EMR Damage

What EMR Does To Human Cell Structure

If you were to sit 10 people down with a piece of paper and ask them to write down what they thought controlled or was the “brain” of a human cell all 10 would write “nucleus” or “DNA” and they would be quite wrong.  Virtually no one knows that the answer should be the cell wall which consists of three layers progressively filtering out unwanted foods and toxins so they don’t get access (Bruce Lipton) and, of course, allowing release of only waste product.  In effect EMR causes cell walls to “leak”.  Imagine you are out on a boat fishing and have a cask of upmarket wine which gets a hole in it.  The cask could lose some or all of its contents, the wine could go sour or it could get seawater (with or without fish guts) enter it ruining its contents.

Because so many people have been PR preconditioned to believe wireless radiation is safe they don’t do any research and thus don’t know or care that EMR can breach cell walls in seconds (US epidemiologist George Carlo) including the Blood Brain Barrier and the placental membrane, which we consider crucial to human health and embryos.  Prior to EMR, basically the only things that could commonly breach those crucial, protective walls because their molecules are so small were tobacco and alcohol.

Putting the Lipton and Carlo knowledge together we have a theory at <aimtolive> that a great deal of food allergies gain ascendancy through the EMR compromised walls of human cells.  One food to monitor very closely is lecithin in all its forms (e.g. egg yolks, sunflower lecithin, soy lecithin, sauces with soy, etc.) as it can cause very high BP with heart attack and stroke figures of 200/100 or above within one hour.  EHS sufferers and other at risk people should be aware that today lecithin, mostly soy, is inserted into a large range of foods, including muesli bars, meat products, chocolate and the like.

EMR = Dangerous BP

emr and blood pressure

DOCTORS should note: People (including most doctors) don’t know that wireless radiation can very quickly cause major variations up and sometimes down in Blood Pressure.  In layman’s terms, for the heart to pump it has two tiny, low voltage EIC, or electrical impulse centres that fire a fraction of a second apart causing the heart’s muscles to contract or “squeeze” forcing blood from the left atrium into the left ventricle under pressure where the second electrical impulse “squeezes” blood under further pressure out of the heart and around your body.  Even for a healthy heart, EMR with its greater strength can easily overpower the two tiny voltage EIC and thus raise the heart’s normal 60~75 beats per minute to well over 100 within one hour taking BP up with it.  Figures we have measured closely parallel those of a lecithin reaction: (normal 120/80 at start), (160/90 after 30 minutes) and (200/100 after 60 minutes).  It is easy to understand how BP can quickly reach fatal levels when you realise: You have a pump that has suddenly gone EMR berserk.

We have been informed that in 1996 Motorola launched its Viridian 1 satellite and in the first 2 weeks of its EMR transmissions being turned on an extra 3~4% of Americans died (FOI).  If it has not yet been removed, further evidence of the EMR danger to hearts can be seen at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney via its sign in the car park near radiology which warns: “Caution, High Radiation Area, Persons with heart conditions or pacemakers should not approach”.  And, you may have seen or heard in the media that many more teenagers are now having heart attacks since about the mid 1990s when wireless devices started to multiply hugely, prior to that they were almost unknown.

Warning and Advice:

Many people now have some noticeable currently not too severe EHS symptoms and probably numerous others have some early EHS symptoms as yet not obvious that are or could become life threatening and a primary possibility is undiagnosed Blood Pressure.  While it would be wise for everyone in our EMR-riddled society to regularly monitor their BP, <aimtolive> suggests EHS victims obtain their own BP machine (A$200), as potentially they are more at risk than most.  You should regularly monitor BP and check it if you feel unwell (including possible nausea and/or vomiting) after eating foods with lecithin in them such as chocolates, if you feel light-headed and particularly if you have headaches or feel unaccountably hot.   If you notice your BP climbing quickly please seek medical attention urgently.

