NBN & High Blood Pressure

Many people are telling us that they, their friends and their relatives have been experiencing bad headaches since NBN was turned on in their area.

Apart from suffering the pain of them, headaches may be the first symptom that you have become electro-magnetically hypersensitive (EHS) or ‘radiation poisoned’, e.g. you may have high blood pressure where the cause is not hypertension.  We fortunately had access to Blood Pressure figures for a number of people before their local area had the NBN turned on.  Some BP figures including two side-by-side neighbours (persons 4 and 5 below) showed very big increases in just minutes after an NBN tower was turned on locally about 3:20pm on 5 May 2016.  Victims’ blood pressure histories are held by their individual doctors for presentation to the Coroner in case of fatal heart attack.

Because the heart is so vital, there are many things in place to keep it pumping:  Central nervous system (CNS), hormones that may require a range of chemicals including iodine, electrical circuits, brain, thyroid, the heart itself and even the hyperthalamus which can be badly disrupted by wireless device radiation.   The hyperthalamus helps keep body temperature at a stable 36.6~36.8c which, in turn, can affect blood pressure.

The definition of whether wireless radiation is safe is NOT given by doctors but by scientists on behalf of Government.  Why weren’t doctors involved in the decision.  No doubt government did not want them involved as they wouldn’t have agreed with:
Radiation is safe if it does not raise body temperature by more than 1 degree Celsius in less than 6 minutes.
Ask your doctor what he or she thinks about your temperature going from 36.8 to 37.8c in just 6 minutes or even higher after 6 minutes?

Normal blood pressure without medication is 120 / 80.
While it may not apply in all cases, headaches often indicate high or even seriously high blood pressure (BP).  If you are suffering headaches in our radiation riddled environment we suggest you see your doctor as soon as possible to have your BP checked as it could easily kill you or leave you as a vegetable from a stroke.  One person of about 45 years recently learned his systolic pressure was 210 and his doctor would not even let him stand up in the surgery, presumably until some BP medication was obtained.  If you think he is only a “one-off” or if you think radiation-caused BP is not serious, then think about what it’s doing to these persons, all of whom live or have worked within a 50km (31 miles) radius:

Person 1
This person we call ‘C’ now has to wear a blood pressure monitor constantly because her blood pressure is very high.  She and her parents have to live with the torment of knowing she could die at any time within a few minutes.  If still alive at the time of this update, she would be 13 …. an innocent child with no future.

Person 2
Male now with increasing BP that is becoming progressively uncontrollable.

Person 3
Male about 35 since becoming involved with NBN contracting has BP that has jumped to 150 / 90 even after taking prescribed BP medication.  He is lucky because at this stage his BP is still controllable by drugs, but for how long is unknown.

Person 4
Fierce skin burning sensation on face immediately NBN turned on.
BP in first 15 minutes when NBN turned on went from 114 / 70 to 165 / 88.
Highest BP measured by doctor since NBN 172 / 88.
Blood pressure becoming increasingly difficult to control.

Person 5
Fierce skin burning sensation on forearms immediately NBN turned on.
BP in first 15 minutes when NBN turned on went from 123 / 75 to 149 / 91.
Highest BP measured by doctor after NBN 172 / 108.
Blood pressure steadily increasing since NBN.

Don’t scoff, you could so easily be next.

What will doctors do when patient BPs don’t respond to anti-hypertensive drugs because it is mostly or exclusively radiation poisoning rather than hypertension?

While there may be a few exceptions, most doctors are too blind to see hypertension (BP), particularly where it is becoming uncontrollable, MUST have a cause other than the usual – in this case EMR.  Four years ago in 2012 we said radiation poisoning recognition and remediation treatment should be part of the medical curriculum we say it is even more critical since wireless NBN.

