Food Allergies

In Nov-2017, it was announced on television that Australia now has a staggering 20% of people with food allergies.  That sort of rate will no doubt be repeated in most, if not all, of the civilised EMR (electromagnetic radiation) world.

Take very great care:

Manufacturers use blatantly misleading labelling to sell products that are not what they initially seem.   We examined one everyday food; a 1kg pack of full cream powdered milk and found labels ‘morally dishonest’.  We asked some 8~9 staff at Coles, Fresh & Save and Woolworths for a 1kg packet of full cream powdered milk without additives or allergens.  Without exception all these ‘specialists in the field’ said that the only thing in the packages was milk because that is what the label said.  They obviously noticed only the front label, which means virtually all customers would do the same.  When supermarket staff were shown full cream milk powder contained soy they found it hard to believe and some even expressed disgust at manufacturers for being less than ethical in their packaging.  It is perfectly clear labels are calculated to deceive and this could have fatal results for the soy allergy sufferer.

Soy is often used to disguise something nasty:

Some readers will recall the Current Affairs story some decades ago of the major Sydney supermarket chains that sold allegedly top quality deli ham (at premium prices) when it was nothing of the kind.  It was shown the ham was made of up to 88% water.  When a butcher was asked how this could be done his answer was “by injecting it with soy protein because soy protein holds up to 7 times its own weight in water”.   Because the practice was so widespread, it could only have been an organised conspiracy.  As far as powdered milk is concerned the question is:  If it’s not necessary for soy to be in powdered ‘skim’ milk then why does it need to be in full cream powdered milk?  What part of the full cream milk has been removed that it needs to have soy substituted?

Required Allergen Labelling on Food Products:

As we understand it, products should have a full ingredients list where any food allergen has to be listed in bold font in comparison to other ingredients or in a separate outlined box in a prominent position stating (Allergen Advice).  As every 1 kg package of full cream milk we examined contains soy with less than prominent display of allergen advice it’s possible that something similar to the deli ham conspiracy/scandal could be happening.  The practice of not prominently displaying allergen advice certainly raises questions of just how little manufacturers care about the health of consumers.  When we have the answer to the above issues we will update this website.

Don’t forget to tell all your friends just what dangerous allergens they are really getting when they buy full cream powdered milk.

Well before this website was eventually published in Jan-2012:

We had carried out almost 7 years (2005~2011) observation/recording/research.  By early 2007 we had detected food allergies were on the rise and that the increases seemed roughly proportional to increase in overall EMR (electromagnetic radiation) saturation from wireless devices and the infrastructure (tower transmitters) needed to drive them.  Back in Sep-2007 we wrote to 33 government, media and other relevant organisations bringing it to notice but no one paid any attention.  We could not find percentage figures for food allergies so we had to assume from the lack of interest they were very low (well under 1%) with a primary focus being ‘coeliac disease’ and peanuts.

In the next year (2008) we noted food allergies seemed to be growing much more rapidly from people that we spoke to and we calculated that EMR would cause the allergy rate to reach double figures by December 2015.  Out of concern for this possibility, in Jan-2009 we wrote to 39 addressees including Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Federal & State Treasurers plus other bodies that should have been vitally concerned as per:

“[Allergies–food and other common products]
As its increase seems to mirror wireless device increase, allergies may well become a topical issue in the not too distant future.  Country-wide wireless Internet and people vastly increasing their own personal wireless device numbers means much higher 24/7 EMR it is HIGHLY probable that major increases for these types of allergies will follow increases of EMR within overall environment and number of wireless devices present”.

In Jan-2010 when nothing still seemed to be being done we wrote to far more people and organisations (182) supplying the same advice as above.  That makes at least 221 areas that should have listened and acted.  If you have any food allergy/ies since 2009 you mostly have those 221 redundant areas to thank for it.  No one acknowledged EMR was responsible (though some with hidden agendas would obviously have known).  By doing nothing to address the issue when told of it almost a decade ago, the Prime Minister and the other 220 recipients sold you into ‘food allergy slavery’ and we now have a staggering 20% of Australians with food allergies (TV story, Nov-2017).

As you can see <aimtolive> is ‘light years’ ahead in seeing the link between electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and food allergies and trying to have something done about it but it seems the government’s EMR agenda will rule out any chance of reducing or curtailling the increasing allergy rate.  Our chief writer has been saying for more than 12 years that EMR would cause human damage to increase at a rate that people would not want to believe and would, in fact, refuse to believe.  Predictions for the various things outlined in the 12-page document to the 221 addressees have now been fulfilled, many of them before the predicted time frames.

