In compiling this radiation guide, it became very obvious Governments are not too serious about you staying alive and healthy. A potential reason is shown at the ‘Hidden Agendas’ section of “Dishonesty”.

Any Government serious about maintaining human life and health would convert the below recommendations into law at the very earliest opportunity:

Doctor Course

From what we have seen:
No doctor or specialist has even gone close to identifying what is causing patient ill health where so many symptoms are classic “Wireless (radio) Sickness”. Incorrect diagnoses result in wrong and ineffective treatment and, as we saw in one case, dangerously. Today’s wireless technology is resulting in an explosion of “Wireless Sickness” and the Medical Profession’s so far complete incompetence in diagnosing it is something that needs to be addressed.

As most doctors would be members of the AMA and no-one wants justifiable negligence claims it would be in everyone’s interest if that Association were to coordinate a course in diagnosing “Wireless Sickness” providing the said association is truly independent of any vested interest influence such as Government, power utilities, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and WHO (World Health Organisation).

The Course Should:

1. Have no vested interest involvement (see above)

2. Be designed by World Class Experts on radiation sicknesses, such as:
– Dr George Carlo, top US epidemiologist and US$28.5 million former researcher for telecommunications
– Barrie Trower, UK secret service radiation warfare expert
– Lloyd Morgan the Director of CBTRUS (Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States)
– Dr Sam Milham, cancer cluster investigator and revealer of official cover-ups
– David Stetzer, power quality expert for US court cases and cancer investigator
– Tasmanian scientist Don Maisch, expert on radiation
– Professor Emeritus Martin Graham, examiner of mid-west US stray voltage deaths and designer of GS meters, etc

3. Where any injury seems to have any possible “Wireless Sickness” basis {see ‘VICTIMS’ below}, doctors should have a checklist of questions to eliminate the possibility or alternatively strengthen the probability.

4. Have a chart displayed in surgeries indicating “EMR Poisoning” symptoms.


When compiling this section to help you:

We were unable to find any doctor who was aware of or who even seemed to care about what is now probably the biggest cause of injury and death to humans. This is very sad and it is why we recommend the need for a ‘Doctor Course’. Until there is a course of instruction available, doctors would be most wise to research “Wireless Sickness” {previously called Radio Sickness} or even read the contents of this website to learn what, to them, is inexplicably and suddenly killing so many patients, how the cause is being hidden from them and how better to help you.

Remember it is your life doctors are playing with so don’t let them bully you from finding out the right answer for your health problems so correct treatment is given and the best one is eliminating the cause. You should ask them quite specifically if they have ruled out radiation poisoning or “Wireless Sickness” and on what grounds. Everyone is different so symptom precedence may shift and the following is only a very short list of the more likely ones:

Chronic Tiredness (CFS) – 1
This may be full time or you may get a period of normal life for a short period, often at the same general time each day or night. Tiredness may be accompanied by Physical Weakness affecting muscle strength and bring a range of other problems such as pain, spasms or even seizures.
Note: Low to moderate depression often accompanies CFS.

Insomnia – 2
We have eliminated insomnia by removing cordless DECT phones from bedrooms.

Brain Fog – 3
Where you can’t think clearly or can’t recall simple things like names of flowers in your own garden – it was this particular feature of “Wireless Sickness” deliberately used on US Embassy staff in Moscow by Russians to give them better negotiating advantage.

Blood Pressure Very High – 4
Very good chance of it being EMR related where no other medical reason has been definitively proven. This was a particular result of Russians’ use of EMR on US Embassy staff during the Cold War from 1960. In some cases it can also cause an excessively low BP.

Anaemia – 5
The “M” in EMR stands for Magnetic and as we have seen from multi-iron tablet victims, neutralising EMR mostly removes the anaemia.

Rage or Callousness – 6
Rage – including the desire to kill or batter – is often over trivialities and you can’t seem to control it. “Wireless Sickness” can cause quite serious changes in brain function and it is quite possible that is the cause behind recent almost incomprehensible small boy bullying of much larger persons. Apart from rage it can also cause callousness, see Chapter 15, “The Body Electric” by Dr Becker MD, a specialist in the area. Other symptoms include irritability, anxiety, etc.

Cocktail Party Syndrome – 7
Unable to clearly hear one person in a group conversation. Other hearing damage such as hyperacusis and tinnitus are probable.

Skin Rash – 8
EMR can breach the Blood Brain Barrier and placental membrane in less than 2 minutes {Dr George Carlo, US$28.5 million epidemiologist on behalf of the communications industry}. The “brain” of human cells is its membrane and breaching that would be like puncturing a fluid filled bladder – it would allow the cell to “leak” and thus its contents are no longer safe. And because their surface integrity has been lost it would also allow free passage of harmful organisms into the cells making it more difficult for drugs and anti-biotics to control them.

Bleeding – 9
Bleeding can show up in damaged nasal membranes or any vascular area where membranes have been breached.

Immune Abnormalities – 10
This may show up in blood tests or as being chronically ill.

