Trying to Survive NBN

This is very difficult due to NBN’s vastly more intense wireless Internet type radiation.   While it was difficult coping with mobile phone towers, the NBN ones are far worse.

For people with radiation poisoning (EHS) there is virtually no relief in a country almost entirely riddled with high intensity radiation.  Depending on whom you listen to, you will hear various opinions as to how they favour dealing with radiation, electronic neutralising devices or shielding techniques.  From 29 Jan 2008 until NBN was locally turned on 5 May 2016 we found Memon transformers completely effective against radiation with 3.5 years of that period in the 3rd most EMR polluted suburb of Australia.  Incredible results were achieved for people loaned or given a transformer by <aimtolive>, many suffering badly or who were gravely ill.  Similar results have been seen worldwide.

While still keeping most problems at bay the Memon no longer fully prevents the high blood pressures we have seen since NBN was turned on locally and we suspect that is because the intensities and frequencies of radiation being used is beyond its design parameters or there may now be too much radiation and it is being swamped by it.  Memon design parameters were exceeded some years ago when HD TV was authorised around the world causing expensive re-engineering of the product.  While NBN remains isolated to Australia, Memon is unlikely to re-engineer their transformers though they would be wise to research why transformers are having difficulty in case Europe jumps on the NBN bandwagon. 

Memon Radiation Transformer:
Still works very well, except for elevated blood pressures associated with NBN transmitters.

To have any chance of succeeding effectively means the victim must remain housebound 24/7 as nothing less than a full head-to-toe Faraday Cage suit will provide enough safe protection when outside the shielded house.  For example:  We know of no practical clothing that effectively covers the extremely important area from cranium to base of throat.  Over 11 years we have tried many recommended shielding techniques, including:

T-Shirt woven with metal thread:
At about $80 per unit delivered it did nothing to prevent seriously rising BP.
That failure raises the question:  Just exactly what controls blood pressure?   The central nervous system (CNS), the brain and the thyroid all play crucial roles and they are all located outside where the T-shirt covers.  Logics suggest that some radiation damage to the chest area is prevented when it hits the garment side on so we are continuing with them.

German made Y-Shield HSF54 claiming up to 40db attenuation (99.99% effectiveness) was tried about 2007~2008.  Measurements by quality German RDF meter against a transmitting to China ground level 1.8m (6 feet) satellite dish 6m (20 feet) away showed no significant change in reading after the paint was applied.  When we queried this we were told it was unlawful to sell any paint that acted as a blockout to information radiation.  It is possible that protective paints may have benefitted from more modern technology.  This type of paint is electrically conductive and needs to be earthed (grounded) via the house electrical wiring system requiring a qualified electrician for safety reasons.  At about $100 per litre plus postage, plus electrician plus costs for two topcoats over it (walls AND all ceilings), the job is not going to be cheap.

  • Note: If you think satellite dishes don’t transmit radiation try telling that to our sensitive RDF meters or research Professor Havas using a satellite dish to fry a chicken.Paint that neutralises the effect of wireless radiation is electrically conductive and needs to be earthed (grounded) via the house electrical wiring system.  Windows will need either EMR reflecting film or reflecting curtains.  With a window of 1800mm x 1200mm (6′ x 4′) a rough costing per bedroom as at September 2016 might include:

40m (44 yards) electrically conductive tape – $160
Grounding plate – $30
Five litres HSF54 paint, walls and ceiling – $500
Electrician – $100
Two litres ceiling paint – $60
Four litres wall paint – $80
Curtain or window film – $250

As you can see, per moderate sized bedroom the cost is over $1,000 and the job MUST be done to a very high electrically conductive standard taking the radiation to ground or you will have wasted a lot time and money.
Meshes and other Blocking Agents:
We didn’t take our German RDF meters into stores as their appearance with antenna was likely to have seen us arrested as terrorists and meters confiscated so we used the less definitive, less directional and less sinister looking broad scale Accoustimeter supplied by ‘EMR-Australia’.  To maintain consistency of measurement we also used the Accoustimeter for products around the home.  Products in store were tested by mobile phone (Mob) dialling on the opposite side of the product to the meter and in the home by direct pointing the meter at the NBN tower 2.4km (1.5 miles) away.

Measurements at home had to be taken against an external wall as the further away from an outside wall the more radiation the Memon transformed into harmless natural light.  The Memon works over the house’s electrical wiring making it something like a Faraday Cage of protection.  Unfortunately most bedrooms are on an outside wall where there is little or no wiring to provide a Faraday Cage effect so other blocking techniques will be needed.  Reduction results are a guide only and are listed in order from most effective to least effective:

  • NBN – Memon Combi-4 @ 3.3m (12 feet) from outside wall 95%+
    (No signal detected on Accoustimeter’s noisemaker at full volume)
    NBN Memon Combi-4 @ 1.9m (7 feet) from outside wall 45~50%
  • NBN Memon Combi-4 @ outside window no reduction
  • NBN Crimsafe type security screen 30~35%
  • Mob Tufflite aluminium insect screen 30~35%
  • Mob Fine weave stainless steel mesh 20~25%
  • Mob Aluminium fly screen 10~15%
  • Mob Fibreglass fly screen useless
  1. From early October 2016 we will be trialling a fine interwoven with metal thread fabric on the inside walls like a curtain facing the currently worst problem of the NBN tower.  The fabric is stated by the highly reputable distributor to reflect 99% of all radiation including NBN.  The Swiss-made fabric comes in rolls 2.5m (8.2 feet) wide making it an ideal size for most curtain making.  Price as at September 2016 is about $155 per metre.  It is not quite 99.99% protection like properly installed HSF54 paint.  Admittedly the blocking fabric right across walls is cheaper and easier and it is transportable if changing homes but it does have a serious question about it.  If radiation comes in from an unprotected area and hits the back of the curtain fabric it is likely that some radiation could be reflected back through you again.Our Logics if you own your home AND are going to stay there

