Author’s Note

Please do NOT send us any emails about EHS as our primary writer who has severe health difficulties from EMR lives on a rural property without the Internet and therefore cannot readily reply to you – not through discourtesy but simply inability.

Everything we have learned about EHS in the 11 years since February 2005 has been included in this section of <aimtolive>.  We hope it may help you to better understand electromagnetic hypersensitivity and some of the problems victims have to face, it sure as heck can’t be any worse than the dishonest telling you ‘because EHS doesn’t exist you can’t possibly have any of its symptoms’.  “Yeah, right”.   In whatever country you may be, until numbers and problems are ethically recorded and published, governments will keep getting away with their terrible mistreatment of the EHS victim.  And to stop and think, none of this could be happening to you if not for WHO.

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