With very intense NBN wireless Internet radiation infecting almost an entire country we expect cases of difficult to control blood pressure to increase significantly.  As hospitals install more and more wireless networks they will become part of the problem rather than the solution.  An EHS person with progressively uncontrollable blood pressure is likely to die of heart attack in hospital from its wireless networks.  On 26 April 2016 we sent advice to those persons who should be vitally interested in this clearly emerging, serious matter:

  1. Regd Mail: 942206 448012 – AMA
  2. Regd Mail: 942206 449019 – NSW Coroner
  3. Regd Mail: 942206 451012 – Prime Minister
  4. Regd Mail: 942206 587018 – Opposition Leader
  5. Regd Mail: 942206 450015 – Federal Health Minister

As at 30 September 2016, the AMA, NSW Coroner, Prime Minister and Opposition Leader don’t think your life is important enough to respond.  The Federal Health Minister did reply on 26 May 2016 but hid behind WHO whose corruption over wireless radiation has long been published to tell us: “ARPANSA sees no reason why Wi-Fi should not continue to be used in hospitals and in other places”.

As a specialist in the field the Federal Health Minister should know:

  • Hiding behind WHO is no excuse for ignoring the above or not honestly researching a genuine matter, particularly after it has been specifically raised with the Minister. The Minister should also know if the claim is not thoroughly checked it would, for legal purposes, be criminal negligence.
  • EHS people are growing in numbers.
  • Persons susceptible to increased BP may have fatal heart attacks from high levels of radiation in hospitals – see Sweden.
  • Failing to provide a safe area in hospitals for the EHS person to be treated is criminally negligent.

We understand and recognise that with no collective power to represent them, it obviously allows ARPANSA free rein to dismiss EHS concerns.  So no vested interest can question our integrity or the date we tried to help you via official channels we have provided our full letter and the reply from ARPANSA.

Nurses’ Association should take note:
With so many wireless networks being installed in hospitals and more on the way we suspect you should shortly be noticing many of your members being struck down with cancer and quite possibly clusters where multiple transmitters are installed (recovery areas for transplants, etc).  Time has a habit of disclosing cover-ups and if what we fear does happen to your members you may like to query ARPANSA’s above reply.


Widespread Health Injuries Maryborough QLD: 23~25 June 2017

Sudden severe swings in pulse & BP, stroke, unrelievable headaches, fierce skin burning, etc.


Sudden severe swings in pulse & BP*, sudden unrelievable headaches*, sudden fierce skin burning*, Stroke*.

Many people in our city were badly injured between (pm) 23 June 2017 and (am) of 25 June 2017.  The known victims span across the city and its outskirts, meaning an awful lot of people must be involved and those below are only the tip of a very large iceberg.  Symptoms ranged from serious to potentially fatal, some may even have died.  Medicare costs to the Australian public included: Doctors, Pathology, Ambulances and Hospitalisation.

Female (40s): Sudden severe headaches requiring medical intervention.

Male (40s):    Sudden high pulse of 101 (BP 150/92), fierce burning sensation of skin like standing in front of a blast furnace and headaches that can’t be stopped by analgesic.  *Similar but slightly less severe damage also occurred 5~6 May 2016*.

Male (48):   Suddenly dizzy & unable to stand with believed to be very high BP – figures unavailable.   *Similar damage occurred 5~6 May 2016* – doctor measured BP 203 systolic.
Male (62):    Sudden first time ever stroke.  Admitted to hospital where measured blood pressure (BP) was 218.  A hospital administered blood-thinning regime was required to save his life.

Male (68):  Sudden first time ever Angina.  Sudden high pulse of 97 and BP 151/121 and even a 250% dose of BP drugs on 24 June 2017 could not slow it down.  Pulse rate became very erratic with every second or third beat missing.  Fierce burning on face, melting of earwax.  IBS increased by 28% over next two weeks after 25 June.  Face, forearms and thigh to ankle have peeled twice since June EMR attack and is still ongoing as at 27-Aug-2017.  Difficult to relieve bad headaches still present.  *Similar but slightly less severe damage also occurred 5~6 May 2016*

Female (80s): Sudden first time ever very low BP (80/40) needing ambulance, hospitalisation and adrenaline.  This person is mother of male (40s) above but lives 2km apart.

Around the world these types of injuries are known effects of wireless radiation used at too high a level of power.  There was obviously an avalanche of severe and potentially fatal injuries in the above 30,000 person city and surrounds for 23~25 June 2017.  Basically, people were being microwave fried.  *Same symptoms for three of the above (other 3 unknown) for 5~6 May 2016 coincided with the turning on of local NBN tower 5 May 2016, approx 3:20pm*.    

