National Broadband Network

NBN (National Broadband Network) is thousands of large 40m (130 feet) eyesore towers like sewerage stink pipes being erected all over the country with very intense radiation wireless Internet transmitters on top of them.  Not only do towers themselves send radiation directly through homes and the people inside but they also transmit to many thousands more wifi modem like units being installed everywhere on buildings and telegraph poles all over the country, all of which do the same – please see picture of house below.

NBN towers basically transmit much higher intensity radiation per user unit than mobile phone towers – think in terms of pictures at 5,000,000 bytes (5 Mb) while a page of text is only say 10,000 bytes (10Kb).  As you can see NBN is far more dangerous and it makes it almost impossible for the EHS person to find anywhere to reasonably survive.  NBN might be better expressed as: “Neighbours-Brutalising-Neighbours”.

Media recently reported Government’s direction to Operators to hurry up and finish the NBN.  Operators of course know of the Repacholi~WHO corruption that led to the huge death and injury tsunami we now have, the dot points below and recent findings (e.g. USA, Massini Institute, etc) saying wireless radiation is not safe.  Probably the greatest fear is Australia’s unique NBN will cause a big increase in radiation death & injury rates compared to the rest of the World and thus bring the spectre of class actions just that much closer.

“Honesty is God’s gift, dishonesty is that of Evil”


  • Austria’s 2007 calculation of half the World with EHS by 2017
  • Sweden’s published from 2000 knowledge of radiation injury to citizens
  • Worldwide reservations expressed since 1997 about radiation death & injury

These long known serious issues makes the forcing of high intensity wireless NBN radiation on an entire population murder of such a scale there is no penalthy that would be adequate for the Prime Minister who authorised it.

Persons not yet afflicted with radiation poisoning (EHS) should not be too dismissive about what is happening to others because you could so easily be next.  Many people, particularly those near NBN towers and near wifi modems on telegraph poles, will become progressively sicker and they are likely to wrongly blame their house for it.  We expect to see many such homes up for sale and probably resale which over time is likely to gain those houses a reputation as a ‘sick house or even ‘death house’.  What fool would knowingly buy such a house.