Devices Which May Help

We won’t recommend a product unless it meets our stringent requirement of having proven itself over time, and where possible, with as many people as possible. Below are products that may be of interest to EHS afflicted persons.

Memon Radiation Transformers



Memon Assessment Period: 10 Years  (Jan-2008 to Dec-2017)

These German made transformers have only a very small halo of protection in themselves but they are meant to be placed against wiring systems, e.g., house and car, thereby providing a very large cocoon of effective EMR protection.  They transform harmful radiation into the natural light spectrum of 390~780 nanometres which is the only range generally harmless to biological life.  Average life expectancy is approximately 20 years if you don’t physically abuse them.  While the Memon transformers have given almost completely effective service for many years (3.5 of them in the 3rd most EMR polluted suburb in Australia) and still handle most other radiation very well, it is not completely effective for blood pressure caused with the vastly more intense radiation of NBN wireless Internet (see also “What EMR can do to a 30,000 person city”).

Note:  Wherever you see the word (Symbio) in this document it means Symbioceuticals. Changes occurred within the Memon organisation in 2017 that saw their scientist commence trading as Symbioceuticals.  Technology principles remain the same but prices for Symbio are lower than those of the former Memon equivalents while we paid a bit over $A4500 for a Memon house Combi4 transformer in early 2008 the Symbio equivalent in early 2018 is just over $A1200 thus making EMR protection affordable for far more people.

When it was branded Memon the only device that could be used as personal protection was their $A1000 car unit with its strictly limited range of 60cm (2 feet).  To protect the most critical areas from brain with Central Nervous system and BP control on to the heart said it had to be worn at the base of the throat (mid point).  Other crucial areas from central chest to intestinal and reproductive systems had to remain unprotected.  While the range was very limited it did allow persons to leave their homes for appointments, shopping, etc.  Technology marches on and the Symbioceuticals personal device claims to protect up to 2m (6 feet) effectively meaning the whole body can now be protected for a little over A$500.  See next paragraphs for results of our up to date testing.  The Australian importer Chris Boys may be contacted by email at: and his website is


Symbioceuticals ‘personal’ device test: start 1-Feb-2018:
Wherever (Symbio) is used in this document it means Symbioceuticals.
BP and pulse measurements are by daily machine reading of three tests 2 minutes apart at both 8am and 4pm (total 6 tests).  Morning 3 tests are averaged and recorded, likewise 4pm.  Similarly, machine readings for pulses/minute (bpm) variations are recorded.  As machines may read marginally differently in time a variation of 0~1 beats is accepted as normal.

It has been noted by <aimtolive> that an erratic heartbeat (45~90) bpm often starts occurring for the EHS affected person as time elapses with the most dominant pattern being 2 beats, miss one, 2 beats, miss one, and so on.  We asked a group that deals with EMR professionally if any reports of wildly erratic heartbeats had come to notice with their EHS clients and the answer was “yes”.

Increase of seriously erratic heartbeat is of major concern because government and the medical profession refuse to acknowledge that pulse rate and BP readings are seriously and dangerously affected by EMR.  Government and medical attitude can only be incompetence based or deliberate concealment due to an awareness that hospitals’ EMR is causing heart disruption death to EHS victims.  This would be something government would not want known or even publicly suspected as it would force the problem to be taken seriously and any rectification is likely to be expensive.

Heartbeat Variations bpm (am + pm):
The pre-Symbio average of 11 per month (Nov-2017~Jan-2018) for the very bad category is extremely worrying as it is dangerous.  The big drop in that category under Symbio to only 5 in 2 months was unexpected as the 60cm (2 feet) Memon hung at base of throat should have kept the numbers as low as they were likely to get.  We have no explanation why Memon is less effective than Symbio other than the two electrical impulse centres (EIC) causing heart muscles to regularly contract in sequence may have been just on the edge of Memon’s limited protection range or possibly part of their controlling mechanism is not contained in the cranium to upper heart region.   An example we know of this type of situation occurs with the sense of hearing:
When a very loud noise comes the eardrums become flaccid to prevent ruptures and damage but this would be way too late if they reacted to the noise entering the ear canals.  We have read a specialised hearing group’s literature that the stomach reacts before noise reaches the ear canals and sends out a signal via the nervous system at close to the speed of light directing the eardrums to go flaccid.

The following data suggests the Symbio 2m (6 feet) personal protection device is working more effectively overall than the 60cm (2 feet) range Memon equivalent.  These results would be welcome to any doctor because it moves his/her patient further away from potential deadly heart stoppages.

