Final Word

Final Word

There are so many individuals who deserve our sincere thanks for their service to humanity in showing up the terrible human damage electromagnetic radiation causes, how it’s being covered up and the corrupt tricks by persons with ulterior motives.  People like George Carlo, Neil Cherry, Don Maisch, Sam Milham, Lloyd Morgan, Louis Slessin, Barry Trower and others who are not intimidated by the dishonourable, we salute you one and all.


At <aimtolive> we are pleased to recognise those who honestly place human health before profit or corrupt motive, they are rare.

Sweden 2000
Highest Possible Commendation:
To Sweden for their integrity in admitting the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity syndrome as far back as 2000, honour in not covering it up and the compassionate help to EHS sufferers by both Industy and Government in housing, workplace and hospitals.  It is refreshing to note that there is still one country in the World prepared to speak truthfully rather than being intimidated from it by any World Organisation or other Government.

Solarhart Australia
Highly Commended
To Solarhart Australia for innovative design in using a resource (the sun) in their solar hot water heating systems in such a way as to cause no increased risk to human health.

Brisbane Land and Environment Court 2015
Very Highly Commended
As we understand it, this is a World first where a court has made residents’ health important by requiring a power company to re-engineer a power utility so that its radiation emission was no more than 4 milligauss.

If <aimtolive> may say to Energex:  This was a “win-win” result because it gives you a once in a lifetime golden opportunity to show the entire World how it should be done.    We ask whether your EMR emitting components could be designed to be at a lower height lending itself to placing a perimeter Faraday Cage around the facility reducing dangerous radiation to virtually nil.  This would no doubt do wonders for the public’s perception of you as a safety conscious company.