EHS Suffering

As its name says: Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is caused by ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) which is the radiation used by all your wireless devices, e.g. wifi modem, cordless phone, Internet laptop, etc and the infrastructure (cellphone mast farms, etc) to drive them. Australia also has a set of high power towers mostly not much more than 10~15km (6~9.3 miles) apart National Broadband Network (NBN) towers.  All government except Sweden will ignore EHS victims for as long as possible, at least until they complete their agenda of loading us up with as much wireless radiation as possible and then the ploy will be ‘we can’t remove them now, it would be too expensive’.


Three things we do know:
(1) As more wireless devices are pushed into society EHS victim numbers can only grow,
(2) Governments will have to face up to the terrible damage they are doing to people, and
(3) The longer it takes the horrendously more expensive it will be for the taxpayer.

As a general rule, symptoms (of anything) are the first noticeable signs that there is something seriously wrong in your body and they mostly do not show up until the damage is in an advanced state. So what do your EHS symptoms mean? Basically, your body is in the process of being killed and you have already lost a percentage of your life. If you have EHS you would be wise to quickly get away from or neutralise what is killing you and to get what you want out of life while you can.

After analysing the limited world records available Orjan Hallberg (researcher) and Dr Gerhard Oberfeld, MD, (Austrian Department of Public Health) said the number of EHS cases was “steadily increasing” and offered the alarming advice that if the increase continued at the currently documented rate as at 2007, the condition would probably affect one in two people within the next decade (2017).

It is no longer extremely rare for us to hear from EHS persons:
During the decade Jan-2007 to Dec-2016 it was very rare, say 5~6, in a decade for an EHS person to come to us for help but it seems to be now increasing very quickly.  In just the 2017 year we have seen at least NINE with four (A,F,L & M) in December alone.  By any reasonable standard an increase from about a half per year over a decade to nine in just one year is of concern as it is about a 1500~1800% increase in a very short time frame.

Effects of WIFI

Persons often don’t consider they have EHS because their symptom/s seem minor such as the 42 year old male who has had no problem around EMR until recently when he noticed for the first time if he gets within about 4m (13 feet) of a wifi modem he hears a sound like chalk scraping on a blackboard. It was quite a shock when he was told he now has EHS and that he should quickly change all wireless transmitters in his life for wired ones because his presently low level symptom would progressively become severe and other symptoms would follow. He has the early stages of hyperacusis.

Understanding EMR-caused hyperacusis can be difficult for those who don’t have it. The victim can experience severe loss of bass frequencies 20~750Hz (music beats~male voice range) and high frequencies above 750Hz can have volumes increased by up to 4 times to the point where the only way to survive it is by constantly wearing industrial earmuffs unless it eases off. Sounds including voices become high pitched, sounding harsh and also hollow as if talking in a completely empty factory. As the hyperacusis progresses to extreme, exposure to EMR becomes its own separate feeling very much like the sensation of a piece of chalk scraping across a blackboard but at a frequency so extraordinarily much higher it ceases to be a sound and becomes a shimmering feeling of pain that is excruciating. Tinnitus is tame in comparison.

There are too many EHS symptoms for us to list in this article:
So how can you tell if a symptom or symptoms are EMR caused and thus are you EHS or not for those aspects? If you have a symptom that gets worse around wireless transmitters then, even if it is not bad just yet, you do have electromagnetic hypersensitivity e.g. if you have tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and you go where there is a wireless transmitter and the tinnitus gets louder and more intense, there is your proof. And if you first got the tinnitus where there is no other logical explanation such as prolonged loud noise then quite likely it was caused by wireless device radiation (EMR) in the first place.

We have the example of a household at Church Point just north of Sydney with two grandparents, two parents and three teenage sons for whom a wifi modem was installed. Within 3 weeks two grandparents and the father all had tinnitus. When we asked the wife if they had installed a wifi modem in the last month she said “yes”. Not one of four intelligent adults asked or worked out what might be the cause for three of them getting the same damage at exactly the same time and when told the obvious truth the wife said no-one told us about the risks. We hear this all too often and can only assume it arises from the false PR information that wireless devices have no risks.

If you have a symptom and you move away from or neutralise the electromagnetic radiation and the symptom improves dramatically or disappears entirely there can be no clearer proof that EMR caused it in the first place. An example <aimtolive> has is of three women with anaemia for whom we neutralised EMR. The two on blood transfusions had them stopped and all three had their iron tablets discontinued. None ever went back to the iron tablets and until last known all three maintained normal iron levels for the years while EMR was neutralised.

Doctors would be wise to read and learn from the EMR Recommends section of this website because none of them asked why their patient suddenly lost the anaemia, not even for the lady who had it for years, typically for doctors it just suddenly and mysteriously went into “remission”. If only doctors would use the same intelligence they needed to pass their medical examinations and thought outside the PR square they could have helped those three women instead of us having to do their job for them.

Using just one EHS injury (CFS), we estimate 10~15% or more Australian citizens are affected to varying levels with CFS, or TATT (tired all the time) as young people call it on the Internet. Those still living at home persons are not yet greatly noticed but as parents become unavailable their damaged children will have a huge impact on the social services budget. And yet other people don’t want to disclose they have any work-caused EHS symptoms because they fear it may compromise current and future jobs. This should be of major concern to trade unions as workers have the right to a safe working environment.

While Canberra doesn’t know how, it would be really great if they could actually grow some spherical orbs peculiar to the male anatomy and stop being lap dogs to those who are or would corrupt e.g.:
• The administration that sold out a nation’s health over EMR by overruling their own EPA,
• The industry that provided much of the money to make EMR world wide and
• The world organisation that accepted it and dishonours their very name.

cell phone towerThe EHS/RFI (Radio Frequency Injury) syndrome has been acknowledged since 2000~2001 by at least two reputable bodies. If Governments had any genuine interest in their people, a database would have been in place 10~15 years ago of those suffering EHS and the problems they face. Canberra’s motive in not doing that is very shortsighted as it would have been an extremely useful tool giving a base line start, charted the increases, provided the ability to observe the cause and limited the very large costs that lie ahead.

We don’t yet know of any unimpeachable (non-Government) organisation that can be trusted with compiling a database similar in principle to our basic survey, perhaps a television network or large newspaper not funded by or having ties to Government might be a possibility. The database would need to have safeguards to prevent unaccountable “loss” or Government getting hold of it for their own purposes, things already discussed with a web specialist. If a survey ever gets going by an organisation you can trust; you become part of a large group where you have a voice rendered important by the sheer numbers of fellow sufferers.