Answer to Quiz 1: What is the worst food you can put into your body?

There are many bad foods and it’s hard to choose the worst – some people might suggest:

Battered flake (shark) from a fish and chips shop because it:

1. Has an Acidic PRAL
2. Shark is a predator that has ingested the toxins from all the prey creatures below it, and
3. It has been badly damaged by re-heated fats which also concentrate any toxins.

Fish & Chips

But most people probably would not even consider
A cup of white coffee with 2 sugars that:
1. Uses coffee high heat roasted to the point of being carcinogenic
2. Uses heat treated milk to the point of being carcinogenic with all crucial micro-organisms slaughtered, and
3. Uses sugar providing additional acidity so beloved of cancer, serious illness and pain.

Yes there might possibly be more damaging “foods” but usually one or more of their ingredients will be found in the human poison category of any respectable Food Additives/Chemicals book and therefore:
It’s not really a food, it’s more accurately a poison.