Food allergy advice of Jan-2009 – yes 9 years ago – still remains valid:

People buying and clamouring for more and more wireless coverage necessitates high power infrastructure (ever more powerful transmitters on towers, e.g. NBN, cell phone mast farms, satellites, etc) will drive big increases in food allergies and other current health problems that have escalated dramatically since about 2000 when wireless transmitters started becoming the normal and progressing to now huge numbers.  Big increases of localised EMR will come from 5G telecommunications and worldwide dramatically increasing satellite numbers with ever more powerful and penetrating radiation (e.g 60~80 GHz) so much so that as at Dec-2017: we calculate food allergies may reach 25% or even up to 30% by Dec-2024:

EMR is increasing at such a quick rate there has to be major effects on overall life form physiologies and areas perpetrating it might like to consider the possibility that for some of them life may become untenable.  The 5G network will go ahead (big business money will force it through) without regard to human health and wellbeing of the insects and other life forms so essential to our survival.  With the proposed thousands of additional satellites due for launching, apart from big increases in food allergies we expect them and 5G to create many more EHS persons, worsen the symptoms of pre-existing victims and give a major additional impetus to suicide.

We also suspect by Dec-2024 the earth’s average temperature to rise 1~2 degrees in some areas with potentially catastrophic results, through satellites’ operating through the magnetosphere thereby compromising its protective function.  It’s no difficulty to see death tolls rising but then that may have been the idea all along because since about 2000 it has to have been known that the Earth’s sustainable population of about 1.5 billion was foreseeably going to be well and truly exceeded by 2020.  

We have known since June 2017 of the push to have phased array 5G introduced:

From what we have learned to date, 5G will be very unpleasant and dangerous for a great deal of people.  We are told 5G requires transmitters about every 230 metres (250 yards) sending signals in all directions.  At 230m intervals people everywhere will find themselves having a wireless transmitter intimately close to them.  In effect an awful lot of people near 5G transmitters will have something like a ‘smart meter’ transmitting right through them at intimate closeness.  For an example of the terrible damage that a close by transmitter can suddenly cause, see Australian GP doctor Federica Lamech at: http://www.emfacts/2017/01/krakows-bold-step-to-curb-electromagnetic-pollution-reflects-growing-evidence-of-harm/

Being an additional source of powerful EMR (electromagnetic radiation) 5G can almost be guaranteed to make the lives of big numbers of EHS sufferers both diagnosed and as yet undiagnosed untenable with the likelihood that for many suicide may become their only option. We predicted years ago that EMR would make suicide the biggest killer of Australian men under 45 by Dec-2020 and we suspect that is already closing in as at the end of 2017.  No doubt 5G will also create many new EHS victims and increase the symptom range of others such as progressively uncontrollable high BP (antihypertensive drugs don/t work against the EMR caused BP – for proofs see EHS section “What EMR can do to a 30,000 person city” 23-25 Jun 2017).  Other affected human functions include erratic heartbeat, CFS, “hellish headaches” (newspaper article Brain on Fire), IBS, food allergies, etc.

Our advice is 5G is a scheme to ‘educate’ everything you own to be ‘smart’, e.g. smart cars, smart homes and smart consumables.  This will almost certainly mean it will have definitive ability for many areas to check your movements, activities, purchases, plus whatever else very accurately. Telecommunications people know of citizen concerns and so will disguise their transmitters as birds’ nests, something that looks like normal wires and anything else they can to hide the cause from people who suddenly become sick or have symptoms worsen.  True numbers and locations of antennae won’t be disclosed in order to keep the public in the dark as to what is damaging them.  No mention is made of the likely risks or injuries.

Authorities admit 5G is being trialled at two locations in Queensland (Australia) but you can be assured that it will only be to see if it works as well as telecommunications hope it will and there will be no attention paid to the plight of those who are injured by it.  Medicare systems will pay big time for injured people.  Mr Shorten you spoke in parliament with the anguished question of why does Australia have so much sickness now – if you have the brains to be Opposition Leader then note you should be able to work it out from either this document or better yet work out what has been used in such a short period to swamp people and thus ruin their health.


Most people wrongly think stem cell research & engineering only started about 2007~2008 but Dr Bruce Lipton was doing this almost 40 years earlier in 1968.  His research with stem cells (spindle shaped myoblasts) showed that they were not so much influenced by DNA as they were by their environment and particularly the presence of 4 crucial proteins of Adenine, Thiamine, Cytoseine and Guanine (ATCG).  He learned that by changing their environment he could take the stem cells which are functionally non-specific and turn them into whatever he wanted such as adipose (fat), bones, muscles etc.  It then became clear to Doctor Lipton that a cell’s “Brain’ is its outer membrane because that was the part of the cell that controlled what happened to the cell.  There are others in scientific fields who will contest this and say that DNA controls the cell, i.e. “brain”, but Doctor Lipton says that is just its reproductive mechanism and he proved his point by simply removing the DNA and the cell still went about its business.

