Though they may think otherwise, doctors are NOT God and they make many fatal mistakes – medical error is now said to be worst people killer in the United States. For data on Iatrogenic Injury, please proceed to the Wellness page.

One Australian example of this in 2009 is the chemotherapy patient with sporadic fevers who had her relatively safe Panadol changed to Naprosyn. In one day the victim experienced kidney shutdown and by the third day was suffering abdominal pain. Admitted to one of Australia’s top hospitals where further medical incompetence was displayed by diagnosing just a tummy bug with Flagyl being administered. She died the next day leaving behind two devastated orphans.

Whenever any medication is changed, it is strongly recommended that you:

1. Closely question the specialist prescribing the change as to possible side effects,

2. Check for yourself about potential side effects and, if necessary, seek a second medical opinion.

Naprosyn contraindications (side effects) literature shows the first two of them as kidney shut down and corrosion of intestinal tract – that young mother died quite unnecessarily and very painfully through medical incompetence manslaughter.