EMR’s Effect On pH

pH Scale

Ideal pH is defined as being 7.365 to 7.45.  There are three measuring ranges, (0~14), (1~14) and (minus 1~15) and while there is some contention over range all have a neutral mid-point 7.0 meaning neither acidic nor alkaline.  Rain water at 6.0~6.2 is acidic, not neutral.  Most pH test rolls or strips only measure in single decimal points with a 5.5~8.0 range.  To match most test strips and cover both ends of the ideal range <aimtolive> uses 7.3 to 7.5 as its measure of “ideal”.  Some tests measure mouth saliva, others urine and some measure both.  We prefer the dual type because so many people are now prisoner to prescription medications that can affect urine and give false readings.  Whichever test you use, it should be done first thing in your day before any food or drink.   Tests take about 30 seconds and cost mere cents.  Isn’t your health worth that much?

If you were to ask a doctor what is the healthy pH of an adult, he or she will probably shrug off any concerns about figures below 7.3~7.5 being unhealthy by saying 6.2~6.6 is the adult average basically because that is all they know how to think.  As a specialist health profession, medicine is peculiarly uninterested in obtaining optimal health through nutrition or as a long ago billboard in Sydney expressed it: “What you eat today, walks and talks tomorrow”.

Persons whose pH is habitually below the 7.3~7.5 range are placing their bodies in an open, vulnerable position daring conditions of ill health to take their best shot.  And they will.  Much research has been done on acidity and the conclusion from all researchers we have read including Nobel Laureate Dr Otto Warburg is that acidosis is generally our biggest enemy of good health.  Many books have been written about it but a relatively easy one to understand is: “The Acid Alkaline Food Guide” ISBN 9780757003936 that shows quite clearly the ill health perils of poor pH.  Acidosis is also implicated in many degenerative conditions, ones that tend to make you feel unwell and old before your time.

Because most people don’t routinely check their pH we only have a small sample of what EMR does to it.  An EHS person may start out with an ideal pH of 7.3~7.5 when going to an area with high EMR and (without eating or drinking) return home 60~90 minutes later with a pH so low as to be unregistrable at 5.5, a figure not untypical of many cancer victims.  We recommend you regularly test your pH each morning before food or drink and after going to an EMR high area.  Try to keep clear of all wireless transmitters as much as possible and do your best to regularly maintain an alkaline balance of 7.3~7.5 for best health.  Some foods that can help you maintain an ideal pH appear at PRAL.

Some Facts you may not know about Cancer:cancer-ribbon

(1)  Cancer thrives in an acidic environment but doesn’t do so good in an alkaline one.
(2)  Of all the cancer victims we have tested not one has even gone close to an alkaline pH (7+).
(3)  Blood tests of cancer victims can often show a great deal of red cell clumping.
(4)  Clumping red cells cannot deliver adequate oxygen, crucial in burning food and preventing acidosis.
(5)  Clumped red cells can’t effectively remove wastes & toxins (irritants).  Irritants themselves are known to cause cancer.
(6)  Normal healthy cells have a 70~90 millivolt range, typically cancer cells have only 15~20 millivolts.  As seen at (EMR = Dangerous BP) EMR with its much bigger power can mess up sensitive body electrics.

For just one human injury (cancer), wireless device radiation has many techniques to kill you.


We theorise that MUBS (Messed Up Brain Syndrome) probably has its roots in the red blood cell clumping cause.  Just like any other part of us where the blood is cut off, it’s possible the affected section/s of the brain may cease to work properly compromising or even taking with it any emotions and thought processing functions located at those sections.  By logics and almost by definition the most likely to remain emotions would be the stronger ones relating to survival including as circumstances might dictate: the 3Fs (fear~fright~flight), rage/anger, self-seeking/narcissism, competitiveness, and to some extent probably ones that have an adrenaline factor.  As survival is so important they would probably be located at some lesser risk area of the brain, e.g. the 3Fs are tied to the brain stem.  Logics also suggest for the more important survival emotions there would be more and larger diameter blood vessels to feed them, carry adrenaline and clean up wastes, in other words clumping may not necessarily be so serious to them.

As indicated above this is only a theory but if you open your eyes and look around you, you will see that the less pleasant but stronger survival emotions are exactly what is being displayed by more and more messed up people.  As theories go, to date we have no person in the medical profession provide us a simple better one and supply proofs of how EMR causes headaches/migraines and MUBS.