Damaged Foods and Fats
Avoid These Like The Plague

Cooking progressively slaughters crucial living enzymes from about 45c degrees and by about 60c they are all gone. Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) sulphur is a naturally occurring organic compound found in living plant and animal tissues. It is very important in maintaining a healthy immune system and the ability to fight infection. It’s a big component of hair and skin health and it delays ageing by preventing so many of our body parts becoming brittle. A lack of brittleness is a vital need for our cells (life factories) as they have to let food in and wastes out. MSM sulphur is an extremely volatile mineral that evaporates at low heat so any form of cooking effectively eliminates it from the food you eat. Cooking also makes food more acidic and if you eat more than 50% of your food cooked there is the risk your body may assess it as an invader and cause improper white blood cell production (leukocytosis). Leukemia is a common form of cancer involving improper white blood cell production.

Moral: Eat as much of your food raw as you can.

Eat more raw food

Oils (fats) that have a long shelf life and don’t smell rancid are heat-treated and deodorised thus damaging long chain fat molecules to the point of being carcinogenic. Fish & Chip shop fats are very bad because they are re-heated many times and they also concentrate toxins by each piece of fish, etc, cooked in them.

BHealthy cannot recommend using margarine for any edible purpose.

Doctors using their medical status to convince people that margarine is falsely healthy are a disgrace to the medical profession. They should research margarine’s level of hydrogenated fats and how badly its high heat manufacturing process damages the long chain fat molecules. Some manufacturers’ labels now specifically state: “Does not contain Hydrogenated Fats”. Margarines may contain 320 (BHA), GMO canola and the health risky soy – see Poisons Info Sheet or “Soy” below. Udo Erasmus, PhD, World renowned expert on healthy fats and oils in his book ‘Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill’ identifies butter as roughly neutral in his good~bad scale whereas margarine is a severe negative.

Humans MUST have several types of healthy oils for various systems including its 60% fat brain. For oils recommendations, please see Item 5 of Healthy Eating Principles.

ALWAYS READ ALL LABELS OF ALL JUICES (eg Goji, Kakadu, NingXia, Noni, etc,). Check if the liver toxic, DNA damaging, Ageing and Parkinsons’ implicated sodium benzoate (211) or other nasty is listed anywhere, particularly in less prominent locations. See also References Info Sheet for further information on its damage.

Juice makers in Australia don’t have to make full disclosures about source country, additives, process, etc. A lot are marked ‘no preservatives’ which is a clear admission suppliers know that sodium benzoate (211) is toxic. Before you buy or use any juice ask yourself just how does a manufacturer give such a long shelf life to an unchilled fruit drink! While we much prefer you juice your own fresh organic fruits, it is not always practical. No nasty (eg 211) can be seen in the chilled “Charlie’s Honest Smoothie with spirulina” and it could easily be re-blended to make an almost complete meal with a small extra amount of spirulina powder and/or an egg yolk for protein, some vegetables such as snow peas, silver beet for iron and some mixed salad leaves that don’t have an overpowering taste.

Kombucha may provide 16 pro-biotic strains. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Humans, mostly western world, are the only animals to rob other species of their milk.
Most milk is heat-treated (pasteurised) damaging long chain fat molecules, killing all the microorganisms and enzymes important to your health. Homogenising makes it worse. UHT milk has been subjected to even higher temperatures. Instead of milk, try organic yoghurt on your organic cereals if you use them. Yogurt contains bio-organisms like acidophilus and bifidus so important to your inner health but remember the numbers and strain types may be limited. Kombucha, (a non-dairy drink with glucaric acid that stops reabsorption) may provide up to some 16 pro-biotic strains (5~8 times that of yoghurt).

because you send very high-powered radiation right into your food and risk giving yourself radiation poisoning – see advice from US Health authorities recommending discontinuation of their use for health reasons and the spices section shown below. Throw the microwave away and replace it with a strong blender and possibly a twin gear juicer such as the Greenpower Hippocrates.

Processed foods are usually damaged and mostly very unhealthily, try doing your own research. One simple example is the chocolate bar. Healthy raw cacao is converted into chocolate by the ‘Dutch’ method of super heat-treating, thus irreparably damaging it in terms of human health.

