EHS and EMR Corruption

If you think back through your lifetime you won’t find anything to have so many serious warnings about it from independent (not paid to hide the truth) researchers than the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), not even the tobacco industry had such persistent worldwide warnings.  Governments have known for 70 years from the 2nd World War that wireless radiation (or EMR) to cause cancer and other injuries as they were commonly found in wartime radar and wireless communications operators.  It is therefore hard to grasp their motive for encouraging and more particularly imposing on us so many more wireless transmitters.  Whatever the motive, it is not very honourable.  With WHO and nearly every major player government being involved monetary reasons seem less likely than some other ulterior motive that is not being advised to the public.

cell phone towers

Except for VDU operators, EHS hardly existed before the mid 1990s when vested interests within primarily the Telecommunications Industries started off-loading wireless technology on to a mainly unsuspecting public.  As specialists in their field, telecommunications knew perfectly well how dangerous wireless radiation (EMR) would be and the inescapable proof of that is World Health Organisation had to be corrupted to get it into general circulation.  Big money speaks and WHO’s corruption and most of the millions involved has long been uncovered and published, e.g.. “Conflict of Interest and Bias in Health Advisory Committees, A Case Study of WHO’s EMF Task Group” and similar documents.

Part of the continuing ‘problem’ includes WHO’s Facts Sheets, e.g., 304 of 2004, quoted by vested interests as “proof” that EMR is safe.  WHO should have long ago rescinded those sheets so they could never again be misused as false ‘proof’.  In relation to electromagnetic hypersensitivity, WHO’S Facts Sheet is reported in the press as saying: “The Collection of Symptoms is Not Part of Any Recognised Syndrome”.  Really?  Is World Health Organisation being any more honest now than in the past or, as far as EMR/EHS is concerned, is it still “business as usual”?  Let the following statements by bodies that do have integrity answer the question.

  • 2000: Sweden said a large number of its population (2%) now suffer EHS, and
  • 2001: (March) San Francisco Medical Society quote about Radio Frequency Injury (RFI), “RFI is recognised to be a true medical syndrome in many countries around the world”.

A suspicious investigative journalist might ask if two reputable bodies in 2000~2001 say a group of symptoms are recognised then just exactly what is WHO’s motive in saying 14~15 years later “symptoms are not part of any recognised syndrome”.  Probing might uncover some interesting data.

Sweden is the only ethical country in the World acknowledging the EHS syndrome as far back as 2000 and actually doing something about it.  Action is not limited to government either because some businesses (e.g. Ellemtel) also provide shielded, low radiation work areas for their people.  We suspect supplying staff with “comfortable” working areas will have seen improved efficiency, reduced sick leave absences and thus company costs for illness.  No doubt extra savings were made through lower staff turnover and less need to train new operators.  Australia is already 15 years behind Sweden.

Brundlandt –vs – Repacholi

Gro Brundlandt, a Master of Public Health and former Director General of World Health, would never have allowed electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to be what it is now, causing untold death and suffering around the world because she knows positively how bad it is as she collapses whenever a mobile phone is brought anywhere near her.  No doubt this is why she had to be removed from WHO (forced to “resign”?) so it could be orchestrated for the deadly EMR to be brought into widespread use.  The person primarily responsible for that was Michael Repacholi and various people around the world want him charged with murder because he knew the death and injury EMR would cause.  Mr Repacholi will go to his grave knowing he is responsible for more human death than all other persons and murderous regimes combined in recorded history.  For further information about how Repacholi knew EMR would kill, please see Stewart Fist article in “The Australian” newspaper 29 April 1997.

While not wishing to diminish in any way the severity of Gro Brundlandt’s EHS, perhaps the worst case to ever come to our notice is that of Per Sagabeck former head designer of Nokia mobile phones whose EHS is so extreme that he has to live life in a woven metal suit (Faraday Cage) or die as electromagnetic radiation shuts down his body in minutes.  Try to imagine just what it must be like for Per to have a shower safely or visit the toilet.  As EMR gets worse a lot of people are likely to find that out personally. 

Truth and Those Who Manipulate It

Long ago philosopher Schopenhauer found there were three phases to truth:  (1) ‘Ridicule’, (2)‘Violent Opposition’ and finally (3) ‘Acceptance of it as being self-evident’.  The Ridicule phase initially may not involve corruption.  When ‘Ridicule’ becomes ‘Violent Opposition’ it has to be corruption motivated, otherwise it would not be necessary.  Consequently the perfect way to gauge the level of corruption of various organisations is by observing how long they support and indulge in the ‘Violent Opposition’ phase.  This is something Canberra and particularly WHO should note as both are making it plainly obvious they are not thinking of world health when “one in two people” are predicted to have some degree of EHS by 2017 (see Hallberg & Oberfeld, EHS Suffering page).  ‘Violent Opposition’ simply destroys any honour or credibility which, as shown above, is already absent for WHO over EMR and EHS.

The ‘Violent Opposition’ sham is still being misused on the EHS sufferer basically everywhere except Sweden, the only country in the world honourable enough to admit the self-evident truth.  The sooner Canberra moves from “Violent Opposition” to self-evident truth the less sufferers they will cause and therefore the less public money they will have to waste for decades caring for disabled and mentally dysfunctional people.  Sweden has already greatly reduced victim suffering and no doubt their future costs in managing EHS disability.