Period                   0~1: ok                 2~5: concern      6~20: v.bad
Dec-2017               38                         18                               6
Jan-2018                36                         12                             14                        
Total                        74                         30                             20
Percentage           61                         23                             16                        

Feb-2018               39                         15                              2                            
Mar-2018              44                         15                              3                          
Total                        83                         30                             5                          
Percentage           70                         26                              4                          

On 17-Feb-2018 our tester forgot to wear the Symbio personal when he was out of his EMR protected house for just under an hour (3~3:50 pm) to go to town.  His 4pm routine BP and pulse figures were very badly adversely affected:  The BP machine would only give error readings for the first 4 attempts and when it did finally read BP and pulse, systolic varied wildly down and up 133-121-146, diastolic varied down and up 84-79-80 (am 3 units).  Pulse was 6 beats down and up of 84-79-83 compared to 8 am of 82~83 (normal tolerance). A year’s total hours (8766) is more than 10,000 times greater than the mere 50 minutes above before such bad damage occurred so just imagine the damage that must be occurring to EMR sensitive persons over a year.

In the 17-Feb-2018 readings there is one result that is good because:
The adverse effects when the Symbio is not worn means when worn it is working.
One bad result: the very short time without the Symbio shows our tester’s BP/pulse rate has become extremely sensitive to EMR which basically means he can no longer go to a hospital unless in an extreme emergency and even then he is likely to die from their self-generated radiation.

This is a measure of days where no sleep was required in the 8am~4pm daytime hours.  As we consider the area that controls excessive tiredness is somewhere in the head and as the old 60cm (2 feet) Memon because it was already protecting that area we did not think the new 2m (6 feet) Symbio device would make much, if any, change. Latest updated data as shown in blue below verifies that opinion:

Period                                                   Awake days        Percentage
Nov-2017 to Jan-2018                   62 / 92                   67.4
Feb 2018 to Mar-2018                     40 / 59                  67.8


It was hoped that the bigger protected area of the Symbio might improve this unpleasant and debilitating condition of an average 2.8 attacks per day but so far it has not:

Period                                                   Attacks Daily average
Dec-2017 to Jan-2018                     172 / 62                                2.8
Feb-2018 to Mar-2018                   164 / 59                                2.8

The Symbio is doing a much better overall job from head to feet than the 60cm (2 feet) limited range Memon when sitting on a ride-on lawnmower for hours as no sunburn has so far been suffered. The Blushield (mentioned below) did not protect against sunburn to any detectable extent.


Earth can only sustain about 1.5 billion people long term and we have almost five times that number.  Designed to be powerful and highly penetrating electromagnetic radiation is now becoming the ‘norm’.  It is used in satellite transmissions and phased array type radiation systems such as 5G.  We suspect industry intends to link 5G to satellites to cover the world, probably by use of decoders as 5G, while very intense, is only short range needing antenna approximately every 230 metres (250 yards).  Millions of damaging additional antennae being installed intimately close to people can only lead to:

  • Much greater death tolls
  • Huge arrays of health damage
  • Bankrupting public health systems
  • The question of who is going to pay for it.

While a lot of people seem to suffer no obvious to them damage – at least until things like cancer, MS, suicide, etc. arrive – there are vast numbers who have different physiologies suffering the heart issues, severe skin burning sensation, cramps (IBS), “hellish headaches” and other injuries that radiation brings.  The new highly penetrative radiation will increase many EHS victims’ suffering to a point where death (suicide) becomes to them the only viable option.  It can only create many new victims, including those who previously laughed off EHS as a bit of a joke by belittling sufferers as namby pambies.  For just one example of a person who did this only to suddenly become afflicted himself see: The Age and SMH newspaper article Brain on Fire.

Including the United Nations:
who were given scientifically validated and peer-reviewed documents outlining the severe biological damage that additional satellites will cause, it it is highly doubtful that any world body whatsoever, has formulated satellite guideline safety limits for humans especially for transmitters deliberately designed to be highly penetrative.  It would not be surprising to learn that it is deliberate because it will cause a lot of deaths which might just be what WHO and United Nations want as our world can only sustainably support 1.5 billion people whereas we now have almost 7.5 billion.  Of course, industry would not want any restrictions until they realise their business takes a downturn by the numbers they kill.

Some1500~1600 satellites 24/7 are beaming down high power wireless radiation generally now covering almost an entire world.  Signals pass through the magnetosphere, a protective layer of the atmosphere, that seems to protect Earth against such things as ‘cosmic rays’ with their mutagenic properties. Satellite generated EMR can only progressively erode the magnetosphere’s protective function allowing ever freer passage for cosmic rays to impact the Earth.  If could place at risk the very existence of biological life.  As at {1-Mar-2018} we expect in the next few years that a great deal of concern will be expressed about escalating levels of cosmic radiation reaching the Earth.  An equal expectation is that every effort will be made to dismiss EMR erosion of the protective magnetosphere as the cause.

