Devices Which May Help

We won’t recommend a product unless it meets our stringent requirement of proving itself. Shown below are two products that may be of interest to EHS afflicted persons.

Memon Radiation Transformers

These German made transformers have only a very small halo of protection in themselves but they are meant to be placed against wiring systems, e.g., house and car, thereby providing a very large cocoon of effective EMR protection.  They work by transforming harmful radiation into the natural light spectrum of 390~780 nanometres which is the only range generally harmless to biological life.  Average life expectancy is approximately 20 years if you don’t physically abuse them.  Sadly from January 2016 Memon has abandoned Australia, restricting sales more closely to Germany and Europe, so if you want one you may have to search for it.  We don’t know why sales are being limited to a smaller area but it’s possible with EMR damage worsening at a devastating rate Memon cannot keep up with worldwide demand.

memon products

We have recommended the Memon radiation transformer simply because testing over 8 years on so many persons shows it works brilliantly, particularly for health problems where doctors have been useless in finding satisfactory answers.  A large number of persons suddenly found so many serious health problems such as worsening malignant skin cancer, severe anaemia, thyroid, etc., just disappeared, many within a week.  Other improvements in ill health that occurred or cleared up entirely are extraordinary, ones that we did not even suspect were EMR-caused until the results came in and forced us to re-think.  The Combi-4 house model which works via the house’s own electrical wiring was tested by two severely EHS afflicted households and the results were brilliant particularly when you consider they were in one of Australia’s most EMR-polluted areas.   The house Memon price is high at A$4000~5000 subject to house size and overseas exchange rates but when you are desperate you will pay anything.

Memon used to make, and may still do, a mobile phone advertised as the world’s first safe mobile phone.  If you want to use your own phone you can purchase a phone transformer for about A$200 that is very effective.  How did we ever manage for all those decades before the killer mobile phone was invented!

When placed against the wiring systems of house or car the Memon transformers work by totally transforming all EMR into safe natural light frequencies.  As stand alone units (i.e. no wiring system) their range of protection is quite limited, e.g. car model is only a 60cm (2 feet) diameter sphere meaning if you wear it in your breast pocket protection only covers from about your mouth to your navel and then it would start to drop off dramatically.  If you wound around your body from head to toe a strand of wire in the right configuration the car Memon might possibly give you full body protection instead of 60cm.   Memon does not make an effective personal unit and EHS sufferers have resorted to carrying on their person the car model because that is all that was available.  At about A$1,000 the price is high.

Blushield Active Scalar Energy Device

Tesla Gold Blue Shield

The Blushield personal model is currently being tested by a person whose EHS is extreme, particularly for very painful hyperacusis and tied to that is potentially very high blood pressure which, if not carrying the Memon car transformer as personal protection in high EMR areas, can reach 200/100 in one hour.  CFS in the city saw the sufferer effectively unconscious to the world, asleep for anything up to 22 hours per day (9pm~7pm).  Almost 5 years in a rural area for this same person shows an improvement to 14~15 sleep hours (8pm~6am) and (10am~3pm).  The CFS muscle weakness and their constantly bruised feeling is still present 5 years since leaving the city but after 19 months in the rural area the sufferer could again walk up a flight of 12 stairs.


Assessment: 11 Feb to 31 Aug 2016 – 6.7 months
EHS symptoms examined: 14

In this assessment NBN stands for National Broadband Network.
For further information please see NBN menu (October 2016).
The first two EHS symptoms to afflict our writer were sudden high blood pressure and IBS.  He was struck down with additional symptoms on 15 Feb 2005 quickly worsening to severe which meant he would never work again.  Symptoms improved with a move to a rural area with the nearest wireless transmitter, a mobile phone tower, 4km (2.9 miles) away but it was not until Blushield that very big improvements occurred, some almost instantly and others over several weeks.  Some quite unexpected bonuses also turned up.  Unfortunately a high intensity radiation NBN tower 2.4km (1.5 miles) away was turned on at 3:20pm on 5 May 2016 and it quickly became apparent Blushield could not prevent all injuries, particularly high blood pressure.

