Have People Voluntarily Contributed To Their EHS?

Yes, most definitely.  In the vast majority of cases people freely chose to ignore all the serious warnings of wireless radiation danger usually because they wanted all the new toys that everyone else had or they thought “it won’t happen to me”.  And worse, their demand for more and more of them has driven a frenzy that not only kills them but others everywhere due to the need for infrastructure to support the wireless devices, e.g. cell phone mast farm networks, NBN, etc.   Well, there are now an awful lot of dead people who found out the hard way “it will happen to me”.  EHS warnings have been around as far back as the turn of the century, e.g. “EHS, an Emerging Illness”.  By ignoring all the radiation danger warnings and surrounding themselves with wirelessly transmitting devices in car and home, people are the major contributor to their own injuries.

Electromagnetic radiation is electromagnetic radiation, no matter what the transmitting device, and some devices in your home or car that use the same radiation as the towers mentioned below include: Cordless DECT phones transmitting 24/7 whether in use or not, mobile phones, Internet laptops, microwave ovens, wifi modems, anything that generally has a ‘wi’ in it, WLAN, transmitting SatNav/GPS, wireless printers, etc.  Over the years as EHS sufferers progressively deteriorate towards extreme sensitivity they soon find out anything that wirelessly transmits hurts.

Telecommunication Towers and Voluntary Purchases

telecommunications towerBoth use electromagnetic radiation to function and both have injury potential including EHS.  To keep the equations of risk simple we have left out one factor, time, as voluntary EMR exposure will vary hugely from person to person.  Theoretically if you were to stay in a home 24/7 with operative wifi modem and cordless DECT phone you are likely to get EHS twice as quickly than if you were away from those transmitters for half the day.

Radiation intensity and therefore risk is related to the inverse square law:  Power multiplied by 1 over the distance squared.

Shown below are two simplistic comparison equations (1) a home with only two operating wireless devices being a cordless DECT phone and wifi modem with a total radiation of 600 units at an average distance of 5m and (2) a cell phone mast farm of say one million units of radiation at a distance of one kilometre (1100 yards):

Your home’s equation: 600 (x) 1/5 (x) 1/5 =  {24.00}

Mast farm equation: 1,000,000 (x) 1/1000 (x) 1/1000  =  {1.00}.

As you can see from this comparison ‘for just two’ voluntarily purchased home devices they are hypothetically TWENTY FOUR TIMES worse than a cell phone mast farm of 1 million units 1 kilometre away.  The twenty four times risk figure is increased by every operative wireless transmitter you have over and above the two devices shown in the comparison equations.  Most EHS people are their own worst enemy.

Where EHS Symptoms Get Worse

Sufferers often notice symptoms get worse around sections of their own homes such as near a wifi modem or when on cordless phones but at least these can be turned off and, if wisdom prevails, replaced by wired ones.  Those suffering the terrible hearing pain of hyperacusis, the constant muscular weakness and extreme tiredness of CFS, the headaches & migraines, the tinnitus and other EHS symptoms find they intensify significantly when near big power output wireless transmitters such as NBN towers, cell phone mast farms, shopping centre wireless local area networks (WLAN), etc.  ALL those devices described by sufferers specifically use wireless radiation to function.

Currently there is a large degree of callous indifference displayed by shopping areas bulk installing WLAN everywhere ignoring that EHS people need to buy at least basic items.  As time goes by and the percentage of damaged people within the community grows and these areas realise they are missing out on an increasingly significant customer group <aimtolive> hopes to see within its lifetime a shopping area advertise itself with “No Wireless Networks Used Within This Complex”.

Smart Meters:

smart meterTo mislead those who are forced to have smart meters into thinking they are safe people are often told they only transmit “2 to 6 times a day”.  In a recent US court case when asked under oath (jail applies for perjury) the utility representative admitted meters transmit up to 132 times per second or over ELEVEN MILLION times a day.  This would make the average smart meter roughly equivalent to a small cell phone mast farm attached to your home.   We have already fielded queries from Victorian residents who suddenly became EHS shortly after installation of a smart meter so, whether intended visitor or prospective resident, it might be wiser to avoid Victoria entirely.  For info on one Victoria victim doctor look up http://www.emfacts/2017/01/krakows-bold-step-to-curb-electromagnetic-pollution-reflects-growing-evidence-of-harm/

Why NBN Towers Won’t Help EHS

For these towers to be installed someone has to have rented their land thereby selling out on the principle of good health for their neighbours.  NBN towers are country oriented.  Many EHS victims have had to move themselves and/or their family to a rural/country location where the overall intensity of wireless transmitter radiation is generally much lower than the city or suburbs.  Apart from adding to the total EMR burden of a country already overloaded with it, NBN towers are shrinking the former relatively “safe” country areas.  Adding further to the problem now is that country towns and their shopping complexes are being inundated with wireless networks, meaning the EHS sufferer faces increasingly bigger difficulty finding a location to survive his/her injury and do all those necessary things other people take for granted.  Suicide is a real risk.

NBN towers provide for wireless Internet “surfing” making them much more dangerous to all persons and particularly for those who are EHS as Internet radiation is many times higher than other transmitters.  And of course with persons surfing constantly it means all people near these towers and their large return wifi modems on power poles are getting much higher doses of radiation on a constant basis.  If you take a look at one of these towers notice just how many antennae they have on them.  Where radiation is more intense you can expect injuries such as cancer, EHS, headaches/migraines, suicide, etc., to escalate.  We made the comment in 2016 that by Dec-2020 we suspect suicide will become the No.1 cause of death for the under 45 male.