Practical Suggestions

Can EHS Sufferers Do Anything To Help Their Situation?

Possibly. Individuals vary so widely that it is difficult to impossible to provide advice to cover every different situation. We can only suggest options; it is your responsibility to do:

Suggestion No.1
Clean up your own act as your first priority!
wifi devices at home
Wherever you have to live, replace all your wirelessly transmitting devices with ones that send information via an electrically wired connection and this particularly applies to cordless phones and wifi modems that powerfully transmit over a long distance big radiation all day every day.  For how much, please see our Youtube footage. Every wireless transmitter can kill or cause ill health including EHS.  As EHS progresses to extreme it will be the deciding factor for what you have to do … period!

Suggestion No.2
Buy a quality RDF gaussmeter (about A$2000~2500) with a suitably sensitive aerial so that you are always aware of what radiation (EMR) is in your environment instead of just guessing and probably wrongly at that.  Compared to buying a new home and maybe having to leave it soon after, the price of a quality, sensitive RDF gaussmeter is minimal.  **Be aware that nearby neighbours could have a wifi modem and/or cordless DECT phone that can transmit long distances so your gaussmeter measurement should be done while they are turned on**.  Moving won’t be easy but EHS will dictate what you do.  You may have to separate from your partner and children if they can’t move with you.  Some less EMR-polluted suburb may be possible and this is where the quality, sensitive gaussmeter would be invaluable.  Some rural situation several kilometres from the town’s wireless networks and mast farms may be necessary, however you may not find EHS-safe employment so you may need to rely on welfare to exist.

Suggestion No.3
Lobby your politician or Federal Member until he or she finally sees the light of how badly EHS victims are suffering and have him or her ask in Parliament: How many EHS victims does our country have and what is Government doing to alleviate their suffering?   

Suggestion No.4
Start an EHS Political Party as this will be the quickest way you will be listened to, especially as victim numbers grow dramatically and that is exactly what <aimtolive> is now noticing. For Victorian residents the simplest way would be if the Smart Meter Party became the EHS Smart Meter Party basically because both aspects complement each other perfectly, one causes the other. The Age and SMH’s article, Brain on Fire, mentioning the “post went viral” clearly says there is a very large and increasing voter base of people who are not being heard and a party that finally gave them a voice might find a great deal of support.