Governments (e.g. Canberra):

March-2018: We think you might be wise to consider how to best cover what can only be large increases in Medicare costs caused by satellite damage to human health as indicated above.  We are already seeing in EMR sensitive people heart irregularities and we are told that (as yet unverified) in the first fortnight’s transmission of Motorola’s Viridian I satellite in 1996 an extra 3~4% of Americans died.  As more satellites start transmitting it can only cause more people to reach a similar terminal threshold earlier.  Medical drugs are basically useless aginst the EMR component of high BP and complications. Amongst other ‘puzzling’ injuries, expect significant increases in at least those areas listed below:

  1. Increasing headaches that painkillers may relieve to some extent but can’t stop.
  2. BPs becoming increasingly uncontrollable as antihypertensives can’t deal with EMR.
  3. Increasing numbers of patients with erratic heartbeats (e.g. 2 miss 1, etc).
  4. People collapsing instantly and totally unconsciousness for 10~20 minutes waking up in ambulances on the way to hospital where stroke and MS tests are negative and with the routine cop out diagnosis of ‘seizure’ causing licence suspensions for 6 months.
  5. Food allergies increasing from 2017 (20%) to Dec-2024 up to as much as 30%.
  6. Mental disorders and suicide.

We can already see the above injuries emerging and we expect worsening of of conditions such as those shown at: http://www.emfacts/2017/01/krakows-bold-step-to-curb-electromagnetic-pollution-reflects-growing-evidence-of-harm/

Blushield Active Scalar Energy Device
Tesla Gold Blue Shield

Assessment Period: 2 Years  Feb-2016~Jan-2018:

This portable device lies on the bed beside the previously severely affected EHS sufferer (effectively non-ionising radiation poisoning) with his 14 symptoms of which 11 are shown below.  The sufferer says (as at end 2017) his EHS can presently be downgraded from severe to bad, basically due to strength type improvements with Blushield.  In the 2 year period with Blushield from 1-Feb-2016 to end Jan-2018 symptoms have changed, primarily with best results being for ‘strength’ type issues

We suspect the strength improvements relate to Blushield’s ability to return cells close to the normal 70~90 millivolt range.   While not completely successful for everything, Blushield is as at Dec-2017 keeping the severity of many EHS conditions under some form of control.  Due to the ‘strength’ improvements, our sufferer considers his former EHS ‘extreme’ classification is currently ‘bad’ and this has improved his limited ‘quality of life’ and means he is more able to cope with day-to-day living:

(1) CFS – went from 3.3% awake days (8am~4pm) in Jan-2016 to 67.7% (21 days out of 31) for Dec-2017 and exactly the same 67.7% percentage in Jan-2018.

(2) Cramps – regular debilitating calf and thigh cramps as at Feb-2016 stopped after about one month of Blushield but returned to some limited extent after NBN was turned on locally.  While still painful when they do occur, as at Jan-2018 cramp attacks are no where as frequent or with the same excruciating pain levels as before Blushield.

(3) Disorientation and staggers – for 15~20 seconds when first getting out of bed disappeared completely within days of starting Blushield. It returned to some extent when NBN was turned on in early May 2016.  In the next 21 months to Jan 2018 the problem has been extremely rare and has not shown up for a long time.

(4) Emotional State (involuntary) – in the first 3 months our tester went from being unable to get into anything to being an enthusiastic human with ability to achieve a great deal on any given day.  The wheels fell off when the NBN tower was turned on locally, but in more recent times some limited enthusiasm and ability has returned.

(5) Eyes – dry and irritated eyes (constantly like being wind burned or overtired) progressively disappeared from the second week of Blushield and ability to focus at longer distances improved quite a bit. The eye damage problems returned very quickly when high intensity NBN radiation became involved.

(6) Headaches – Daily mild headaches that could not be fully relieved by painkillers disappeared entirely after only one day of Blushield use.  They are still absent 2 years later as at end of assessment period (31-Jan-2018).

(7) Hyperacusis – is almost absent two years on as at Feb-2018.  The terribly harsh amplified sounds became softer and more comfortable within four weeks of Blushield, e.g. the clanging sound of a ride-on lawn mower’s engine became more ‘fluttery’ than painful.  Some sound sensitivity has returned since NBN was turned on 5-May-2016 but as at Feb-2018 not to the same painful levels as before Blushield.

