Acidity, the Regularly Overlooked Nasty, Causing Killer Illness and Unnecessary Pain

pH Scale

Acid – Hydrochloric acid (HCL) breaks down food in the stomach for absorption through the intestines. Oddly, many people who have an acidic body and/or suffer gastric reflux or heartburn often have low HCL. Acid is needed to help properly burn your food and thus not leave the acidic sugar residue that cancer loves so much – research Dr Otto Warburg, Medicine Nobel Prize Laureate 1931, winner again 1944, but unable to collect.

Body – People with serious illnesses and particularly cancer frequently have an acidic pH (potential Hydrogen) body balance. Many illnesses respond favourably when the body’s pH balance is restored to the ideal 7.4 alkaline balance. It’s easy to test your body’s daily pH balance in a few seconds by quality litmus strip, cost of about $20 for 90~180 tests from EASY pH Phone +61 (0)2 8090 8151.

Meats – All meats turn the body acidic. It would be best to severely restrict heat-damaged cooked meat and replace most (if not all) of it with raw organic fruit and vegetables high in protein and iron. See PRAL info sheet.