Remember when Governments said radiation from X-rays was perfectly safe?
Vested interests say the same about the radiation from their wireless devices but virtually all of them hit you with more radiation than any X-ray.


You aren’t much value are you when it is scientists who decide on human health by saying non-ionising radiation from wireless devices is safe “if it doesn’t raise body temperature by more than one degree in 6 minutes”?

If you can’t work it out for yourself : At “aimtolive”, we don’t think anything is safe that destroys the hypothalamus’ ability to correctly maintain body temperature in any time frame let alone a mere 6 minutes.

Don’t you know that cancer victims often have body temperatures elevated by up to about one degree, or the amount scientists define non-ionising radiation as allegedly safe?

To give vested interests carte blanche to kill and maim, scientists even have to dishonour their own principles including:

1. Heat is a catalyst – the human healthy temperature range is limited to about half of one Celsius degree (36.5~37C). Artificially raising that temperature by 1°C through radiation is about 200% more than the normal healthy band. We suspect one day that a regularly overheated body temperature will be found to be a primary catalyst for cancer and other serious human injury.

2. Electro-magnetic radiation is a known and proven carcinogen and disrupter of human physiology. It causes Cancer, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), Cognitive Fog and very High Blood Pressure, to name a few – this is precisely what EMR did to US Embassy staff in Moscow during the Cold War from 1960 when Russians used it on them. Read about Project Pandora.

3. The further you go away from the “safe” range, the more likely it is that damage will occur.

4. The higher up the scale of any phenomenon (volume, speed, repetitious impact, etc), the more likely it is that damage will be severe.

EMR Culpability

Is it possible to prove radiation from wirelessly transmitting devices is responsible for health injury and death?

Yes, it is remarkably simple to do using a Memon transformer and a quality radio direction finding (RDF) gaussmeter such as the one shown in this YouTube footage:

We have seen people improve dramatically so many times when radiation is neutralised by EMR transformer. Whilst not a total list, improvements include:

  • Thyroxin stopped in a week with thyrectomy threat lifted.
  • After 11 years of operations for worsening malignant skin cancer the first full year with EMR transformer had none.
  • Deteriorating leukemia victim after 2 months had chemotherapy quartered.
  • Multi-iron tablet a day anaemias stop usually after little more than a week.
  • Dramatic reduction in severity of MS symptoms such as the formerly crippled victim at death’s door now leading a normal active life.
  • Lifting of years of CFS and depression after three weeks.
  • Curious sudden jumps to around 200/100 in blood pressure eliminated once we detected multi unit cell phone mast farms and 5.8 GHz DECT phones were two primary causes.

We are told that there have been big increases in numbers of young people suddenly getting very high blood pressures and dying where previously that used to be almost non-existent.

Victims should NOT try to demonstrate the connection between EMR driven devices and their medically unexplained sudden jumps in blood pressure unless a doctor is present at the time.

A Case History of EMR Culpability

One of the more graphic demonstrations of EMR culpability came in early February 2011 from the female living on a rural property area where our gaussmeters showed EMR is virtually non-existent {000~001} for the 800 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range. More than a year earlier the victim installed both a cordless DECT phone and wi-fi modem in her home and subsequently developed the following symptoms:

(1) Inability to sleep in master bedroom
(2) Daytime chronic fatigue
(3) Inability to recall names of her flowers
(4) Inability to differentiate voices in conversations
(5) Escalating deafness
(6) Blood pressure (BP) jumped to around 160/90
(7) Inexplicable explosive rage over trivialities

Using our RDF gaussmeters, the victim’s cordless DECT phone base station wire was backtracked by its 600+ units of EMR to behind the wall and across the head of the bed in the master bedroom to the outside house fascia. Both cordless phone and wi-fi modem were removed to see if anything would happen:

Symptom 1
On the first night, victim could again sleep soundly in the master bedroom.
Symptoms (2 ~ 5)
Severity of symptoms improved dramatically by the end of three weeks.
Symptom 6
Victim’s pre-radiation BP has not fully returned to normal and 2 months on was still hovering around 135/80.
Symptoms (6 & 7)
Rage intensity has reduced but this is taking much longer to withdraw which suggests the victim’s former calmness may never fully recover. While we can’t be sure, the slower recovery rates for symptoms suggest they may be interrelated.