(8) IBS – or irritable bowel syndrome was the one area where Blushield did not help at all (daily records are still being kept – see Symbio test data above).  IBS affects 3 times more women than men. The most common opinion by doctors of cause is intestinal spasming.  Wireless device radiation (EMR) is very well known to cause cramps and spasming.

(9) Limb weakness – While the EHS person still has some minor weakness in lower limbs, his hand and wrist strength has dramatically improved (ability to twist off container tops and lids, use screwdrivers, etc, has returned).

(10) Psoriasis – In the first 4~6 weeks of Blushield many years of severe maddeningly itchy 100mm (4”) band of psoriasis like raised dead looking skin across back just above belt level disappeared, thankfully along with its constant terrible itch and remains completely absent as at Jan-2018.  Psoriasis may somehow be tied to improper skin cell voltages of less than the normal healthy range of 70~90 millivolts (skin specialists would be wise to research this possibility).

(11) Tinnitus – Reductions in volume and intensity in the first 3 months must have happened gradually because it took several weeks of Blushield before it was noticed that it had become mild indoors and virtually unnoticeable outdoors.  Since NBN was turned on three months into testing (5-May-2016) the volume and intensity of tinnitus has returned.  It seems the Blushield improvement for tinnitus is defeated once EMR reaches a particular threshold.

Ten brilliant results and one neutral, a real success story if ever there was one.  Unfortunately that very high 10/11 (91%) success rate was eroded by a sudden increase in high level EMR by NBN that caused it to drop to a 7/11 (64%) lower rate.  We are still keeping daily records and they show there has been no further change with the lower 64% success rate remaining as at Feb-2018.

We worked out if cancer cells are usually only 15~20 millivolts and the Blushield helps restore cells towards their normal 70~90 millivolt range then great potential must exist for slowing down the cancer or perhaps even reversing it. Researchers say of cancer that those 15~20 millivolt cells reproduce hugely in an effort to stay alive.  Think of those 15~20 millivolts cells as trying to start a car with only a 3 volt battery.  Unless you get the right voltage in both those areas you will have no chance with either.

A reputable EMR damage prevention group has advised us that some of their clients say the Blushield does not work.  With due respect we cannot go on others’ sweeping statement of “it does not work” (where no responsibly kept before and after records exist) as that would make us equally unprofessional.  “It does not work” implies total failure when there could be a range of different types of results see above ELEVEN factors (CFS to tinnitus) where 10 results were strongly positive and one (IBS) did not change.

We could have legitimately said of the Blushield “it did work” and brilliantly which (bar one category –IBS) it did in fact do.  Or it did at least until three months into our records when on 5 May 2016 the NBN tower 2.4km (1.5 miles) away was turned on for testing*.  When NBN was turned on Blushield could not prevent three (emotional, eyes, tinnitus) reverting to bad and one (hyperacusis) had limited regression .  We have no intention of following the sweeping statement style of others where proper recording has not been done of all known factors and thus proper scrutiny and comment has not been applied.

Two side-by-side neighbours talking together suddenly registered very big jumps in BP in 15 minutes with the worst affected registering a 54 jump in systolic pressure (114 to 168).  The neighbour on the other side started suffering for the first time severe headaches.  While telco companies won’t disclose anything to enquiring citizens, an in-field technician did confirm two weeks later what already recorded (and reported to doctors) symptoms indicated and that was that the tower was turned on 5-May-2016 for testing purposes.  Big jumps in BP from 20-May-2016 suggest that was when the tower went on-line for normal business.

We very quickly noted the Blushield seems to need periods of low / very low radiation to help a body recover from radiation damage and strengthen it against future attacks.  We also noted good results lasted longer the more those low radiation recovery periods were present.  Persons who kept themselves surrounded by swarms of voluntarily purchased radiation emitting devices such as cordless DECT phones, wireless Internet laptops, microwave ovens, live update SatNav, wifi modems, wireless printing, etc, would have made it hard for Blushield to help.  With the much more intense Internet radiation of wireless NBN now bombarding people 24/7 there is no longer any time available between exposures (unless in an EMR shielded house).  It is also possible that NBN now exceeds the device’s design parameters.

We will shortly be installing 99% blocking technology facing the 2.4km (1.5 miles) away NBN transmitter which should provide time, particularly at night, of almost nil EMR and thus give the Blushield periods of low or no radiation to strengthen the body to fight EMR’s malignant effects.