It was 11 years almost to the day after becoming EHS that Blushield trialling started and thus changes are not “spontaneous remission”.  Once NBN was turned on Blushield had differing levels of success with some symptoms and handles others very well.  At exactly the same time as Blushield part failed, our tester’s Combi-4 big house Memon also suddenly could not stop jumps in blood pressure when near a perimeter wall.  The portable car Memon still handles radiation when away from NBN towers (e.g. no BP increases when going to town some 6km (4 miles) away from the tower, i.e. getting further away.  Our findings for the Blushield trial are listed below but we had to separate our thinking into two components:
11 Feb to 5 May 2016, before NBN was turned on
6 May to 31 Aug 2016, after NBN was turned on
Blood Pressure (BP) – textbook normal 120/80:
Our tester takes three BP readings at 8am and again at 4pm which are then averaged for his daily record.  Before NBN was turned on BP readings were steadily dropping making it evident that Blushield handles less intense radiation well, e.g. 4km distant mobile phone tower.  When NBN was turned on locally our tester immediately experienced a severe burning sensation on facial skin and his BP jumped by 54 systolic points in just 15 minutes.
Average daily BP month before Blushield (Jan 2016) – 118 / 73
Average daily BP last full month (Apr 2016) before NBN – 114 / 70
*Average daily BP three months after NBN (Jul 2016) – *121 / 79
*Average daily BP from 1 to 31 August 2016 – *126 / 82

* Jul 2016 needed a 25% increase in BP medication to maintain 121 / 79
* Aug 2016 needed a 50% increase in BP medication to maintain 126 / 82
* Towards the end of August there were some minor reductions and stabilising but it will take many months before we will be able to comment with any certainty.
Body Balance & Disorientation upon waking up:
Disorientation and staggers for 15~20 seconds when first getting out of bed disappeared completely within days of starting Blushield.  It has returned to some extent since NBN was turned on in early May 2016 but as at 31 Aug 2016 it is still not bad – Blushield is still working but not to quite the same extent as before NBN.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
In March 2011 before leaving Sydney our tester was sleeping up to 22 hours a day and was only properly functional between 7 pm and 9 pm at night.  By moving to a rural location the 22 hours improved to about 16 hours sleep a day, 12 hours at night plus 3~5 hours during the day.  In six months he might have 6 days (3.3%) where daytime sleep was not required.  In the 203 days Blushield trial there were 86 days where no daytime sleep was required at all between getting out of bed in the morning and sundown, a vast 1200%+ functional improvement or more than 12 times better:
Awake all day before Blushield  (1 per month est.) – 3.3%
Days awake all day with Blushield before NBN – 40.0%
Days awake all day with Blushield after NBN – 44.1%

We were surprised at the 44.1% figure as it is one that actually improved after NBN was turned on locally.  We suspect the big improvement in CFS and hugely less need for sleep is due to Blushield’s scalar energy function returning body cells more closely to their healthy normal range of 70~90 millivolts.  It was noted CFS attack duration reduced from 5 bad days to 4 bad days with the fifth day being not so bad.  Prior to NBN and as Blushield use increased the CFS attacks became progressively less prevalent.  Totally unexpected bonus: Our chief writer is again able to open jars and bottles easily which means 11 years of wrist and hand weakness was part of CFS.  The condition initially worsened a little after NBN was turned on locally but as at 31 August 2016 it appears to have stabilised and may even be improving a little.  It will take some months before we can be positive about this.  Our chief writer still retains his newly returned hand and wrist strength – at this stage Blushield seems to be working well.
Cramps and Muscle Damage:
Cramps/spasming (see also IBS), muscle knotting and muscle tearing are well known effects from the radiation of wirelessly transmitting devices no matter how fit or regularly exercised muscles may be, e.g. our chief writer tended to walk rather than drive and he exercised virtually all muscles by being a regular ballroom dancer 4 nights per week.  Once EHS hit back in 2005, just reaching across a table could cause a muscle in the shoulder blade to cramp or knot painfully for hours and mere walking cause a calf muscle to tear.  Within one month of starting Blushield the cramps had stopped entirely but they did start to return a little after NBN was turned on.  As with CFS we suspect the improvement relates to Blushield’s ability to return cells close to the normal 70~90 millivolt range – while not completely successful, Blushield is as at 31 August 2016 still holding the worst of the cramps at bay.

