EHS Symptoms

What Victims Have to Face When They Get EHS

If you were to ask EHS persons of 5~10 years suffering they will tell you sensitivity never gets any better, it only gets worse and like alcoholism the only option is total abstinence, i.e., moving away from, removing or neutralising the cause.  Almost definitely you will experience a great deal of ridicule by uncaring people because they don’t yet have it but, of course, it’s quite a different story when they do and then “it’s the worst thing in the world”.  An article touching on this EHS attitude and other issues appears in ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ newspaper of 4 September 2015 called “Brain on Fire

EMF phone

PR about EMR-driven devices being safe is working well because if you speak to a group of 10 people about dangers of wireless radiation nine of them, without doing any checking, will say concerns are rubbish.  Many newer EHS victims have this entrenched PR mindset until they work out they get worse around wirelessly transmitting devices and then they wake up.  Too late folks!  Once victims accept EMR is the cause they at least have a starting point.  Some worries include moving where school-age children are involved, where can we go that is safe and still keep the family together; can I keep my job to support the family?  Finding where to go grocery shopping safely, hospital stays, etc, can be big issues and they will become much, much worse.  Problems can be very cruel, sometimes unsolvable and they can cause the family unit to disintegrate where one person has to abandon them because they can’t or won’t move.

EHS Headaches 

headachesTo live and function the brain needs a permanent, continuous blood supply fed by a network of capillaries so tiny that only one red blood cell can pass through the tubes at any given time.  Electromagnetic (wireless) radiation causes red cells to clump together (rouleaux formation) in minutes, losing much of their food & oxygen content.  Various parts of the body tell you something is wrong by registering it as pain (e.g. insufficient fluid or electrolyte and cramps).  Our theory is that with clumped red cells being unable to pass through the capillaries the brain is not getting its needed fluids and electrolytes and, added to that, its garbage waste service has gone on strike.  The poor thing has every reason to cry out in pain.

Headaches associated with EHS can range from bad through to severe & debilitating all the way up to migraines that can leave you non-functional or hospitalised, potentially the worst place to be with all its radiation.  While a headache painkiller such as 500mg paracetamol may ease a standard headache it is not likely to work very well for an EMR-induced one, basically because of different cause mechanism and the cause itself being constantly present.  Many years ago we read a report, unfortunately now misplaced, of a town believed to be in Scandinavia where an EMR/microwave tower was turned on in the area resulting in the emergency department of the local hospital being flooded by victims including hospital staff suffering from unrelievable headaches and migraines.  Sadly, we no longer have any specifics on that incident and thus we are unable to advise how the problem was overcome other than surmising the transmitter had its output radiation (EMR) heavily reduced.  If we ever find those details again we will update this website for your information.

And What About Children?

If you are not yet personally EHS and have a disbelieving and ridiculing opinion about it, what are you going to do if it’s your child who becomes hypersensitive because after all children are the ones who spend the most time on EMR-driven devices?  How much would your disbelief and ridicule be worth to him or her and if you are a disbeliever how would you even know what it is that your child has?   If you have publicly and generally ridiculed the injury in others don’t expect too much sympathy or support from them, you don’t deserve it.  We recommend you treat EHS seriously and not ridicule others who have it because with numbers growing quickly you or your child could be next and something that definitely won’t help either of you is disbelief and ridicule.