Until our intervention, the victim paid a very heavy price in seriously impaired health for well over a year involving expensive doctors and specialists, with one occasion of inappropriate dangerous drugs prescribed. All the expensive so-called “doctors” and “specialists” were pathetically useless because not one of them even came close to identifying the radiation poisoning cause, even though so many of the symptoms were classic “Wireless Sickness” known since WW2 and more recently from the ‘Cold War’.

Where there is virtually no outside EMR and a person locally installs devices that are riddled with it and then comes down with radiation poisoning symptoms we at “aimtolive” can reasonably suspect the cause but want better proof. If you remove wirelessly transmitting devices and radiation poisoning symptoms reduce dramatically or even virtually disappear, THERE is your proof.

Hidden Agendas

Is the above proof of EMR responsibility? Yes, obviously, but Government and vested interests will for the sake of their own agendas keep denying it for as long as they can. Perhaps what you should all be asking is why something so well known to them for over half a century is now being so strongly denied.

Sydney local paper, Jan-2011:
We were told that in “Letters to the Editor”, a reader raised the issue that the World’s population was so seriously overcrowded that Government culling of people is inevitable.

To those who said Governments would not be so criminal as to cull humans, Governments all over the world are every bit that criminal to mass “cull” people and just some examples of Government mass culling include:

• Aboriginals
• American Indians
• China’s 40 million plus
• Russia, too numerous to list
• Iraq’s attempt by the agony of poison gas to totally wipe out Kurdish people
• Yugoslavia’s “ethnic cleansing” or mass slaughter of women and children, also see similar for many countries in South Africa, South America, etc
• Etc, etc.

An Interesting Point for Naïve People:

DEMOCIDE is a term invented uniquely to describe Government murder of civilians.

In the 20th century Governments slaughtered well over a quarter of a BILLION of their people and that is more than six times the 38.5 million total death toll from all international and civil wars fought in that 100 years. If laid end to end the bodies of those “culled” by Governments would reach well past the moon. For further information, click here.

Studies show the World reasonably can only sustain about 1.5 billion people, meaning almost 80% of the current population needs culling – so don’t dismiss the logics of that Sydney local paper reader. Culling doesn’t have to be obvious, sudden or violent to be culling. – a dead person is still dead. As people won’t presently believe it is EMR killing them and other organisms such as bees, trees, etc, so they can keep all their fun wireless devices and toys it gives Governments a very good method of non-obvious culling. Because it doesn’t look like the Government is culling you, they won’t be blamed and there will be no protests until all or most of the population reduction is accomplished – it’s an almost perfect plan. And all they have to do is to do is simply install ever more radiation devices in environment, shopping centres, homes via the power wires and a bunch of other non-obvious devices where their death dealing is known but carefully not published. Australia’s cancer rates are climbing very nicely – so you could say our share of the culling is already well under way.

In case you haven’t already worked it out for yourself, as at late March 2011 we suggest that abandonment of any fully cabled NBN (National Broadband Network) in favour of greatly expanding the current wireless Internet system including street based wireless routers for the NBN, could within 3~5 years achieve for Canberra anything up to a 10% cancer rate or about one person condemned per every two families. Looked at another way, that cancer rate suggests the current population of our EMR-developed country could be virtually ‘democided’ in roughly 10 years if the Government keeps up the ‘good’ work. Street based routers would likely become epicentres for cancers just like the Vatican Radio Tower (see Ten Commandments below).

Where any organisation including Governments, businesses or churches either singly or in combination conceal anything causing deaths of people they are basically guilty of mass murder simply because they know their cover-up is the direct cause of its continuation – if they were ordinary members of the public they would be placed before a court like any other criminal. This precedent already exists with corrupt companies, scientists and lawyers before US courts for the tobacco caused death rates. For how EMR caused a big increase in human deaths from something you would never suspect and which has been carefully not published for 15 years, see “Satellite Systems” at Cellular Phone Task Force.

Ten Commandments

Almost every human breaks one of more of the Ten Commandments but we would have hoped the World’s largest Christian Church would have been immune to that corruption. This article in part reads:

“The case exploded in 2001 when it emerged that ‘electrosmog’ produced by transmitters near Cesano exceeded levels allowed by Italian law. The station swiftly cut the strength of its signals, but the case went to court amid news reports that referred to a regional health authority study which found children in the Cesano area were six times more likely to develop leukemia than their peers elsewhere”.