Both high and low BP figures are represented in the above injuries.  Apart from causing high to very high blood pressure, EMR can also cause very low BP (see Sagabeck former head designer of Nokia Phones).  The high level of injuries says at least one powerful major wireless transmitter was driven at way above lawful safe limits for many hours between 23 and 25 June 2017 and it covered a very large area.  The radiation responsibility was perfectly shown very early on 25 June 2017 when one of the above victims installed on the one unprotected bedroom wall metal woven curtains specifically designed to block 99% of EMR and the following occurred:

  • Immediate relief from the fierce skin burning sensation
  • Big BP drop from 151/121 to 126/87 and
  • Restoration of the missing heartbeats

Doctors seem too blind to see the EMR to injury link even when right in front of them:

  • No doctor could explain why widely separated patients displayed exactly the same symptoms of high to very high (or very low) BP, burning skin sensation and unrelievable headaches on exactly the same dates of 23~25 June 2017. No doctor mentioned that it could be from non-ionising radiation poisoning (NIRP) and none apparently knew of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).
  • No doctor could explain why antihypertensive drugs, even including a 250% dose, failed so badly in controlling BP during the EMR attack.

Note: damage similar to 23~25 June 2017 was occurred again from morning of Sunday 3-Dec-2017 until the afternoon of 6-Dec-2017. Symptoms included fierce skin burning 3/12 and victims’ blood pressures resumed normal readings on morning of 7-Dec-2017.



Loss of Civilisation’s Most Basic Right to Good Health:
People wanting everything wireless (aided and abetted for their own motives by Government, Wireless Industry and WHO corruption) are irrecoverably destroying that right.  Riding on people’s foolish demand for more and more wireless devices we will shortly have 5G probably with hidden/disguised transmitters everywhere and wifi-ing of our Earth from space by up to 11,000 satellites causing huge launch heating of more than 3C and increasing as satellites come on line (peer reviewed science).  It’s a bit like maxing out a credit card knowing but not caring that the debt has to be paid.  The payment will be our health and that of the planet, namely radiation injury & death plus almost inevitable progressive starvation by destruction of both marine and land-based food chains.  According to David Attenborough’s recent “Planet Earth” series: huge reductions in krill and bait fish is even now occurring.  Some information already available on what EMR is causing can be found at:


Some Peculiarities with EMR and the Heart:

  • It can cause very erratic heart beat patterns in sensitised people (see above).
  • It may have a time lag of some hours, e.g. overnight, before it registers on BP machines. While BP normally jumps quite quickly when high power EMR transmissions occur, it can take a number of hours to register when power is not quite so high.
  • Based on injuries to **five of the six** above victims, EMR must be causing a disproportionately large increase in heart attacks/strokes right across the country and contributing to what is known as heart disease and most likely at ever younger ages (new born babies upwards).


BP drugs don’t work for radiation-caused high BP so:
Remember an attack similar to 23~25 June 2017 can occur anywhere at any time, including testing of 5G transmitters in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

  1. Obtain a BP machine and be aware of your blood pressure.
  2. What is your life worth to you? Purchase 1.5 metres of 2.5m wide 99% block out fabric from EMR Australia  (02) 9576-1772.   BP control is within your head.  In an attack and until it is over, wrap your head completely in the fabric and as much of your upper body as possible.

Knowing just how very deadly EMR can be:
The 23~25 June 2017 incident is a perfect preview of how easy it would be to kill a huge number of people by turning the power up sufficiently whereby heart rhythms are so badly interrupted that death is assured.  The Government and ALL transmitter owners should be ensuring they have a mechanical or electrical cutout so that power can’t be turned up too high remotely because terrorists (or foreign power) hacking into the system could easily kill large numbers of people in a very few heartbeats.

With ARPANSA strongly protecting the wireless Industry by ignoring public well being (e.g. see above correspondence) as well as ignoring terrorist threat advice of 16-Jan-2009 they will take no notice until way too late.  If transmitter owners and Federal Government decline to ensure a non-electronic failsafe cutout is in place (as outlined above) they will all be guilty of gross criminal negligence, a factor likely to be of major significance in a Royal Commission and/or compensatory court action/s.  Criminal negligence charges would also apply to all who allowed it to happen including the CEO of the ARPANSA lapdog.

Injury document and <warning> added: 27 August 2017.