    Given the radiation reflecting characteristic of the fabric it is more logical to use ‘properly installed and grounded’ HSF54 paint – please remember that ceilings and window frames must also be properly painted and grounded.  Many people would forget these two important areas.

    An area that most people would overlook are the internal ends of built-in wardrobes that end on an outside wall.  Those unprotected ends give easy entry for the radiation you are trying to prevent and in most cases they would be difficult to almost impossible to protect by painting.  The best suggestion is to treat them like windows and hang protective curtain material from top to bottom inside the wardrobe on the end that is on the outside wall.

    Curtain material is light, just of white and a great deal of detail can still be seen through it.  For Australian residents, if you want advice about HSF54 paint and how it must be applied, window film, curtains and floor treatment we suggest you contact or telephone (02) 9576-1772.

Radio Stations:
Testing was done with our highly sensitive German-made RDF meters.
At street level our local radio station built in the 1970s showed very high readings just outside the periphery of its roofline.  A half step of 150mm (6”) inside that roof line saw the reading go to absolute zero, not even registering any of the radiation being shafted down on us from about 1200 orbiting satellites in our sky.  We are trying to find out why because the radio station says there is no radiation reducing materials used and that they only send a weak, very directional signal to their transmitter some 35km (22 miles) away.

What Most People don’t think about:

  1. Your roof is a major access point for radiation from about 1200 satellites constantly orbiting above us shafting down a great deal of radiation and at some stage in their orbit it is all mostly coming down through your roof. If using protective paint Y-Shield HSF54 or similar don’t forget ceilings.  Iron roofs deflect and reflect more radiation than a tiled roof which allows fairly free passage through it.
  1. Satellites may use frequencies as high as 35~40 GHz. There is no commercially available electronic protection device we have ever heard of that can get anywhere near to handling those frequencies.
  1. Using wireless devices such as a mobile phone or transmitting SatNav inside a metal shell (e.g. house with tin roof, car, etc) concentrates and reflects your own radiation back against you.

    Our Comment:
    Any ‘genuinely effective’ product whether it is electronic device or shielding is of great value as every bit of damage you can prevent is important.  We still strongly recommend genuine Memon transformers because while they may be partly beaten with NBN (blood pressure) they are still very effective against much other radiation.  Importantly, genuine Memon transformers allow the EHS person a chance to get out of the shielded home for grocery shopping, unavoidable appointments, etc.

We don’t know of any practical lightweight and temperature neutral clothing to protect the critical area from cranium to base of throat.  Any shielding for the home does not allow safe outside activities and any currently available personal shielding of the body does not protect organs such as thyroid, brain and the central nervous system that help control crucial involuntary activity (heartbeat, BP, breathing, etc) and they must be a first priority.  In the absence of anything else available your best bet is an effective electronic device such as the Memon.

Possible other actions:
We suggest people who have become allergic to wireless radiation (EHS) ask their doctors to look at all symptoms totally rather than in isolation as they should point to the radiation poisoning that is killing you.  If your total symptoms are properly diagnosed and treated as a whole it means your body is not being unnecessarily poisoned by drugs that do nothing about cause.  Migration to a country where radiation is less intense than Australia (possibly New Zealand) may be an option, however it will be financially expensive and emotionally difficult, e.g. having to leave family and friends behind.

Reputable suppliers:
As radiation becomes more extreme an increasingly large number of people will have to take protective measures (living in head to toe clothing interwoven with metal thread similar to a Faraday Cage, Memon transformer, etc) or become prisoners in their own radiation shielded home, neither of which is much fun or terribly practical.  Unscrupulous operators will more and more see hurting people as a way to “make a quick buck” so be very careful and always use a supplier of unquestionable integrity because there are many crooks who will sell you inferior or even useless products.  For advice and help in Australia about radiation shielding techniques we suggest you contact EMR Australia or telephone (02) 9576-1772.

We know through our principal writer just how bad EHS can be as it almost cost him his life.  As intensity and suffering length of time increases and victims find the future hopeless many will turn to suicide.  We repeat previous comment of four years ago (2012) that wireless radiation will by 2020 see suicide rates escalate until it becomes the leading cause of death for males under 45 years of age.  If you can’t find anything to help and if you can’t live in one of the few pockets where the evil of NBN is presently absent we offer you and your family our heartfelt compassion for any decision you may have to make.

Given all the reservations expressed world-wide for so long, the numbers of people now dead and dying and all the reputable companies around the world manufacturing a large range of radiation (EMR/RF, etc) protective products it makes it perfectly clear that radiation is a real problem.  It is long overdue that Governments faced up to the radiation problem and divorced themselves from any world organisation that corruptly maintains the problem does not exist.   It’s not impossible, Sweden has been doing it for 16 years.