Not too many people can easily understand ‘membrane’ and while the term ‘wall’ is incorrect when applied to human cells the membrane or ‘brain’ functions in a similar fashion to keep the contents safe behind them and preventing ‘nasties’ getting in.  To make ‘membrane’ easier to understand, think of a human cell as a fluid filled balloon with an outer rubber (membrane) to control what gets in and out.  Without that membrane a cell is nothing and can control nothing.  Dr Lipton long ago wrote the definition for a cell’s (brain) as: “Liquid crystal semi-conductor with gates and channels”.  This would suit equally well for the microprocessor ‘brain’ of a PC.

Cell membranes are about 700 angstroms thick and consist of three (3) layers to prevent unwanted material getting in.  If layer No.1 says something is desirable a gate opens allowing it to get to layer No.2.  If this layer also says ‘yes’ the gate opens and it gets to layer No.3.  If it’s okay by all 3 layers then the substance gets into the cell.  Or to put it another way:  Not wanted or not safe=gates won’t open.  Elimination of waste also means opening of those gates to allow it out.  A cell membrane is a multi-levelled series of open and shut gates just like the PC’s microprocessor or ‘brain’.

Wireless device radiation:

EMR (the bully, call it whatever you prefer) breaches the crucial Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) and placental membrane in minutes finding of US epidemiologist Dr George Carlo (paid $28.5 million by vested interests to find the opposite) and more recently Professor Lai and Dr Singh of Washington State University.  If EMR can breach the two most critical human membranes in minutes it’s not likely to have much trouble doing the same with general cell membranes.  EMR blowing a big hole through all three safety layers of the cell membrane (wall) effectively means without a filter system there’s a direct passage in:  Nasties in=body reacts=food allergies=potential death.

Combining Dr Lipton’s knowledge and that of Dr Carlo, Professor Lai, Dr Singh and others it seems obvious to us that EMR is the cause of our sudden huge and escalating increase in food allergies.  There will be some skeptics who rubbish this so we say to you: Observe what happens to the food allergy rates when 5G and the currently proposed additional 11,000 satellites are fully deployed by about end 2020 and have been operating for a few years, or as we said above “up to 30% food allergies by Dec-2024”.

While food allergy rate is reasonably easy to quantify:

We just don’t know how to do the same for other EMR injuries for new EHS persons (diagnosed or as yet not diagnosed) injuries, plus escalation rates for those already afflicted persons government health authorities persistently won’t acknowledge or help.  We know of at least one local victim who now has to live her life, night and day, wrapped up in very expensive specialised fabric, basically a Faraday Cage.  She is not the only one (e.g. look up Per Sagabeck former head designer of Nokia mobile phones).  EMR victim numbers will grow and due to the severity of symptoms many will have to face living in a Faraday Cage or commit suicide.


We doubt it.  Even if you could block all electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from reaching you, you might be able to limit your food allergies to those you already have but you are unlikely to be able to reverse them because the various antibodies have already been created and are domiciled in the ‘make-up’of your cells.    When a cell compromised by antibodies reproduces it seems to reproduce the antibodies as well.  Some medical regimes can reduce the severity of allergies such as hay fever but to date we have not yet heard of a technique that helps to any great extent for ‘food’ allergies.  At first we thought lactose intolerance was a food allergy but every sufferer we have spoken to says lactose intolerance is not a food allergy but a lack of an enzyme that, to some extent, can be overcome by enzyme supplement.

The precise mechanics of distributing damaged cells with antibodies to affect your whole body is something we suspect no one knows.  It seems probable that the starting point lies somewhere in the piping between your mouth and your other end, with the more likely points being stomach to intestines.  How would you feel if you could no longer sink your teeth into an ordinary old apple or a nice juicy steak?  With EMR growing so rapidly it’s likely that more and more people will join the ranks of those who can’t.

There is a clear message in all this:

The more wireless devices you personally surround yourself with the more likely you are to become allergic to increasingly greater numbers of foods and as time goes by with no modification to your wireless device usage habit the greater the risk you may have to take your food by needle.

Don’t forget, you may accidentally eat something to which you are allergic or something EMR has only just made you allergic to.  Anaphylactic shock can kill.

If you have a food allergy or allergies keep your emergency telephone numbers close at hand.