We recently worked out if cancer cells are usually only 15~20 millivolts and the Blushield helps restore cells towards their normal 70~90 millivolt range then great potential must exist for slowing down the cancer or perhaps even reversing it. 
Researchers say of cancer that those 15~20 millivolts cells reproduce hugely in an effort to stay alive.  Think of those 15~20 millivolts cells as trying to start a car with only a 3 volt battery.  Unless you get the right voltage in both those areas you will have no chance with either.
Emotional State (involuntary) – as caused by wireless radiation:
In the first month of Blushield our tester’s involuntary emotional state showed a vast improvement allowing him to not just function but to function as an enthusiastic human with ability to achieve a great deal on any given day.  Once NBN was turned on locally 5 May 2016 that enthusiasm has been taken away from him to some extent – Blushield is only partially working since NBN was turned on locally.
Constantly dry and irritated eyes (like being wind burned or overtired) progressively disappeared from the second week of Blushield.  An unexpected bonus occurred of long distance eyesight improving to the point where distant objects could often be identified without our tester needing his prescription glasses.  Until then we did not realise that wireless radiation could affect the eyes’ physical ability to focus properly.  Both conditions deteriorated almost immediately NBN was turned on – Blushield failed very quickly when high intensity radiation became involved.
Daily mild headaches that could not be fully relieved by painkillers disappeared entirely after only one day of Blushield use.  They started returning on 30 July 2016 or nearly three months after local NBN was turned on but as at 31 Aug 2016 are not frequent and they are no where as bad as before Blushield – only time will tell us whether they increase or not.
Apart from making most sounds harsh there is one thing that is not so much a sound as a shimmering feeling of excruciating pain.  For those without the symptom the best way to describe it is like the sensation you get when scraping chalk across a blackboard with the sensation being amplified in your head.  When NBN was first turned on 5 May 2016 for test purposes and accessing was very low the Blushield allowed almost 120 minutes before the pain hit.  Removing the Blushield and wearing the Memon saw the pain disappear almost immediately.

Other sounds previously heard as harsh for 11 years became softer and more comfortable within four weeks of Blushield, e.g. the clanging sound of a ride-on lawn mower’s engine became more ‘fluttery’ than painful, which is how hearing undamaged people hear it.  Some sound sensitivity has returned since NBN was turned on but as at 31 August 2016 not to the same painful levels – Blushield is coping but at a lesser level than before NBN.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – lower figures are best:
Prior to NBN being turned on 5 May 2016 the discomfort associated with IBS attacks diminished under Blushield influence, subjectively about 20%.  IBS affects three times more women than men.  Researchers say IBS has three known causes:  (a) Spasming of intestinal muscles, (b) Anerobic bug in the intestine, and (c) Diet in some cases.

Doctors we have spoken to say IBS is caused by intestinal muscle spasming and generally they prescribe a pharmaceutical salt that only succeeds in about 20% of cases.  Spasms are well known effects of wireless radiation.  While Blushield did reduce severity and numbers it was never able to stop the spasming and thus the attacks themselves.  The increasing incidence of IBS attacks for our tester since NBN was turned on means his cause is wireless radiation – Blushield unfortunately does not prevent IBS worsening with the radiation intense NBN though there does appear to be some levelling off as at 31 August 2016.  Circumstances and figures are:
* Attacks before Blushield per day averaged – 2.77
* With Blushield 3 months before NBN turned on – 2.62
* With Blushield 3 months after NBN turned on – 2.68
* 1 to 31 August 2016 with Blushield and NBN  – 2.81

