The Psychology of Wellness

Psychology of WellnessIn western medicine’s uncaring of person, drug pushing culture your greatest killer is your doctor.

There is little money in curing a person but a lot can be made from expensive drugs or operations.

To anyone outraged by or wishing to contest the above statement please check Dr Barbara Starfield’s article in the AMA Journal (USA) where she estimated that doctors were the third greatest cause of human death or IATROGENIC (ee-atro-jenik) INJURY. When Dr Starfield’s opinion on the level of medical manslaughter was tested, specifically by doctors, they found the medical profession much worse than that – it was the very worst. See ‘Death by Medicine‘ article and Doctors’ Mistakes.

There is no reason to believe drug pushing Australian doctors are any better than US counterparts given that the arrogance or incompetence of a doctor not checking his MIMS desktop reference book for a drug’s side effects or contraindications saw those same side effects take my partner’s life.

The sub-conscious conditioning we get before the age of six (6) is extremely difficult to shift.

Human physiology is designed to survive, not prematurely die. Subconscious beliefs set up before the age of six remain all-powerful right throughout adult life. Sadly, most parents programme children in the critical first 6 years to believe doctors are always right so as an adult when their doctor “expert” tells them they only have two months to live they are already subconsciously programmed to die on cue.


If you can overcome the ingrained since infancy silliness of believing doctors are demigods and remove the ongoing cause of the damage, provide your body with all the nutrition it needs, none of the poisons it doesn’t and most importantly BELIEVE that your very smart body actually knows more than any doctor about what it has to do to “live”, don’t be too surprised at how well you really can do. Live a full life.

Doctors please remember that sub-conscious conditioning most people get before the age of six (6) because if you use it wisely it gives you a lot of power over premature death.

Some Things You Perhaps Don’t Know:

(Where those responsible in Government and Industry may want to keep it concealed)

Health studies (eg German students) show that today’s broadscale farming and processing of food is leaching us of vital minerals with iodine and magnesium being of particular concern as they help care for the immune system and prevent illness. (Except for vested interests and Governments making money from it) radiation poisoning via wireless devices is already a major concern around the World and iodine is one mineral that can help reduce its effect by converting some of the body’s damage to salt for faecal elimination. The Superfoods info sheet shows some foods, eg seaweed, raw cacao, etc; with those minerals in them but it may not be enough – it is usually best to obtain your minerals from natural food sources however supplementing is now becoming difficult to avoid.

Mobile Phone versus Cordless Phone (DECT)
Even though vested interests try to convince us otherwise, the whole World now knows that electro-magnetic radiation from mobile (cell) phones causes serious injuries including brain tumours and other head area cancers, see San Francisco brain tumour pandemic legislation June 2010 and various bulletins from WHO (World Health Organisation). Okay, so you do the right thing and not use your mobile phone for long periods because of their high level cancer risk but how long do you sit on your cordless DECT phone, hours?

If you think DECT phones are any better than mobiles, think again, they aren’t. They use the same radiation at similar levels as mobiles but they are much worse because you are on them for much longer times.

Did you know that cancer is only one danger of cordless DECT phone radiation?

Click play above to view radiation footage

Motor Vehicles
Many of today’s motor vehicles are radiation death traps, and the situation is becoming worse.

The industry knows this but they also know they have no need to worry about limiting your EMR exposure because no Government can afford to legislate as it means admitting the radiation = injury/death connection which would almost certainly open the door to a flood of valid litigations / class actions. A quality gaussmeter shows EMR levels in some cars, particularly those with modern SatNav devices hugely exceed the October 2010 Copenhagen Resolution of 0.6V/m safe level and some were even close to mobile phone intensity. People use a mobile phone for short periods and die from brain tumours, how long do you sit in your motor vehicle?

BEFORE you outlay $25,000+ on a motor vehicle you would be very wise to outlay $500 on a quality gaussmeter such as Gigahertz-Solutions’ HFE35C so you can buy a car with lower electro-magnetic radiation, thereby reducing your family’s risk of radiation poisoning illnesses such as cancer. You could use the meter to check other radiation hotspots so you and your family might be healthy for longer.

There may be a funny saying of “Death by Chocolate” but “Death by Car” is not so funny.

If you don’t neutralise the cause of the cancer or illness AND give your body all the ammunition needed to fight it then the chances of recovering from it or the prolonging of life are very poor.

Cause and Effect can be seen at the RiskAssess and Cost info sheets.