Table salts often contain neurotoxic metal anti-caking agents. Try “no metal nasty” hand harvested Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan salt with up to 84 trace minerals as a bonus.

celtic salt & himalayan salt
Celtic Sea Salt (cream) and Himalayan Rock Salt (pink) are metal-free.

<aimtolive> cannot recommend using any common soy product.

Vested interests selling soymilk, tofu, etc, of course don’t tell you that it contains:
(1) absorption inhibitors
(2) neurotoxins
(3) hormonal disrupters such as oestrogen.

soy beans & products
Soy Beans and Products.

It is too early to be sure if there is a link between soy and breast cancer but some mastectomy surgeons are noticing increasing numbers of clients have high soy intake in their diets.

LADIES: If you use soy please consider having your doctor monitor your oestrogen levels. In view of soy’s recent link to birth defects, couples trying for a baby would be very wise to avoid all soy including the lecithin part often hidden in a wide range of allegedly healthy foods. It is strongly recommended you do your own research on the above health aspects BEFORE using any soy product.

Avoid imported spices, eg pepper, unless guaranteed non-irradiated organic.
Most spices from overseas have been irradiated with enough radiation to supply every person in Canada with an annual X-ray – as advised by Dr Roland-Mieszkowski author of dietary principles whose cancer text is stated to be possibly the most quoted from the Internet. See New York Times of 24 April 2010 about the container used for food irradiating sent to India where the recycler was subsequently admitted to hospital with radiation poisoning.

Decaying teeth can spread infections through your body that are often very difficult to treat. Chemotherapy patients and particularly those facing stem cell transplants should maintain good dental health at all times. Sodium fluoride has evidently lowered the level of tooth cavities but it is controversial. In spite of its easily checked poisons status, vested interests have marketed it so successfully that many think it wonderful. A lot of people have become seriously ill from fluoride poisoning and studies are highlighting serious long-term damage. Using non-vested interest sources, fluoride has been condemned by over 100 world-class scientists, linked to a significant number of human health issues, is recognised as a poison and banned in several overseas countries. Many makers of allegedly ‘organic’ toothpaste replace sodium fluoride with the liver toxic, DNA damaging sodium benzoate 211. Check your favourite toothpaste against a toxic chemicals list and see how much you are voluntarily poisoning yourself and your children.

ALWAYS READ LABELS OF EVERYTHING YOU PUT ON OR INTO YOUR BODY. Australian manufacturers have been forced to acknowledge some of their ingredients are human poisons and consequently are shown in bold print on ingredients lists. Of course they still use cheap food additives suspected of injuring human health while they can because they know proofs will take a while. If you see words that people have been conditioned over long periods to believe means healthy like “natural”, “pure”, “super”, etc, then take a good close look at product labels. Just a few of the many Australian products you may wish to check against doubtful and/or dangerous and/or banned overseas lists and that you might like to weigh up against the importance of your family’s health: Schweppes, etc, soft drinks (211), Maggi’s “Super” Noodles (320), Nestle’s “Wholegrain goodness” Country Cup soups (621), etc.

We recommend you avoid all cleaning products that do not show a full list of ingredients.
Environment death means human death. In the interests of the environment the rest of the World should ask why Australian manufacturers get away with not disclosing full ingredients on labels. The lack of a full ingredients list on cleaning products in Australia suggests big money involved with Government. Non-disclosure, probably in the guise that makers are trying to safeguard their formulae, also suggests products are extremely harmful to both humans and the environment. The limited research we are able to so far carry out suggests products may contain such malignant ingredients as Butyl Ethers, 1-4 Dichlorobenzene, Nonyl Phenols, Methylene compounds, Salicylic Acid, Toluene – and these are only the ones we have managed to track down so far. Taking one product where the maker is brave enough on its label to specify use of Salicylic Acid we looked up poisons literature. Salicylic acid is restricted in Japan & Canada, it is persistent & bio-accumulative in wildlife and is a suspected cardiovascular toxin. What are other makers using and covering up? With all the research now available about healthy natural ingredients there is NO excuse to support manufacturers who persist in killing our environment.