Five (5) Healthy Eating Principles

Eat from low on the food chain – predators concentrate toxins from the bodies of their prey.
Eat Raw Food – food is not damaged by cooking and so retains its nutrient & enzyme value.
Eat “Certified” Organic – no chemical nasties, GMO or irradiation.
Eat many foods grown in different locations – maximises micronutrient variety to help fight disease.


Eat a balance of healthy oils every day and try not to neglect any group as all contain different fats:
· 1 x tablespoon plain organic butter (butter fat, water, salt, and nothing else).
· 1 x tablespoon cold pressed olive oil – use in salads or on organic bread.
· 2 x tablespoons organic hemp oil – contains essential omega oils (fish oil may have mercury).
· 2 x tablespoons of Udo’s Choice Oils for correct ratio of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils.

Organic coconut oil is a very good oil to make up the difference if you haven’t had 6~8 grams on any particular day. It is usually solid and tastes pleasantly like coconut.
organic coconut oil
After obtaining essential daily fats as outlined at “Healthy Eating Principles”, an organic avocado (healthy – 8.2 PRAL) would be a wiser choice of spread for bread than damaged fats such as margarine. Organic bread is baked so it would also be wise to limit even its consumption. A simple and effective way to add many oils to a diet is by mixing them into a smoothie.

Children’s Health

Remember: “about 80% of good health comes from what you put into your digestive system”.

As more and more wirelessly transmitting devices saturate society, increases in cancer and other radiation related illnesses will become much worse so more than ever before constant good nutrition will become critical. Please, ALWAYS READ LABELS as injury prevention starts with rejection of anything with a health damaging food additive or poisonous chemical in it. Parents badly fail their children when they call deep fried food a “treat”. There is no better time than right now to start your children on a healthy lifestyle that will benefit them and your grandchildren for life. Illnesses often don’t get started when all the body’s systems are properly nourished and operating optimally.

Parents: You do your children, especially if under six (6), great damage to their life-long understanding of dietary good health by calling deep-fried food (chicken, chips, seafood, etc) a “treat”. Please call it what it really is, namely “unhealthy”.