* In late August 2016 the increase in IBS attacks seems to be a levelling off with possibly even a minor reduction in numbers but it will take some months of daily records before any more positive comment can be made.
pH  daily averages – optimum is 7.3~7.45:
In the month prior to Blushield – 6.90
First three months with Blushield before NBN turned on – 7.03
Three months since NBN turned on  – 6.94.
Period 1~ 31 August 2016 with NBN turned on – 6.88.
Skin Condition:
In the first 4~6 weeks of Blushield the severe maddeningly itchy 100mm (4”) band of psoriasis like raised dead looking skin across back just above belt level all but disappeared, thankfully along with its constant terrible itch.  This suggests psoriasis may be tied to improper skin cell voltages of less than the normal healthy range of 70~90 millivolts (skin specialists would be wise to research this possibility).  The band of psoriasis like dead skin is still absent three months into NBN so the Blushield seems to be still working for this awful condition.
Prior to NBN being turned on 5 May 2016 high body temperatures were extremely rare.  High temperatures since NBN are not due to infection and they are usually accompanied by a burning sensation of facial skin.  While not frequent, there are now more days of elevated temperature since NBN was turned on – Blushield does not prevent this to any extent we can measure as our tester won’t risk other benefits gained by turning it off to test.  All temperatures were measured indoors, body temperature by quality digital thermometer and facial skin at the forehead near the start of the Central Nervous System (CNS) by infrared thermometer:
*Body with or without Blushield before NBN:  (36.4~36.9c).
*Body with or without Blushield after NBN damage:  (37.3~38.3c).
*Facial with or without Blushield before NBN:  (33.5~35c).
*Facial with or without Blushield after NBN damage:  (36.5~38.3c).
Reductions in volume and intensity must have happened gradually because it took several weeks of Blushield before it was noticed that it had become mild indoors and virtually unnoticeable outdoors.  Since NBN was turned on, the volume and intensity of tinnitus has returned and on some days may be reasonable and on others very noticeable.  We can only surmise the variability is due to radiation saturation on any given individual day – Blushield does not seem able to stop tinnitus damage to any great extent where NBN is present.
When EHS symptoms first struck in 2005, weight went from a BMI healthy 76kg to 97kg in three months.  In the first three months of Blushield in 2016 before NBN there was a slight regular drop in weight from 96.5kg to 95.8kg and after NBN was turned on there has been a pronounced rise from 95.8kg to 97.8kg in three months – Blushield is failing to prevent weight gain in the NBN environment.

Since adding the assessment above the Australian agent has advised us it might be unfair to Blushield as we did not have the six-times stronger house model installed. Except for a daily shower, our tester wore the personal model every minute of every day for a month in a low radiation area before going to the centre of town with it. Despite the device being worn intimately for so long it still failed for both BP and ‘chalk on blackboard’ hyperacusis pain at the 105-minute mark. To be fair to the Australian agent, we will re-test for 2 months starting December 2016 with house model to see if above details hold true or not.




Our initial one-month assessment of Blushield detected that it improved the more it was worn however the longevity of effect was limited, which is verified more recently in the 40.0% vs 44.1% shown at CFS above.  Before Blushield our tester only forgot on two occasions in six years to take his Memon when going to town with its wireless networks which resulted in mild to bad hearing pain in about 10 minutes with a mild to moderate increase in BP necessitating immediate return home.  Within one week of exclusively wearing it the Blushield allowed him a period of 45~50 minutes in town before the pain and BP hit and after three weeks wearing that time had increased to 100~105 minutes.

It seems the Blushield needs periods of low or no radiation to help a body recover from radiation damage and to strengthen it against future attacks.  Purchasers who kept themselves surrounded by swarms of voluntarily purchased radiation devices such as cordless DECT phones, wireless Internet laptops, microwave ovens, live update SatNav, wifi modems, wireless printing, etc, would have made it hard for Blushield to help.  With the much more intense Internet radiation of NBN now bombarding people 24/7 there is no longer any time available between exposures (unless in an EMR shielded house).  It is also possible that NBN now exceeds the device’s design parameters.

We will shortly be installing 99% blocking technology facing the 2.4km (1.5 miles) away NBN transmitter which should provide time, particularly at night, of almost nil EMR and thus give the Blushield periods of low or no radiation to strengthen the body to fight EMR’s malignant effects and to record what further changes do or do not occur for the 14 EHS symptoms assessed above.    

