It is not generally the purpose of this website to praise the work of other people who genuinely, and preferably competently, care for the lives and health of others but it would be remiss not to refer you to them when you witness a very favourable therapeutic outcome from their suggestion or suggestions. In the interest of your life and health we felt the following should be brought to your attention so you could make up your own mind as to whether they would be of help to you.

Book – Take Control of Your Health (and escape the sickness injury) – Hollingsworth. Buy online.

Ms Hollingsworth’s $30 book (plus P&P) proved to be quite a shock as much of its information was similar to this website that has taken years of logics application, testing, research and discriminating rejection of information from regularly unethical, vested interests that did not seem too interested in your health and who seek to conceal the truth to get your money. Ms Hollingsworth’s book refers to a wide range of research data that will help you locate much more information so you can make better informed decisions about how to live a more healthy lifestyle and avoid the often sinister practices regularly used by companies to get at your money by selling you dangerous products.

DVD – One Answer to Cancer – Hollingsworth, $20 plus P&P Buy online.

There is little money in curing a person but a lot can be made from expensive drugs or operations.

We’ve never heard of any studies of the cheap ($60) and apparently effective cancer “black salve” mentioned on the DVD so it would be a safe bet that there must be big money involved somewhere to prevent any genuine examination being carried out of its effectiveness or otherwise.

As a person who wished but couldn’t afford the training to be a doctor, you can imagine this author’s high level of scepticism about something that did not come from a recognised pharmaceutical company. Scepticism is hard to maintain when you personally witness a friend who tested positive for prostate cancer and excessive frequency of urination try the “Black Salve” and little more than 24 hours later observe a malignant looking material forcing its way out through healthy skin just as depicted on the DVD, or, within a week notice his frequency urge drastically reduce. It’s very hard for me to overcome the dangerous and ingrained since childhood mindset of medical infallibility and I have to regularly go back and read over and over my own “The Psychology of Wellness” section of this website to reinforce to myself that blind faith in today’s drug pushing medical profession is neither right nor even very smart.