Prime Cause


Dr Otto Warburg, awarded Nobel Prize for Medicine 1931 and offered a 2nd Prize in 1944*, said:
“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar”.
(*) Not allowed to accept 1944 Prize due to Nazi Decree of 1937 – see Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Manfred von Ardenne determined that cancer cells are invariably acidic.

Apart from direct ingestion of sugar rich foods and drink, acidity can arise where there is inadequate oxygen to burn food fully thus creating the circumstances that promotes the thriving of cancer.

In case you did not know:
As advised by head of Haematology cancer, consulting at two of Australia’s major hospitals – many cancer chemotherapy drugs contain sugar absorption inhibitors. If that’s not a good indication to cancer victims to cut out sugars then what is!!



Haemoglobin {normal count 120-160} is vital to the carrying of oxygen via bloodstream to individual cells where food is ‘burned’ to provide energy, build compounds for the body to repair damage caused by injury (eg cancer, etc) and reduction of dangerous acidic residue. The ferritin protein system (located in bone marrow, spleen, muscles, etc) adjusts haemoglobin levels up or down to maintain normal count. Failure in this system causes improper levels of iron transportation, usually anaemia. It is rare for a doctor to look for and find the cause of the anaemia because it is much easier for them to prescribe drugs and let you suffer excess iron poisoning showing up as constipation. Usually anaemia is only a symptom of the injury and not the injury itself. By NOT locating the cause of the anaemia, doctors are very badly failing their patients.

BASIC school physics says iron is the one mineral badly influenced by magnetic effect:

Electro-MAGNETIC-Radiation (EMR) may adjust iron levels up or down badly. No radiation-caused haemochromatosis victims have yet come to notice but anaemia victims have and so far all of them when placed under 24/7 Memon house transformer protection – vehicle model when outside the protected house – have lost their anaemia with its associated iron tablet constipation poisoning in between one and two weeks. The author who has no association with Memon could not help noting several people having so many unexpected health improvements when their wireless radiation exposure was neutralised by a spare vehicle transformer loaned to them. The point is: If Governments were genuine about saving lives they could easily replicate and verify what we learned. The question is why don’t they because they have known since World War II that EMR=death and serious ‘radio sickness’ injuries such as our current very expensive epidemics of cancer, CFS, blood disorders, rage, birth defects, etc. It’s no big secret that EMR kills and injures and now they are increasingly saturating us with that deadly radiation. For further information on radiation sources, likely risks and Memon transformers, please read the Radiation pages accessible from the navigation menu above.

A low oxygen carrying capacity means food is not burnt properly, resulting in acidity that cancer loves. Contributing to lack of oxygen carrying capacity in Hospital treated patients is that blood transfusions are rarely prescribed until their haemoglobin drops below 90 or less than 2/3 of the mid-point normal.

See Acidity, the Regularly Overlooked Nasty causing Killer Illness and Unnecessary Pain.

Oxygen Supplementation – Cellfood

As much questionable and contradictory information publicly exists about Cellfood, – alleged inventor, alleged inventor’s awards, time to manufacture product, etc – efforts were made to clarify the details. To date after numerous emails and/or phone calls in July and August 2010 about questions that effectively involve truthfulness and integrity neither the Australian agent nor the parent company Nuscience have replied. Shown below are some of the contentious issues that appear in publicly available records and it is up to individuals’ own satisfaction to ascertain where the truth lies:

► Everett Storey has 2 Nobel Prizes – Nobel Prize Committee advises he has none.

► Cellfood invented by Everett Storey in the 1950s – question about it being invented by L T Reynolds in 1947 and which Storey is alleged to have acknowledged on page 51 of his book ‘Beyond Belief’.

► Storey enshrined in US legislation ‘Deuterium Freedom Act of 1985’ – others say this is untrue.

► Cellfood is apparently the same formula or very closely parallels an agricultural product called “Open-all”. As at August 2010, ‘Open All’ costs about $180 for 4 US gallons (approx 30c for 30ml) whereas Cellfood costs about $50 for a 30ml bottle.

Claims say Cellfood via ongoing chain reaction over 3 days splits approx. 1/500,000th of the body’s water into component atoms of hydrogen and (+) charged oxygen that then neutralises (-) oxygen to provide vastly improved respiration at cellular level. Allegedly Cellfood is made from plant sources and contains: 78 trace minerals, 34 enzymes and, depending on the individual seller, 17 or 18 amino acids. If true, it would be a very useful way to get essential micronutrients for those with low appetite.

We noted one person’s 94% peripheral oxygen (O2 sats) measured over months by hospital equipment became 96% after a fortnight on the Cellfood supplement. Logics suggest that a 2% increase in available oxygen may mean foods can be burnt more fully and thus possibly decrease the acidic residue that cancer and acid-oriented degenerative conditions love.

Special Note about Breathing and Oxygen:
Excessive hair growth in nostrils can restrict natural air intake – if you have this problem obtain a battery operated nose hair trimmer for approximately $30 and keep the jungle under control.