We have not yet worked out how to stop the measurable vertical radiation (satellites) coming down through the galvanised iron lounge / dining room cathedral roof because we don’t yet know how to guarantee earth it to outside ground without setting up a corrosive, galvanic effect.  Our primary tester now has 99.9% EMR reduction in most bedrooms because they have a ceiling that are blocked by HSF-54 interior paint and as the Blushield is in the one used it means it has about 8~10 hours 7 days a week of (effectively) radiation-free time to help strengthen the body to fight EMR’s malignant effects.  To assist in that function our device tester’s rural house has no wireless-based transmitters inside except an emergency mobile phone that sits against the window, i.e. there is a 99% block curtain between it and inside house.

Numbers of EHS persons coming to our notice have increased from 5~6 in nine years (2007~2016) to 8~9 in one year (2017) with three of those in Dec-2017 alone.  As radiation becomes more extreme an increasing number of people will have to live in very costly head to toe silver threaded clothing similar to a Faraday Cage or become prisoners in their own radiation protected home, neither of which is fun or practical.  One of the Dec-2017 victims, a female in her 40s, cannot go out to grocery shop unless her head and body are fully encased in the Swiss ‘Naturelle’ fabric, effectively a Faraday Cage.  For advice and help in Australia over radiation reduction clothing and shielding we suggest you contact or telephone Sydney (02) 9576-1772.

Personal Devices – Other Issues
  • One big concern is that we suspect the Blushield’s different characteristics may not prevent red cell clumping thus allowing bad results as seen at (‘EHS Headaches’) and (‘MUBS’) we suspect the Blushield’s different characteristics may not do the same. Unfortunately we do not have access to a million dollar dark field microscopy laboratory to check this aspect.  As Memon (now Symbioceuticals) transforms EMR before it get to the human body we suspect that red cell clumping (agglutinating) or to give it its scientific title of ‘rouleaux formation’ will not occur.  In saying this it is providing that you are protected every minute of every day.
  • Memon prices were very expensive about $5500 for one house and one personal (vehicle) transformer. Now, one Symbioceuticals equivalent house and one personal costs less than A$1800. The Blushield personal device requires its specialised battery to be changed every 12 months or so at a cost of about $45~50 per unit including postage.  When battery voltage drops too low the Blushield suddenly stops functioning.  The Memon / Symbio devices need no battery so you remain protected until the unit suddenly expires (est. 20 years).
  • Where the Blushield device (over time) improves the ability of a body to withstand the damage of EMR, the Memon (now Symbioceuticals) when used as designed gives instant protection from EMR including Ultra Violet Radiation. For example, sitting on a ride on lawnmower 4 hours a day with the Memon car model sees no sunburnt face though the nose is zinced as a precaution whereas the Blushield fails to prevent the sunburn.
  • Memon prices were very expensive about $5500 for one house and one personal (vehicle) transformer. Now, one Symbioceuticals equivalent house and one personal costs less than A$1800. The Blushield personal device requires its specialised battery to be changed every 12 months or so at a cost of about $45~50 per unit including postage.  When battery voltage drops too low the Blushield suddenly stops functioning.  The Memon / Symbio devices need no battery so you remain protected until the unit suddenly expires (est. 20 years).
  • You should be aware that both devices can become compromised when governments licence a new wireless radiation band and companies may not supply you a free replacement. The Blushield had to be re-engineered to cope with 4G radiation frequencies and the Memon had to be re-engineered to cope with the frequencies of HD TV (high definition television).
Which “Personal” Device to Choose:

We know of no other device to compare with Memon (now Symbioceuticals).
Our philosophy is that it is far better to have body-damaging EMR transformed before it can get to you rather than have your body try to cope with afterwards so we rate the Memon and Symbio devices far ahead of the Blushield especially with the inclusion of a now 2m (6 foot) range personal protection unit.  As we see it, both devices have a valid place for the EHS sufferer with the best option being a mixture, Memon/Symbio Combi-4 for total protection in house and a ‘must have’ Symbio personal device when out of its protection. A Blushield “personal” may workto some extent in low EMR areas but its more impressive characteristic as shown above is the ability to deal with loss of strength issues and some other already existing radiation damage.

As we see it, both devices have a valid place for the EHS sufferer with the best option being a mixture, the if you have them, Memon/Symbioceuticals Combi-4 for total protection in house and Memon car model with its less than satisfactory limited range for personal use in high EMR areas (see previous note about Memon and Symbioceuticals). A Blushield “personal” seems to work quite well in low EMR areas and it has also actively improved some already existing radiation damage.  If you are interested in the Blushield scalar energy device further information can be found at

Neither device helps when towers are turned up to high power.  The only thing that works when that does happen is total blockout material, e.g. HSF-54 paint properly earthed by electrician and Faraday cage type material such as Naturelle.  See EMR Australia.