Since ‘Aim To Live’ was launched in mid January 2011 many people, a lot dying far too early from radiation type injury, have asked us to explain wireless radiation in a way they can understand. This ‘radiation’ tab first added to the website in April 2011 is for you.

Companies, Scientists, Government and WHO (World Health Organisation) will tell you radiation is not dangerous, eg WHO Fact Sheet 304, to satisfy their own agendas or what they have been paid to say, so they have to disagree with our comments. Our motive is the non-profit one of trying to prevent them killing you – what’s theirs?


Wherever you see the word “wireless’, you can use “radio” as both relate to the same radiation. Electro-Magnetic Radiation or EMR is a form of energy that kills. Radio transmitting devices like cordless phones, mobile (cell) phones, wi-fi modems, wireless Internet laptops, etc, use this energy that kills. If you have any doubt, just look around you at how many you knew who have already gone or who won’t be with you much longer. Purchase of a Radio Direction Finding (RDF) gaussmeter or gaussmeters, preferably with audible signal like a geiger counter, to cover at least 800MHz to 6 GHz will show what is killing you and how to avoid it.

The EMR Spectrum
For purposes of human life and health, we have divided EMR into three basic categories:
(1) Frequencies below natural light
(2) Natural light frequencies {NL}
(3) Frequencies above natural light

EMR Spectrum

Humans developed in Natural Light for tens of thousands of years, so are generally immune to damage from it. However, we don’t have that protection against the vast array of fatal modern man-made radiation. Since wireless devices became widespread in the late 20th century, cancer and serious injury have exploded. Below are lists of man-made radiations “below natural light” and for “above natural light” shown in increasing order as devices move further away from the safe natural light zone. All those marked with an asterisk (*) are by Government legislation only allowed for very short duration use.

EMR - Types of RadiationIf nine device categories by law have to be kept to short duration usage due to serious injury and death, how can the tenth possibly be a “miraculous exception”?

Safe vs Unsafe:
Devices that transmit a radio (wireless) signal are dangerous and those that act solely as a receiver are not. A wired Internet connection is safe whereas a wireless Internet laptop is likely to give you cancer of the bowel, intestine, stomach or reproductive area because that is where the radio transmitter is closest.

Who You Are
You are the double strand DNA present in each of your cells that is made up of tens of thousands of combinations of Adenine, Cytoseine, Thiamine and Guanine or A, C, T & G proteins. If strands get damaged and are not repaired quickly you can become seriously ill. DNA can be broken apart within two hours by mobile phone radiation as found by Professor Henry Lai and Dr Narenda Singh of Washington State University. Presumably any radiation in the general range of mobile phone frequency such as wi-fi modems or cordless DECT phones would cause similar destruction to your DNA material.

Question: Do you know which part of the human cell is its “brain”: cytoplasm, nucleus, DNA, RNA or outer membrane?

Most people say “nucleus” or “DNA” but if you said outer membrane, you were right (Dr Bruce Lipton and stem cell research).

Every day our bodies copy millions of cells to replace damaged originals and Electro-Magnetic Radiation hugely increases the numbers damaged. Cells usually repair mutations before they are copied but the mechanism can be overwhelmed where permanent radiation is present such as nearby cell phone mast farms, and worse by the cordless DECT phones, wi-fi modems and toys you install right in your home. If mutations are not repaired before copying the process becomes one of copying mutations. Yes, that does sound like cancer, doesn’t it?

Cancer very specifically occurs where radiation concentration is strongest and/or longest, eg cordless DECT phones and head/eye area cancers. The cancer mostly appears on the same side that the phone is used. To see what parts of your body are most likely to contract cancer due to the wireless device/s you use, view the Costs info sheet.

Radiation Mutates Cells:
This has been well known to Governments since World War 2 from wireless and radar operators whose cancer rates exceeded those of other defence force personnel. They even gave it a name, “Radio Sickness” or by today’s terminology “Wireless Sickness”.

Russians used EMR on US embassy staff during ‘The Cold War’ to induce CFS and disorientation. For further information, google ‘Project Pandora‘. America learned of Russia’s EMR “rays of death” when successive Ambassadors were sent home with cancer. We suspect radiation used was in the 500MHz to 2.4 GHz range or where you will now find mobile phones, wi-fi modems, earlier cordless DECT phones and microwave ovens. Governments don’t like those Ambassadors’ names being publicised because it shows they know very well the death EMR causes. We managed to find one name for you, Dr Stephen L Possony and we think the other is Walter J. Stoessel, Jr.

Be Warned – Radiation Accumulates:
The more wireless transmitters you surround yourself with the quicker you will injure and kill yourself and/or your loved ones. Level of radiation poisoning depends on:
1. Number of wireless devices,
2. Strength of device/s,
3. How close you are to device/s, and
4. Total time device/s are active.

Based on the amount of media coverage given to cell phones causing brain tumours, mothers who persist in using mobile phones near their baby obviously don’t care much about his or her life. If your baby dies from a brain tumour as a result of your actions you are by definition guilty of murdering your own child – look it up. Even if vested interests prevent the law prosecuting you, you will always know you killed your own child.

Young People:
Most young people care more about “zits” than lifelong injury or gross early death. When they are condemned to a dirty death, then it becomes a case of “why didn’t I listen” – see numerous TV stories of people with inoperable brain tumours from mobile phones. A malignant aspect of radiation is that it is generally invisible to tactile senses of sight, sound, touch and smell. The most malignant is that Governments know EMR’s death dealing responsibility and are actually encouraging its increase rather than banning it.

Dead By 30:
As people realise we have quality RDF gaussmeters at “aimtolive”, more and more we are being asked to check radiation levels around them or friends dying far too early from Motor Neurone Disease (MND), MS and Cancer. The ages we see are as young as the 30s and in all cases to date the only identifiable common denominator is that all had a cordless DECT phone, often within a metre of them, emitting radiation greater than our 2000 unit capable gaussmeters could measure. Not all, but the majority of them also had a wi-fi modem that exceeded our gaussmeters’ maximum which means that the total radiation vastly exceeded 4,000 – the safe level for humans by Copenhagen Resolution of October 2010 is .6V/m.


Ponder This:
If you think end stage of MND, MS or cancer in your 30s is dignified or pretty how do you think you will feel when day after day you are in a wheelchair or bed and you have to have someone feed you, wash you, wipe your backside or change your nappy?