Cancer -11
Leukemia or leukaemic disorders such as myelofibrosis are probable. Other cancers are usually location specific depending on device, e.g. cordless DECT and head or eye area tumours.

*Autism – see Brick, New Jersey, sudden epidemic
*Behavioural Problems

*Birth Defects

EMR seems to cause greater damage where human cells are dividing and growing rapidly as with young children or the developing foetus. We recommend pregnant women avoid all wirelessly transmitting devices. Please be aware that much of your baby’s radiation injury will be from equipment you have voluntarily installed in your own home such as cordless phones, wi-fi modems and any of the other wirelessly transmitting devices you favour.

If you don’t want to risk seriously injuring or killing yourself, your living children or your unborn baby, we recommend you obtain EMR measurements from a qualified Building Biologist but they are rare (see References). Some ordinary people who have been close to death from radiation-caused injury such as MS don’t always accept their doctor’s advice to “book into a hospice immediately” (go away and die) and have obtained quality equipment to find out what is killing them. They gain a lot of expertise in identifying and measuring the EMR rays of death AND that knowledge has saved their lives. It could also save yours.

House Buying

Before buying your new house, no matter how nice it is or how much you want it, before signing on the dotted line you would be very wise to see if it is likely to kill you. There is absolutely no point in spending the best part of a million dollars or even more only to find your proposed new dream home is riddled with radiation that in all probability will make one or more of the inhabitants very sick and possibly quite dead.

A professional Building Biologist with his or her RDF (Radio Direction Finding) gaussmeter/s can locate sources of Electro-Magnetic Radiation in or around your proposed purchase. We have heard that some radiation-aware people about to buy a new house have astutely recognised the hard won expertise gained by EMR death sentence survivors’ by asking them to check out radiation levels around their intended purchase before signing on the dotted line. We applaud the wisdom of the precaution of protecting their family and feel that it should be a check available on all house purchase contracts.

We at “aimtolive” are dedicated to saving lives even in the face of Government and Industry deliberately encouraging equipment driven by radiation they know kills but we have so far limited our EMR assessments to ill people, free of charge, so that expensive medical treatment is not wasted due to the probable cause still being active or dominant.


Repeated below is part of the general section of Radiation about wireless radiation devices.

EMR SpectrumEMR - Types of RadiationThe high level of serious injury from “Wireless Sickness” {MS, Motor Neuron Disease, Cancer and many others} says it’s long overdue that all wirelessly transmitting devices, particularly those in the 5th category of ‘Above NL’, carry a symbol similar to the electricity and water efficiency rating on common household products. Due to the numbers being condemned to early death as at now {late March 2011} the marking scheme should be introduced into Australian law at the very earliest available sitting of Parliament. It is the opinion of the author/s that the marking scheme regime should include as a minimum:

1. Vested interest such as Telecommunications, power utilities, WHO, or any person with any ties to them to have no input as they will always place profit or secret agenda well before ‘expendable’ human life – the Federal Parliament in this case has to be an exception due to necessity.

2. Symbols to be used are the black and yellow ones used for other types of radiation, such as for some of the items in the above lists.

3. The number of symbols should correspond to the current numbers for electricity and water efficiency, i.e. 5 or 6 and may similarly show half symbols.

4. Values per symbol should be determined by non-Industry persons with great expertise in human injuries from EMR – see list above at point 2 of “Doctor Course”.

5. Radiation rating to be for closest minimum distance device could possibly be used.

6. The only devices entitled to a zero rating are those that comply with the Copenhagen Resolution of 2010.

7. All wireless transmitters must show a symbol including ones 2010 Copenhagen Resolution compliant with said symbol being one black and yellow radiation sign with a diagonal red line through it for compatibility with other systems understood by the public.

8. Any maker not reducing product radiation substantially and preferably to the Copenhagen limit to be banned from exporting them to Australia and any Australian manufacturer failing to meet the standard should not be allowed to supply them.


Modern motor vehicles are EMR death traps and the situation is becoming worse.

The Vehicle Industry knows this but they also know they have no need to worry about limiting your EMR exposure because no Government can afford to legislate as it means admitting the radiation = injury/death connection which would open the door to a flood of valid litigations and class actions.

The Copenhagen Resolution of 2010 adopted .6V/m as the safe level for humans. In late 2010, using a French built vehicle with its ignition turned to “on” our gaussmeters registered 50+ units and that figure climbed to around 200 when the vehicle’s motor was running. When the after market SatNav was turned on the gaussmeter’s 2000 limit was exceeded. We have been advised many times that SatNavs are receivers only and do not transmit – try telling that to our gaussmeters when their 2000 maximum capacity is exceeded. A 2000+ reading says radiation is equivalent to cell phone intensity and this type of SatNav must be transmitting continuously to fix its location. “Death by Chocolate” may be a funny saying but you won’t think it so funny if it’s your family car that helps send you to an early grave.

It is the author/s’ opinion that all cars should now be measured for EMR levels and following the same procedure as for wireless transmitters should display symbols both in the car and owner’s handbook specifying radiation levels at the highest level when all EMR-driven parts of the car are active for each seated passenger and the driver.