”There is no justified reason for concern for any part of the population” – Vatican spokesman.

  • The Italian Government legislated a lower EMR limit than the Vatican used and that says there IS “justified reason for concern” because as a vested interest the Government would be under pressure from ruthless businesses to legislate a much higher limit.
  • A six-fold increase in leukemia, a known effect of radiation, IS “a justified reason for concern”.
  • The children old enough to understand and certainly the parents would have “justified reason for concern” unless of course they don’t consider children’s lives important.
  • A court case that actually proceeded is so extremely rare because vested interests with a lot of money at stake usually make every effort to prevent anything happening that raises public awareness of the death caused by EMR.

Considering the Vatican would be well aware of the above factors, their statement can only be seen by any reasonable person as an attempt to minimise compensation and that would not be just untruthfulness but a calculated breaking of the “Ninth Commandment”. Perhaps even worse, denying the known radiation=death nexus to achieve a financial benefit is effectively also breaking the “Sixth Commandment” because it would directly encourage ongoing and future mass murder of people on a world-wide scale. Somehow, we don’t think God would approve of that being done to His people by anyone let alone a Church supposedly representing Him.

Blasphemy is defined as “contempt or indignity offered to God”.

If any Commandment {e.g. #9 or #6} is broken, particularly on a deliberate and calculated basis, is that not contempt and if it were done at the highest level of church how much greater is the blasphemy?

Earth’s End

As at end March 2011, more and more Befuddled Scientists now seem to be saying carbon dioxide (CO2) alone is not an adequate answer for the recent speeding up of global warming. At “aimtolive” we of course know that: “energy (just like matter) can neither be created nor destroyed, only changed” but we have been told Earth’s magnetosphere has the curious phenomenon of multiplying EMR energy {heat} by a factor of 10,000 times or similar. If that is true, then the probably close to a thousand satellites orbiting Earth and daily billions of SatNav, mobile phone, Satellite Phones and other wireless transmissions would almost have to be adding very significant heat to the planet.

Dear scientists,
May we suggest you look more closely at that aspect for a possible answer to your “befuddlement”?

EMR destruction is not limited to human beings, see 25 November 2010 Daily Telegraph story from Holland about wi-fi causing death of trees. At “aimtolive” we have noted since our city was made into a “wi-fi hotspot” some years ago, virtually the entire bee population has disappeared. It’s a simple progression: no bees, no food, no humans.

If the first 20 years {say 1991~2010} of wireless device proliferation sees the Earth and its creatures dying so badly, then the next two decades (2011~2030) of big EMR growth is likely to see planet Earth very sick and becoming progressively more untenable for living organisms including humans – see loss of bees in wi-fi hotspots as an example already.

Airport Scanners

As at end March 2011 we raise concerns but do not wish to make any definitive comment about airport scanners because – as you would expect – Government and manufacturer say they are ‘perfectly safe’ whereas non-vested interests say they are not safe. In reading the points below please remember it is only what we have been told, however included is the author/s’ reasoning of where the truth is likely to be.

1. We heard that vested interests say scanner radiation penetration is very shallow whereas others say it can be used to penetrate much deeper. We reason that any “very shallow” penetration would be useless against explosives concealed within body cavities of terrorists and therefore any statement about only very shallow penetration must be doubtful. Some degree of operator control over depth penetration would therefore seem likely.

2. We are told scanners operate well above any common Gigahertz frequency and that it is in the Terahertz band. If so, we would reason Terahertz probably has vastly more energy than Gigahertz and thus damage is likely to be much greater in the areas penetrated.

3. Double strand DNA can be torn apart within 2 hours by radiation in the general frequency range of mobile phones. We have been told airport scanners can achieve the same damage in seconds. We don’t know if this is true but commonsense suggests that any increased energy from Gigahertz to Terahertz is more likely to cause DNA destruction in seconds or minutes rather than hours.

4. Whilst the person scanned may have opportunity for his or her body to repair its DNA between scans, we suspect operators may not be so fortunate particularly should a regularly used device malfunction on them.