Many cancer/chemotherapy victims can’t eat much so some high value, low volume ‘superfoods’ (eg Enduracell, Peruvian maca, raw cacao, chlorella, spirulina, barley grass, bee pollen, etc,) may be something to include. As much as possible we recommend where superfoods are used that it is not at the expense of healthy dietary principles shown in “BHealthy”. We also recommend you regularly drink plenty of high quality, radiation–neutralised–by–Memon water plus undertake some form of regular exercise to naturally help flush toxins (poisons) from your body.


Enduracell (SFN: 1.2%)
Much research by World universities and other organisations (eg, John Hopkins-Baltimore, Robert Gordon-UK, Tokyo, Vienna, etc) shows sulforaphane (SFN) obtained from the Myrosinase (enzyme) and the Glucoraphanin of brassica & cruciferous vegetables such as genetically unmodified powdered organic broccoli sprouts can act as the “ON” switch for up to 200 of the body’s own natural defence mechanisms including the ferritin system that helps keep haemoglobin levels where they should be.

Due to its beneficial effects, many General Practitioner doctors now recommend their cancer patients use Enduracell. For further information on genuine Australian Enduracell and how to use it, contact: Cell-Logic Pty Ltd (Australia) on +61 (0)7 3041 4091 or view its website.

Glisodin and Free Radicals
Free radicals cause Oxidative Stress in human cells thereby damaging health and giving injury a boost. They may arise from poor health, pharmaceutical drugs, EMR and other environmental toxins, even our body’s own natural processes. Anti-oxidants generally only work on a ‘one-for-one’ basis and are easily overwhelmed by the millions of free radicals. To be truly effective, any anti-oxidant regime must overcome vastly more free radicals than its own relatively smaller number of ingested molecules. Dr Irwin Fridovich & Joe McCord showed an extract from French melon cucumis melo could be used as an orally bioactive Super Oxide Dismutase that works in concert with cells’ natural processes quenching millions of free radicals as it recycles itself thereby saving the body having to waste key molecules such as Co-enzyme Q10 & Lipoic Acid that have other very important specific tasks to keep the body healthy. It was called gliSODin. Further information about Glisodin is available from Cell-Logic.