When in his Memon protected house our tester has the Blushield device lying active on the bed beside him and this may be the main difference in achieving positive results including the unexpected bonuses shown above in our 6.7 months assessment.  The major problem is unless a person can remediate the radiation poisoning being constantly pumped into their bodies by wireless devices there is nothing that is likely to fully ease a victim’s suffering.  Since NBN was turned on Blushield seems unable to prevent the more instantaneous type injuries such as BP, eyes, etc, but it is clearly still handling others to varying degrees (e.g. CFS, hand/wrist weakness, etc) and one (need for daytime sleep) is actually still improving.  Rather than discard their Blushield device, purchasers may wish to persevere with it for those areas where it is still seems to be working reasonably well.

While the Memon transformers gave completely effective service for 8.5 years (3.5 of them in the 3rd most EMR polluted suburb in Australia) and still handle most other radiation very well, it is not completely effective for blood pressure caused with the vastly more intense radiation of NBN wireless Internet.  It may be that NBN exceeds the designed upper parameters of the Memon just as HD TV did worldwide causing expensive re-engineering of the product.  While NBN remains isolated to Australia it is unlikely that Memon will go the expense of re-engineering their transformers.

As radiation becomes more extreme a large and increasing number of people will have to live in very costly head to toe silver threaded clothing similar to a Faraday Cage or become prisoners in their own radiation protected home, neither of which is much fun or very practical.  For advice and help in Australia over radiation reduction clothing and shielding we suggest you contact  “” or telephone (02) 9576-1772.

Personal Devices – Other Issues

  • One big concern is while the Memon effect of totally transforming EMR before it reaches a person would prevent red cell clumping causing bad results as seen at (‘EHS Headaches’) and (‘MUBS’) we suspect the Blushield’s different characteristics may not do the same. Unfortunately we do not have access to a million dollar dark field microscopy laboratory to check this aspect.
  • Where the Blushield device (over time) improves the ability of a body to withstand the damage of EMR, the Memon when used as designed gives instant protection from EMR including Ultra Violet Radiation. For example, sitting on a ride on lawnmower 4 hours a day with the Memon car model sees no sunburnt face though the nose is zinced as a precaution whereas the Blushield does allow sunburn to occur.
  • Compared to the A$5000~6000 combined price for one house and one personal Memon, one house and one personal Blushield scalar energy device costs less than $1,000 in Australia. The Blue Shield personal device requires its specialised battery to be changed every 12 months or so at a cost of about $45~50 per unit including postage.  When battery voltage drops too low the Blushield suddenly stops functioning.  This would not be helpful for the EHS sufferer who may not even be aware of the device’s lost support until symptoms intrude and then it will take time until another specialised battery is obtained.  The Memon car model needs no battery so you remain protected, though only for that limited 60cm (2 foot) sphere.
  • You should be aware that both devices can become compromised when governments licence a new wireless radiation band and companies may not supply you a free replacement. The Blushield had to be re-engineered to cope with 4G radiation frequencies and the Memon had to be re-engineered to cope with the frequencies of HD TV (high definition television).

Which “Personal” Device to Choose – Our Opinion:

This is difficult.  It’s not straightforward and we know of no other device to compare with Memon or Blushield.  Our philosophy is that it is far better to have body-damaging EMR transformed before it can get to you rather than have your body cope with it so we rate the Memon ahead of Blushield but both have their own individual good points.  Memon blocks EMR and thus damage is rare whereas Blushield has allowed some EMR damage but we suspect its scalar energy functionality may make it more EMR effective the more it is worn.

As we see it at this stage, both devices have a valid place for the EHS sufferer with the best option being a mixture, the Memon Combi-4 for total protection in house and Memon car model with its less than satisfactory limited range for personal use in high EMR areas.  A Blushield “personal” seems to work quite well in low EMR areas (and given time possibly even in high EMR areas) and because it has also actively improved some already existing radiation damage.  If you are interested in the Blushield scalar energy device further information can be found at